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  2-3 Season Sleeping Bags

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ModelThumbnailBrandBest Price
Rab Ascent 500Rab 2-3 Season Sleeping Bags£140.00
Save 3%
Rab Quantum 250 Sleeping BagRab 2-3 Season Sleeping Bags£139.99
Berghaus Flame 600
Berghaus 2-3 Season Sleeping Bags£139.99
Mammut Womens Kira
Mammut 2-3 Season Sleeping Bags£139.99
Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina 45
Mountain Hardwear 2-3 Season Sleeping Bags£134.99
Mountain Equipment Titan 450Mountain Equipment 2-3 Season Sleeping Bags£134.99
The North Face Cats Meow Reg
The North Face 2-3 Season Sleeping Bags£130.00
Alpkit PipeDream 600
Alpkit 2-3 Season Sleeping Bags£130.00
Mammut KompactMammut 2-3 Season Sleeping Bags£124.99
Alpkit PipeDream 400
Alpkit 2-3 Season Sleeping Bags£110.00
Mountain Hardwear Conness Sleeping BagMountain Hardwear 2-3 Season Sleeping Bags£109.99
Alpkit AlpineDream 700
Alpkit 2-3 Season Sleeping Bags£105.00
Mountain Equipment Womens Dreamcatcher 500 Sleeping BagMountain Equipment 2-3 Season Sleeping Bags£100.00
Robens Down Trend Sleeping BagRobens 2-3 Season Sleeping Bags£100.00
Mammut ToscaMammut 2-3 Season Sleeping Bags£94.99

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2-3 Season Sleeping Bags Reviews

What you've been saying about these 2-3 Season Sleeping Bags...

The North Face Cats Meow Reg
    + "Bought one of these from an american site called sierratradingpost for about half price..."
    + "My wife’s bag, that she bought because she liked the colour..."
    + "I have had this tent for a couple of summers and have mostly used it on the west coast in Spring and Summer..."
    + "Where can I find a consistent review?..."
    + "This sleeping bag is quite nice..."
    + "financially ..."

Alpkit AlpineDream 700
    + "I was after a sleeping bag for winter and having trawled through magazines and reviews of Rab, Macpac, Mountain Equipment etc for £300+, it was amazing to find a site where a similar rating of bag for just over £100..."

Alpkit PipeDream 400
    + "I was just about to order a Rab quantum 400 sleeping bag when I came across an advert on Outdoors Magic showing a Quantum / 400g Goose Down sleeping bag for £100..."
    + "As per my update to the PD600 I just wanted to make sure the information was current..."
    + "I bought this bag to do the LAMM (Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon) in June..."
    + "I already had an Alpkit wee airic and indigo head torch when I bought this sleeping bag so was already assured that their low prices didnt signal any compromise on quality..."

Alpkit PipeDream 600
    + "I was completely unaware of the Alpkit brand until I saw there stand at the outdoors show, I had been looking for a down sleeping bag for some time I took a look at the quality of the bag checked the tempreture rating, there are similar quality bags with weight and temp rating available for in excess of £180, the thing that made an immeadiate decsion an easy one was the price..."
    + "I did a huge amoount of research into this sleeping bag before actually buying it, much of it deliberating between the warm-to-weight specs of the PD400 and it's bigger brother, the PD600..."
    + "Not so much of a review but more an update..."
    + "Cool..."

Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina 45
    + "can you locate ..."

Berghaus Flame 600
    + "are many ..."

Mammut Womens Kira
    + "just handful ..."

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