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ModelThumbnailBrandBest Price
MSR Reactor Stove
Save 5%
Save 5%
MSR Titan Mini Cookset
Save 10%
MSR Dragonfly Stove
Save 25%
MSR Whisperlite Internationale
Save 22%
MSR Quick 2 Set£67.50
MSR DuraLite Classic Cook Set
MSR Alpine Deluxe Gourmet Cookset£53.99
MSR Quick 1 Set£53.99
MSR Exo 2 Pot£49.99
MSR Superfly with Autostart Stove
Save 21%
MSR Alpine Cook Kit£40.50
Save 10%
MSR Titanium Kettle
Save 34%
MSR Duraseal Standard Pump£35.00
MSR BlackLite Classic Cookset

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MSR Stoves and Cooking Reviews

What you've been saying about these Stoves and Cooking from MSR...

MSR Whisperlite Internationale
    + "The MSR Whisperlite Internationale is an animal of a stove..."
    + "If you like quick cups of tea and boil in the bag camping meals, the MSR Whisperlite international is the stove for you..."
    + "I have carry two stoves with me whenever we use the car to camp anywhere..."
    + "The MSR Whisperlight international has been my stove of choice for many years..."
    + "I bought my MSR Whisperlite stove before a two camping trip up Helvellyn..."
    + "The MSR whisperlite is a fantastic little stove..."
    + "I've used my MSR Wisperlite stove in pretty much all conditions from a quick brew on the beach to cooking meals in the Alps at 3500 meters and at all times it has worked without a glitch..."
    + "I bought this MSR Whisperlite Internationale stove primarily for its ease of use i..."
    + "A piece that is rapidly become a legend around the world..."
    + "The Whisperlite International is a bit like a renegade technology from another world that's made its way into the outdoors scene..."
    + "Bought this stove a year ago now, because ive heard from others that own MSR stoves that they are second to none and i havent been dissapointed yet..."
    + "MSR WhisperLite International is a lightweight high output backpacking stove..."
    + "I've had mine for about twelve years without much hassle,the only O rings I've changed have been on the bottles and that's pretty good as it's been used for 3 to 5 weeks each year..."
    + "Had this stove for 6 years now..."
    + "We've had our stove for 5 years and didn't realise there was a fuel cable cleaner so it was really helpful to find out why it kept clogging up..."
    + "Having been used to gas burners for many years I was nervous about changing to the MSR..."
    + "I have used an MSR Whisperlite Internationale for almost 20 years, cooking meals in places as diverse as the Patagonian Andes to the deserts of Namibia, from the Canadian Rockies to the Indian Himalayas..."
    + "bought this to replace my coleman f1 light stove which decided to corode itself into 1 lump..."
    + "I've been using this stove for about 12 years having moved on from Camping Gaz..."

MSR Dragonfly Stove
    + "It's great..."
    + "This MSR Dragonfly stove is great..."
    + "After going on a trip with one of my mates that had one of these, i had to get my own..."
    + "Having used the classic MSR XGK for many years, mine was getting to be like Trigger's Broom, so when I came across the MSR Dragonfly at a price I couldn't miss, I bought one..."
    + "Very flexible stove which can use loads of different fuel types..."
    + "Without a doubt the MSR Dragonfly is the epitomy of outdoor stoves..."
    + "A light weight and multi fuel stove with a simmer function I use the MSR Dragonfly for biking and longer weekend walks..."
    + "This is a very good stove, as you'd expect from MSR..."
    + "For those of you on genuine Indiana Jones style expeditions and gadget lovers, this thing is amazing..."
    + "I bought the MSR Dragonfly specifically with an extended trip to Tanzania in mind, having used both the whisperlite and the XGK-II in the past, and been very impressed with them both..."
    + "I have been using one of these MSR Dragonfly stoves for a couple of years (my mates) and at first when he told me that he had bought one i didn't know why..."
    + "I bought the MSR Dragonfly over the ..."
    + "I've had my MSR Dragonfly for over five years..."
    + "I have owned my dragonfly for about 8 years now, and find it extremely reliable and easy to use..."
    + "I've had a dragonfly now ,for about 10 years , Most of the tine I've run it off coleman fuel and never needed to clean it ..."
    + "My dragonfly is now my stove of choice, I find gas can stoves annoying when they slow down in the cold or when they're running low..."
    + "I've had my MSR for 4 years now, a friend also has one (with the older style pump)..."
    + "It's easy to light and mighty powerful and has a controllable flame..."

MSR BlackLite Classic Cookset
    + "i LOVE these pans..."
    + "Use this with my MSR Whisperlite Stove for the ultimate comination..."

MSR Titan Mini Cookset
    + "The Titan mini cook set is the perfect way to shave pounds off your backpack weight, which i have found can be crucial when walking long distance..."
    + "Super-lightweight 2 pan set..."

MSR Titanium Kettle
    + "I bought an MSR titanium kettle recently bacause it looked like the ideal one-person lightweight cooking pot..."
    + "This bit of kit has been with me on 40+ nights out in the Scottish Highlands, and I only use it to make tea..."
    + "I was given the MSR Titan Kettle as a leaving present along with a pair of Scarpa lite shoes..."
    + "Just to let you know, i very rarely go back packing so the majority of usage this MSR kettle gets is for making a cup of tea outside the tent..."
    + "This titanium kettle is a trusty companion on my lightweight backpacking trips..."
    + "Let me start this by stating that despite my addiction to all things shiny and lightweight, I did NOT buy this for myself, The very idea of paying 40 for a single pot, marginally bigger than a mug is an anathema to me..."
    + "The MSR Titanium Kettle is a niche product and my racing partners and myself alternate between taking this and a ..."
    + "I acquired my MSR Titan Kettle almost by accident..."
    + "I've never used the MSR Titam kettle, but recently went on a wild camp with a mate who did have one..."
    + "Purchased with it's brother, the ..."
    + "Coupled with the Pocket Rocket it's an ideal brew kit..."

MSR Superfly with Autostart Stove
    + "The MSR Superfly is a good, well made, compact and easy to assemble stove..."

MSR DuraLite Classic Cook Set
    + "Excellent bit of kit - it's hard to get enthusiastic about a set of cooking pots, but I can about these..."

MSR Reactor Stove
    + "Bought one of these in the US for use on a camping trip..."

    + "Awesome..."

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