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  Scarpa 4 Season Hiking Boots

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ModelThumbnailBrandBest Price
Scarpa Phantom 8000£599.00
Scarpa Phantom Guide£399.00
Scarpa Mont Blanc GTX£350.00
Scarpa Womens Mont Blanc GTX£350.00
Scarpa Omega Thermo
Scarpa Vega
Scarpa Freney XT
Scarpa Charmoz GTX Boots
Save 13%
Scarpa Womens Charmoz GTX Boots
Save 13%
Scarpa Manta M4 Tech
Save 14%
Scarpa Manta M4 Tech Womens
Save 14%
Scarpa ZG10 GTX Mens
Scarpa SL M3 Wide Fit Mens
Save 8%
Scarpa Womens SLX M3
Save 14%
Scarpa SL M3
Save 19%

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Scarpa 4 Season Hiking Boots Reviews

What you've been saying about these 4 Season Hiking Boots from Scarpa...

Scarpa SL M3
    + "Bought these boots to replace my old ..."
    + "A magazine shoot out of 3-4 season boots wouldn't be complete without the Scarpa SL M3 coming out on top..."
    + "These boots are quite possibly the best boot of its kind..."
    + "Had these Scarpa M3 boots for about 5 years now and for winter walking and scrambling they are superb Have also used these alot with 10 point walking flexi crampons on easy snow gullys and grade II ice routes and they coped admirably..."
    + " Excellent boots..."
    + "The SL M3 is a popular boot and it is easy to see why..."
    + "The classic 4 season hiking boot that always features near the top in outdoor equipment reviews..."
    + "I have had these Scarpa SL M3 boots for just over a year now and have used them for just about everything imaginable: grade vi icefall climbing-with grivel g12 new classics, gold Duke of Edinburgh in Iceland for ten days, winter mountaineering in glencoe, grouse beating in the southern uplands, you name it, these boots are up for it..."
    + "I own seven pairs of boot, mainly Meindl and Scarpa with the odd Zamberlan thrown in..."
    + "If you have narrow feet then this is the boot for you..."
    + "I got the Scarpa M3s as I needed an all year round walking boot which could be used for afternoon strolls in the summer to long winter days or overnight treks..."
    + "My last pair of boots were Salomon something or others - nubuck uppers and Gore Tex liner..."
    + "I have had these boots for nearly 3 years now..."
    + "I've owned these Scarpa SL boots for around 6 months..."
    + "I bought a pair of Scarpa SL boots about 13 yrs ago..."
    + "I'm only 18 so this was only my second pair of serious boots - I had (and still have) a pair of Peter Storm Skiddaws before these..."
    + "I have had these boots now for just about a year and have worn them on the Brecon beacons, Black mountains, cairngorm mountains, Pyrenees Aigüestortes and completed my Mountain leader training course in Snowdonia in them and covered probably about 500 miles in total..."
    + "I bought my most recent pair of Scarpa SL boots in February (my third pair of SLs so far)..."
    + "After the Gore-tex lining of my old Berghaus Storm boots lost the integirty of their waterproofing, I chose a pair of SLs to fulfill the job of all-seasons walking and scrambling..."
    + "My main pair of walking boots..."
    + "These boots are brilliant..."
    + "Look good, feel great and very well ..."
    + "What can I say? My favourite hiking boot ever..."
    + "I bought a pair last winter for year round walking and had them fitted, but to this day I am still unable to use them due to heavy blistering at the heel, and discomfort due to the solid insole..."
    + "This is my first pair of New Scarpa SL M3 and I cannot praise them enough..."
    + "This boot is much more popular than I thought..."

Scarpa Manta M4 Tech
    + "I bought the Scarpa Manta boots nearly two years ago and apart from a painful first day out (my own fault) I couldn't be more satisfied ..."
    + "Good boots, though the heel is a bit funny..."
    + "The Scarpa Mantas are excellent mid range, mid priced boots..."
    + "I have these boots for 3 years now and I very very satisfied with them..."
    + "You'll notice quite a few people sporting the distinctively coloured Mantas on the outdoor scene, and there's a reason for that..."
    + "I've been wearing my Scarpa Mantas for about two months now, so I'd say that they are just about getting worn-in..."
    + "I bought mine last year after reading numerous favourable reviews and seeing just how popular these boots are..."
    + "I have been wearing the Scarpa Manta M4 Tech for four years now for all my climbing, mountain walking, scrambling, snow and ice climbing etc..."
    + "The first pair of 'proper' walking boots I ever bought were Scarpa Manta's..."
    + "These boots have given me years of reliable service and still they have plenty of life left in them..."
    + "I bought these Scarpa Manta boots after a lot of research and reading various magazine reviews/recommendations..."
    + "I am on my third pair of Manta's and can safely say these are one of the best boots on the market that can handle almost all conditions..."
    + "One of the best winter walking boots you can buy..."
    + "I have had these pair of boots for roughly four years now and have used them in a variety of situations including Scotland, Greenland, The French Alps and in Russia..."
    + "Bought these boots a few weeks ago, and my first outing was slightly stupid - Ben Lui via Cononish..."
    + "When I first started winter walking and low grade ice-climbing I initially wore second-hand plastic boots..."
    + "There is no waterproof lining on these boots which brings into the question of seepage and general dampness, however there appears to be no such problems, in rain, snow or melting ice..."
    + "Scarpa Manta came with high recommendations from a number of friends, so I was interested to see how they performed..."
    + "I bought these Scarpa Manta boots last year and have since seen one season of Scottish winter and a few general plods around Yorkshire and the Lakes since then..."
    + "I bought these boots for a months expedition to Greenland in 2006..."
    + "I bought my pair of Scarpa Manta boots just as the new version were coming out in a sale for £130..."
    + "I initially bought the Scarpa Manta M4 boots off the Internet in european size 42 as my normal shoe size is between 41 and 42..."
    + "This boot is excellent..."
    + "I've had a pair of Scarpa Manta GTX (Gore-Tex) for the past 6 years and I've loved them ever since they saw me through a ten day trip on Skye..."
    + "I bought the previous incarnation of the iconic Manta M4's a couple of seasons ago..."
    + "My first pair of four season boots and I would not buy another, the Scarpa Manta boots are excellent and have not let me down both with and without crampons..."
    + "I'm a scarpa junkie..."
    + "I haven't got much to add to the reviews above apart from a few notes from my own experience..."
    + "When a friend invited my up to the highlands for some winter climbing I had a bit of a dilemma, do i hire boots that will be potentially minging and uncomfortable, or do I spend loads of cash on some big 4 season boots like scarpa cumbre or LaSportiva nepal evo's..."
    + "I bought these boots for winter use after seeing them consistently win Trail magazine award for best B2 rated boots and have not been dissapointed..."
    + "At Christmas 2008 I bought my third pair of Scarpa Mantas..."
    + "The classic 4 season boot for UK and easy alpine walks/climbs Although designed more as a winter boot, I've worn mine all summer, including a spot of running during a mountain marathon..."
    + "Bought the m4's back in 2002, used them for 4 years of treeplanting, planting usually destroys most boots in one year, used them on countless hiking, mountaineering, and winter adventures..."
    + "I have owned my Mantas since 2002 and with only about 8 walking holidays in them and they have lasted very well..."

Scarpa Womens SLX M3
    + "As I work in an outdoor persuits centre, good kit is important to me..."

Scarpa Vega
    + "Although the Scarpa Vega are seen as slightly 'old school' I really like these boots as a reasonably priced midpoint between leather boots designed for warmer mountains and the more specialist (read more expensive) cold weather boots such as the Phantom Lite..."
    + "I picked up a pair of these for a silly price in a clearance sale, and really like them..."
    + "my scarpa vegas have been a very good pair of boots..."
    + "It is interesting to see Scarpa Vegas under the 4 Season hiking catergory…..."
    + "Mine are still in good condition after 2 years but they leak , i have e-mailed Scarpa customer services regarding this matter but they have not replied..."
    + "I wore these on summitt day in my attempt at Mear Peak..."
    + "love my pair when everythings frozen solid great with crampons due to rigidity one serious design flaw is they are not waterproof most nz climbing routes involve lengthy river/stream walks to get to the mountain in the first place meaning cold wet feet for your whole climb verging on dangerous frostbite if the temp really gets down..."

Scarpa Manta M4 Tech Womens
    + "I first wore these boots back in November, for their virgin outing on Ben Mor..."
    + "I recently purchased a pair of these as they have now been replaced by a newer model with a fancy heel section..."

Scarpa ZG10 GTX Mens
    + "The ZG 10 is a very comfortable trekking boot which feels as described - luxurious..."
    + "Sadly -> taking my Scarpa ZG10 GTX boots back to manufacturer after a series of emails..."

Scarpa SL M3 Wide Fit Mens
    + "an excellent all round boot even in the most foul weather conditions and once broken in is very good on most terain..."
    + "I bought these dears about three years ago..."

Scarpa Freney XT
    + "I bought these boots for Scottish Mixed and Ice climbing..."
    + "As mentioned in a previous review I bought the new version of the Scarpa Freney XT this is named the Scarpa Freney XT GTX GSB..."
    + "I bought these last year for winter in Scotland and then the Alps in summer..."
    + "I have owned these boots for a year using them in Scotland, The Lakes and The Alps..."
    + "I purchased a pair of the Freney XTs in Jan 10 and used them nearly every week in the deep snows that the West of Scotland has enjoyed trhis winter..."
    + "Fanastic boots to wear..."

Scarpa Omega Thermo
    + "I got these boots at the start of the winter season and they have been fantastic..."
    + "I bought these boots for a March-June expedition to Svalbard, and they kept my feet warm above about -20C..."
    + "I have only used these boots for one season, but so far have been generally impressed with the perforance aspect..."
    + "A very warm, light plastic boot that that provides enough "feel" to climb in..."
    + "Great boot for the Greater ranges around 6500m..."

Scarpa Charmoz GTX Boots
    + "If you want to relive the heyday of glam rock, check out the Scarpa Charmoz boots..."
    + "Bought a pair after my 10 year old La Sportiva Makalu's finally gave up the ghost..."
    + "Wonderful alpine boot..."
    + "I've always been a Sportiva fan - but in 2012 I ran 1500 miles for charity and it kinda changed the shape of my feet..."

Scarpa Womens Charmoz GTX Boots
    + "Bought these as a 4 season boot..."

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