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  Trangia Stoves and Cooking

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ModelThumbnailBrandBest Price
Trangia Multi Fuel Burner with Fuel Bottle and Pump
Trangia 25-5GBUL Cooker Non Stick with Gas Burner£91.95
Trangia 27-5GBUL Cooker Non Stick with Gas Burner
Trangia 25-8 UL/HA£82.00
Save 18%
Trangia 25-2GBUL Cooker Gas Burner and Kettle£78.95
Save 25%
Trangia 27-1GBUL Cooker with Gas Burner£70.00
Save 22%
Trangia 25K
Trangia 25-1GBUL Cooker with Gas Burner£62.95
Save 34%
Trangia 25-6UL Cooker Non Stick with Kettle£59.95
Save 29%
Trangia 25-7 UL/HA£58.50
Save 21%
Trangia 27-8 UL/HA£54.00
Save 23%
Trangia 25
Trangia 25-5UL Cooker Non Stick
Save 33%
Trangia 27-7 UL/HA£49.50
Save 25%
Trangia 27-6UL Cooker Non Stick with Kettle£49.50
Save 10%

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Trangia Stoves and Cooking Reviews

What you've been saying about these Stoves and Cooking from Trangia...

Trangia 25
    + "Trangia's are a super reliable and tough wee stove..."
    + "Used on my Duke of Edinburgh Gold expeditions - reliable almost all the time, but be prepared to wait a while during snowy spells..."

Trangia 25K
    + "What can I say? The Trangia 25K is the original piece of cooking kit and an old-master it certainly is..."
    + "This is a great stove when you're camping as a group, unless anyone is really creative with their food, a pot between 2 or 3 people is enough for rice / pasta and the frying pan can be used as a lid to boil the water quicker..."
    + "Go to any outdoor centre in the UK and take a look in their storeroom and you'll find yourself faced with trania upon trangia, and for very good reason..."
    + "I have owned my Trianga 25 since I was 17 Iím now 35..."
    + "The first camping stove that i used was a trangia..."
    + "The trangia is legendary..."
    + "Im not going to leave a big long review on this, there isnt much left to say..."
    + "I loved my trangia, but I have just gone of it..."
    + "This is an excellent pot/pan set which I have been using for the last couple of years..."
    + "The Trangia is a superb simple easy to use stove..."
    + "Let me get one thing out of the way before I get into the body of this review: This is a love story..."
    + "Well I have had this cooker for years now, I bought it probably when I was around 13 or 14, I am 30 now..."
    + "I have used the Trangia 25 K extensively with youth groups in the local area for over 5 years..."
    + "The Trangia stove setup has been the mainstay of my camp cooking kit for many years..."
    + " I camp with a tent-trailer (also called a "pop-up"), but enjoy cooking on a fire or small stove..."
    + "All these people having problems with the meths turning their pots black -all you need to do is follow the instructions and put a wee bit of water in the fuel mix..."
    + "I have to say, regardless of the subject of slow cooking with meths, the Trangia 25K is a great design as it is the whole cook set rather than just the cooker..."
    + "Easy to use and light to carry..."
    + "I use the trangia 25K set all the time, they take up very little space in my pack..."
    + "The trangia is legendary..."
    + "I still remember being given my trangia stove on my 16th birthday, and recall using it for the first time in North Wales..."
    + "I am from the states and the only stoves we have are butane and white gas..."
    + "Had one since about 1981 and still going strong..."

Trangia 25-5UL Cooker Non Stick
    + "Made my own one of these up by buying all the bits over the years..."

Trangia 27-5GBUL Cooker Non Stick with Gas Burner
    + "Superb cooking systems that go on and on and on..."

Trangia Multi Fuel Burner with Fuel Bottle and Pump
    + "I'm puzzled as to why anyone would pay £120 for a burner..."

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