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  Terra Nova 4 Season Tents

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ModelThumbnailBrandBest Price
Terra Nova Terra Firma
Terra Nova Ultra Hyperspace£552.50
Terra Nova Gemini
Terra Nova Hyperspace
Terra Nova Super Quasar
Terra Nova Superlite Quasar£409.99
Save 7%
Terra Nova Ultra Quasar
Save 19%
Terra Nova Quasar ETC
Terra Nova Quasar
Terra Nova Solar 2
Save 21%
Terra Nova Voyager
Terra Nova Solar Elite£297.50
Terra Nova Solar Competition Tent£255.00

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Terra Nova 4 Season Tents Reviews

What you've been saying about these 4 Season Tents from Terra Nova...

Terra Nova Super Quasar
    + "Bomb proof..."
    + "I got this tent as i found it on a better deal than the normal quasar..."
    + "Superb..."
    + "The Terra Nova Super Quasar looks like a good winter tent..."
    + "I did shed loads of research when looking to upgrade from my old tent and decided upon the latest version (2008 at the time) Super Quasar to cope with winter weekends in the Brecon Beacons, Dartmoor and Scotland..."
    + "I've owned the SQ for about 10 years and used it in all conditions the UK can throw at it..."

Terra Nova Ultra Quasar
    + "If you can afford to buy this tent, do so now..."
    + "I love camping, i love being self sufficient and i love being all 'cocooned' in my nice tent att the end of the day, but, i want my tent to be able to cope with the weather at the palces i take it..."
    + "I've been using quasars now for around since the very early 90's..."
    + "I bought the 2006 version of the tent in February this year from Field and Trek who were offering a discount..."
    + "My previous tent was a North Face Westwind, which whilst was a very good tent was a bit bright, I was looking to replace the tent with one which would stand up to some abuse, (Harsh weather etc..."
    + "The ultimate two person tent..."
    + "Fantastic tent and very well made; strong, rugged, well designed, excellent materials, simple and quick to erect, excellent features..."
    + "A legendary tent from Tera Nova, giants of the expedition tent world..."
    + "ased a TN Ultra Quasar 5 years ago but sadly have only used it approx 10 times..."
    + "Well, what can I say about the TNUQ that hasn't already been said..."
    + "had thi tent for two years now and i love it..."
    + "I bought my Ultra Quaser in 1995 after it being recommended as "fit for purpose" by the salesperson at Taunton Leisure..."

Terra Nova Terra Firma
    + "This has the solid build quality you expect from Terra Nova, but such quality obviously doesn't come cheap..."
    + "Bought this for Winter car camping when we need more room than the Hilleberg Nammatj 3GT..."

Terra Nova Quasar
    + "thye BEST 2 man tent you can buy..."
    + "I have owned my trusty quasar for approximately eleven years and in that time it has seen some major conditions, been treated unfairly and still looks after me impeccably..."
    + "I lived in a Quasar for 5 weeks this summer, chiefly on glaciers in Greenland..."
    + "My best mate has this tent and we have used it loads in both the UK and Alps..."
    + "I have owned a quasar since 1998, and it has been used for everything from high alpine camping on glaciers to car camping with the kids..."
    + "Well only just got this today, everything looks good so far put it up in my living room of all places..."
    + "Simply the best tent on the market..."
    + "I was never one for spending a loads of money on gear until I seriously got into hillwlking/mountainering..."
    + "The Terra Nova Quasar is a great tent, however, the earlier models may be let down by weak poles..."
    + "This is a generally well made and stable tent..."
    + "I bought the Quasar as my first tent while a student in 1994..."
    + "I think I must have one of the original tents as I bought it in 1989 and have used it every year since, its now showing its age and I am heartbroken to have to part with it..."
    + "I borrowed an ultra quasar in green 4 years ago for a cycle tour along the Outer Hebrides where I feared my solar 2 may get a battering from the gales..."
    + "I have had this ten for years on numerous all weather trips in the British Isles and Norway (summer and winter)..."
    + "I have an original Wlid Country Quasar tent (purchased in '84) and have always loved it..."
    + "I've owned my Quasar (Easton poles) for about 20 years, and love it..."
    + "Bought another Quasar after mine finally wore out with 15 years of use..."

Terra Nova Solar 2
    + "The reason this is such a good tent is that it combines being a genuine 2 person/4 season tent with being lightweight, while still being very sturdy..."
    + "Weighing in at 2..."
    + "The Solar 2 is a very lightweight two-man tent with a side entrance..."
    + "Although I've only used this tent 4 times thus far, I'm very impressed with it..."
    + "The Solar 2 is an amazing piece of kit, it is a 2 person, lightweight four season tent with a side entrance..."
    + "This was the tent I chose to take to Tanzania to live in for 7 weeks and these are the reasons why..."
    + "I bought this tent a few months ago and since then it's been used for a very wet weekend in the lakes, a week in Scotland and the full length of the Coast to Coast walk..."
    + "The solar 2 is an amazing piece of kit, it is a 2 person, lightweight four season tent with a side entrance..."
    + "Like pretty much everyone else here I think this is a top tent..."
    + "I have had my Solar 2 for years and it's a brilliant little tent..."
    + "Have been using mine for last 5years in all weathers , condensation controlable by venting ..."
    + "I bought my tent a number of years ago when the solar 2 came out and it has provem to be first class..."
    + "Firstly it should be pointed out that the solar 2 is now a discontinued model, and has been replaced by the Solar 2..."
    + "Had my Solar 2 for 12 years..."
    + "Good 3 season tent, roomy, light..."

Terra Nova Voyager
    + "The Terra Nova Voyager is designed to stand up to any weather the world can throw at you, but be light enough that you won't be weighed down..."
    + "I've used the Terra Nova Voyager for out of the car camping to 26 day treks across Corsica and it's a good tent but it does have some drawbacks..."
    + "My Terra Nova Voyager has faithfully served me for over three years now..."
    + "great all round backpacking tent, very light for the design and make up of materials..."
    + "Some people say that this tent is strong enough to stand up to anything which isnt quite true..."
    + "I make 2, single week long trips to go winter climbing every year and my climbing partner and I swap between taking his Voyager and my Terra Nova Quasar, depending on how energetic we feel or how long the walk in is..."
    + "I have had a voyager since 1998 and loved the tent right from the start..."
    + "I brought the 2005 model of this classic tent from Taunton Lesuire in their winter sale, but I have only recently dusted it down and put it in to action..."
    + "Bought 03/2005 and given faithful service over 2 years..."
    + "Not a review - I just tried to email you and your quota seems to have been exceeded as the email got bounced back to me..."
    + "I've had my Voyager now for over a year and have experienced some seriously bad weather conditions..."
    + "I've owned this tent for around 10 years and it has never let me down..."
    + "Awesome tent..."
    + "My mate borrowed me her ten year old tent which she used, amongst other trips, for 6 months every day in south east asia..."
    + "This tent is shit..."
    + "This tent is very close to my heart (my wife of 14 years will testify to this - as she knows "the tent" came first..."
    + "Not really about the tent (haven't bought yet) but you need to update your price guide..."

Terra Nova Quasar ETC
    + "I have owned the terra Nova Quasar Etc, in its present form, for about six years..."

Terra Nova Hyperspace
    + "I initially bought a Mountain Hardwear Trango 3 having had a ..."
    + "A great tent..."
    + "terra nova market themselves as makers of 'the best tents in the world' and i must agree..."
    + "Terra Nova are reputedly one of the best tent makers in the world and having owned a hyperspace for seven years and, put it through some trying situations, I must agree..."
    + "I bought mine very almost new in the UK in 1980 (30 years ago), and have used it in Britain, the Alps and now in southern Africa for many years..."
    + "I've reached a point where I need to replace a Hyperspace which I bought back in 1990..."
    + "As others have said, terra nova market themselves as makers of 'the best tents in the world' and this is an expensive tent, costing 500 quid..."
    + "I have a problem with the flysheet of my Hyperspace..."

Terra Nova Gemini
    + "This is very special purpose tent make no mistake about that..."

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