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  4 Season Tents

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ModelThumbnailBrandBest Price
Vango Force Ten Mk5 ST
Vango 4 Season Tents£349.99
Lightwave g20 Trek XTLightwave 4 Season Tents£349.99
Terra Nova Solar 2
Terra Nova 4 Season Tents£314.99
Save 21%
Vaude Mark II Lite
VauDe 4 Season Tents£301.75
Terra Nova Voyager
Terra Nova 4 Season Tents£299.99
Terra Nova Solar EliteTerra Nova 4 Season Tents£297.50
Coleman Pro Series X2 TentColeman 4 Season Tents£290.00
Vango Force Ten Vortex
Vango 4 Season Tents£289.99
Lightwave t0 UltraLightwave 4 Season Tents£287.99
Terra Nova Solar Competition TentTerra Nova 4 Season Tents£255.00
Marmot Aeolos 2PMarmot 4 Season Tents£251.99
Lightwave t1 trek
Lightwave 4 Season Tents£250.00
Mountain Hardwear Stiletto 1Mountain Hardwear 4 Season Tents£242.99
Marmot Abode 2PMarmot 4 Season Tents£242.99
Vango TBS Equinox 350 Tent
Vango 4 Season Tents£224.99
Save 22%

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4 Season Tents Reviews

What you've been saying about these 4 Season Tents...

Vango TBS Equinox 350 Tent
    + "Simply the best tent..."
    + "This is a great tent that I have used on many occasions..."
    + "My boyfriend and I bought this Vango TBS Equinox 350 tent last year and used it for a 2 week camping trip in Cornwall..."
    + "Have been looking for a while to replace my old Wild Country Super Nova..."
    + "Roomy and sturdy, the Equinox 230 tent from Vango is great for family trips..."
    + "Excellent tent which we've had for at least 5 years now..."
    + "I have major concerns about the vango equinox 350 tent and vango customer service in general..."
    + "This is an Excellent tent, i've had mine for two years now and its seen quite a lot of use, mostly out of season and quite often in bad weather..."
    + "tough as old boots..."
    + "I have had an equinox 450 for quite a few years and decided to get the smaller new 350 for sea kayaking trips..."
    + "My other half and I have been using an early model 350 with internal pole sleeves for nearly 10 years now, during which time it's become an old friend..."
    + "I totally agree with Stephen Read's comments above..."
    + "Poles are very weak..."

Vango Force Ten Vortex
    + "I have had this tent for maybe four years and is my most used tent..."
    + "looks good ..."

Vango Force Ten Mk5 ST
    + "The vango MK5 tent is a classic, but in my opinion, it is either something you love or hate..."
    + "The comments about the force ten being heavy and expensive are true but this is offset at the moment by the offer on at sports warehouse..."
    + "this tent still holds its price because it is a qualty classic..."
    + "I've had a force 10 mk5 for 15 years..."
    + "After getting wet several times in cheap tents , I decided to buy this classic ..."
    + "Hi, I,ve used/endured/loved/hated the Vango for 30 years..."
    + "Love my Mk 5 so much I have 2 of them..."

Terra Nova Solar 2
    + "The reason this is such a good tent is that it combines being a genuine 2 person/4 season tent with being lightweight, while still being very sturdy..."
    + "Weighing in at 2..."
    + "The Solar 2 is a very lightweight two-man tent with a side entrance..."
    + "Although I've only used this tent 4 times thus far, I'm very impressed with it..."
    + "The Solar 2 is an amazing piece of kit, it is a 2 person, lightweight four season tent with a side entrance..."
    + "This was the tent I chose to take to Tanzania to live in for 7 weeks and these are the reasons why..."
    + "I bought this tent a few months ago and since then it's been used for a very wet weekend in the lakes, a week in Scotland and the full length of the Coast to Coast walk..."
    + "The solar 2 is an amazing piece of kit, it is a 2 person, lightweight four season tent with a side entrance..."
    + "Like pretty much everyone else here I think this is a top tent..."
    + "I have had my Solar 2 for years and it's a brilliant little tent..."
    + "Have been using mine for last 5years in all weathers , condensation controlable by venting ..."
    + "I bought my tent a number of years ago when the solar 2 came out and it has provem to be first class..."
    + "Firstly it should be pointed out that the solar 2 is now a discontinued model, and has been replaced by the Solar 2..."
    + "Had my Solar 2 for 12 years..."
    + "Good 3 season tent, roomy, light..."

Terra Nova Voyager
    + "The Terra Nova Voyager is designed to stand up to any weather the world can throw at you, but be light enough that you won't be weighed down..."
    + "I've used the Terra Nova Voyager for out of the car camping to 26 day treks across Corsica and it's a good tent but it does have some drawbacks..."
    + "My Terra Nova Voyager has faithfully served me for over three years now..."
    + "great all round backpacking tent, very light for the design and make up of materials..."
    + "Some people say that this tent is strong enough to stand up to anything which isnt quite true..."
    + "I make 2, single week long trips to go winter climbing every year and my climbing partner and I swap between taking his Voyager and my Terra Nova Quasar, depending on how energetic we feel or how long the walk in is..."
    + "I have had a voyager since 1998 and loved the tent right from the start..."
    + "I brought the 2005 model of this classic tent from Taunton Lesuire in their winter sale, but I have only recently dusted it down and put it in to action..."
    + "Bought 03/2005 and given faithful service over 2 years..."
    + "Not a review - I just tried to email you and your quota seems to have been exceeded as the email got bounced back to me..."
    + "I've had my Voyager now for over a year and have experienced some seriously bad weather conditions..."
    + "I've owned this tent for around 10 years and it has never let me down..."
    + "Awesome tent..."
    + "My mate borrowed me her ten year old tent which she used, amongst other trips, for 6 months every day in south east asia..."
    + "This tent is shit..."
    + "This tent is very close to my heart (my wife of 14 years will testify to this - as she knows "the tent" came first..."
    + "Not really about the tent (haven't bought yet) but you need to update your price guide..."

Vaude Mark II Lite
    + "This is a great tent..."
    + "I used four of these tents whilst running a small military unit in some of the worst weather in the world - the Falkland Islands..."

Lightwave t1 trek
    + "We have used this tent in “summer” conditions for the last two years in situations as varied as trekking in Corsica, campsite camping in the Dolomites and rain-lashed wild camps in the Scottish highlands..."
    + "We bought this tent on a recommendation from a trusted shop manager I've bought kit off for years..."

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