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ModelThumbnailBrandBest Price
Boreal Spider
Boreal Rock Climbing Shoes£80.00
Five.Ten Womens Anasazi LV VCSFive.Ten Rock Climbing Shoes£80.00
Save 6%
Scarpa ForceScarpa Rock Climbing Shoes£80.00
Red Chili Matador Velcro RockRed Chili Rock Climbing Shoes£76.49
Red Chili Corona VelcroRed Chili Rock Climbing Shoes£71.99
Boreal Womens SolBoreal Rock Climbing Shoes£70.00
Five.Ten Anasazi Slipper
Five.Ten Rock Climbing Shoes£69.99
Save 18%
Five.Ten Anasazi Lace Up
Five.Ten Rock Climbing Shoes£69.99
Save 22%
Camp Rockfly Rock ShoesCamp Rock Climbing Shoes£69.99
Boreal Silex
Boreal Rock Climbing Shoes£69.00
Five.Ten Gambit
Five.Ten Rock Climbing Shoes£67.50
Red Chili Spirit Velcro Impact zone
Red Chili Rock Climbing Shoes£67.49
Red Chili Womens Spirit VCR IRed Chili Rock Climbing Shoes£67.49
Red Chili Mescalito Climbing ShoeRed Chili Rock Climbing Shoes£65.75
Boreal Womens LunaBoreal Rock Climbing Shoes£65.00

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The design of modern rock climbing shoes feature increasingly more advanced concepts, resulting in more comfortable shoes without affecting performance. A close comfortable fit is essential to get the right level of feel for the terrain you are climbing, as your ability improves so will your demand for a tighter fit and increased feel. An incorrectly fitting pair will be detrimental to your climbing. As a general guide, overall fit should be as snug as possible. Your toes will be pinched inwards from either side of the shoe but this pressure should not be such that the toes are being panfully forced underneath each other. Be aware of dead space within the shoe particularly at the heel area as this will hinder performance and cause painful rubbing.
  • Thickness of sole - affects durability and sensitivity.
  • Stiffness of sole - affects edging capabilities and support given to the foot.
  • Toe profile - influences the action of pointing into pockets.
  • Rand - affects stretch and toe feel.
  • Type of last - affects fit and feel of your rock climbing shoe.
  • Lining - affects fit, sensitivity and stretching.
  • Uppers - affect flexibility, mobility and support.
  • Closure system - affects precision of fit and ease of putting on and taking off.

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