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ModelThumbnailBrandBest Price
Vango Force Ten Mk5 ST
Vango Force Ten Vortex
Vango TBS Equinox 350 Tent
Save 22%
Vango Hurricane 300
Save 33%
Vango TBS Spirit 300+
Save 21%
Vango Hurricane 200 Tent
Save 22%
Vango Spirit 200+
Save 34%
Vango Hydra 200+ Tent
Vango TBS Spirit 200 Tent
Save 23%
Vango Typhoon 300 Tent£129.99
Save 41%
Vango Typhoon 200 Tent£90.00
Save 44%

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Vango 4 Season Tents Reviews

What you've been saying about these 4 Season Tents from Vango...

Vango TBS Equinox 350 Tent
    + "Simply the best tent..."
    + "This is a great tent that I have used on many occasions..."
    + "My boyfriend and I bought this Vango TBS Equinox 350 tent last year and used it for a 2 week camping trip in Cornwall..."
    + "Have been looking for a while to replace my old Wild Country Super Nova..."
    + "Roomy and sturdy, the Equinox 230 tent from Vango is great for family trips..."
    + "Excellent tent which we've had for at least 5 years now..."
    + "I have major concerns about the vango equinox 350 tent and vango customer service in general..."
    + "This is an Excellent tent, i've had mine for two years now and its seen quite a lot of use, mostly out of season and quite often in bad weather..."
    + "tough as old boots..."
    + "I have had an equinox 450 for quite a few years and decided to get the smaller new 350 for sea kayaking trips..."
    + "My other half and I have been using an early model 350 with internal pole sleeves for nearly 10 years now, during which time it's become an old friend..."
    + "I totally agree with Stephen Read's comments above..."
    + "Poles are very weak..."

Vango Hurricane 200 Tent
    + "What a great tent for the price, I used to have a Mountain Hardwear Trango but it had its day and needed replacing..."
    + "I bought this tent two years ago as a base camp tent and it has performed superbly in the worst of weathers the UK can throw at you..."
    + " This is an excellent tent, which as per one of the other reviews was bought to replace a mountain hardwear trango 2 which i sold on as i found it was too fiddly to put up if in a hurry..."
    + "Just bought a hurricane 200..."

Vango Hydra 200+ Tent
    + "My Vango Hydra is about 4 years old now and still going strong..."
    + "I brought 10 Hydra 200+ tents for a D of E group I work with, as I was able to obtain them at a reasonable price..."
    + "I brought this tent quite a few years ago as I kept having to borrow one from the scout group that I am a leader of..."
    + "My Vango Hydra tent is seven years old..."
    + "I've had my Vango Hydra for 12+ years..."
    + "I've had my 200+ for 4 or 5 years now..."
    + "Good tent and has kept me dry for a number of years..."

Vango TBS Spirit 200 Tent
    + "The Vango Spirit 200 is an excellent tent when used for two people and a mansion on the hills for one person..."
    + "The Vango Spirit 200 is an excellent all-rounder of a tent, that has coped well with the bucketing rain of the North-West Highlands, and with the catabatic winds of Patagonia..."

Vango Force Ten Vortex
    + "I have had this tent for maybe four years and is my most used tent..."
    + "looks good ..."

Vango Force Ten Mk5 ST
    + "The vango MK5 tent is a classic, but in my opinion, it is either something you love or hate..."
    + "The comments about the force ten being heavy and expensive are true but this is offset at the moment by the offer on at sports warehouse..."
    + "this tent still holds its price because it is a qualty classic..."
    + "I've had a force 10 mk5 for 15 years..."
    + "After getting wet several times in cheap tents , I decided to buy this classic ..."
    + "Hi, I,ve used/endured/loved/hated the Vango for 30 years..."
    + "Love my Mk 5 so much I have 2 of them..."

Vango Hurricane 300
    + "I have only had this tent for just under 3 months and have used it 3 times so far..."
    + "used for four days torrential rain,bone dry,..."

Vango Spirit 200+
    + "Used this on a backpacking trip around Europe..."
    + "The 2008 model has an extra 15cm length to the inner tent..."
    + "I spent a lot of time trying to work out what tent to buy, and came up with this one..."
    + "Purchased this several months ago and has been to Skye, Glencoe and other harsh environments..."
    + "We're gutted that ours got stolen last month - just when we were about to take it on a trip..."
    + "Excellent all-round tent for the money and for it's weight..."
    + "I'm in the middle of cycling to Slovenia and the spirit 200+ is turning out to be a great tent..."
    + "have had sprit 200+ all summer and found it to be a good size to use for solo motorcycle trips quick to pitch and plenty of room in porch to store panier bags and wet clothing..."

Vango TBS Spirit 300+
    + "this is a very solid and reliable tent, me & the wife went up walna scar 3weeks ago, the weather was boucing down with rain & very high winds, it took about 10min`s to put up & there`s loads of room for cooking in the porch out of the elements..."
    + "I have used my Vango Spirit 300+ on a single camping trip to date whilst surfing in the Gower..."
    + "This is the classic DofE tent that is widely used now; I think they said in the store room ‘because it is bombproof’ for their reason for letting kids go up to the tops with hundreds of pounds of tents, and I have to say, they were right..."
    + "in my oppinion this is a great tent and very sturdy in wind and can be used in all weathers but could do with stronger pegs if being used in hard ground because the pegs thatcome with it can bend easily also the first time the tent could possibly be fidally to put up if you're not sure what your ment to do..."

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