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  Primus Stoves and Cooking

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ModelThumbnailBrandBest Price
Primus Omnifuel
Primus Gravity II MF Stove
Primus Eta Packlite Stove£85.00
Primus Etapower EF Stove£75.00
Save 12%
Primus Eta Express
Primus Gravity PZ
Save 4%
Primus Express Spider Remote Stove£40.00
Primus Mimer Set Stove & Pans£31.99
Save 3%
Primus Etapower Pot 1.7 Litre£30.00
Primus Etapower Pot 2.1 Litre£28.31
Primus Express Stove£28.00
Primus EtaPower Pot 1 Ltr£27.95
Save 7%
Primus Micron Ti Stove£26.50
Primus LITech Trek Kettle£21.00
Primus Mimer Stove£19.00
Save 5%

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Primus Stoves and Cooking Reviews

What you've been saying about these Stoves and Cooking from Primus...

Primus Omnifuel
    + "It has been very easy to integrate the Primus Omnifuel into my equipment kit and backpacking style and my experience has been almost completely positive..."
    + "I have used a number of stoves over the years including trangias, gas and liquid fuel stoves and the one thing they all had in common was the amount of time it took to get used to their foibles before I could really make a good meal (or even boil water for a brew..."
    + "Bought this Stove about 2 months ago..."
    + "Bought this Stove about 2 months ago..."
    + "I have had the Omnifuel for about three months it has been used a number of times initally the stove is impressive it claims to burn virtually everything, I have used the stove with Gas and primus powerfuel, both work well gas being the easier of the two( there is a small amount of leakage when connecting the powerfuel bottle) the stove is provided with a wind deflector and a multi tool..."
    + "I bought this stove about 12 months ago and have used it for 2 weeks away in the outer hebrides (uninhabited, so you rely 100% on you stove working) I can't fault this stove, I've only used it with Coleman white fuel (bought 2 bottles and haven't run out yet)..."
    + "A staple of my kit - won't be without it, heats boily bags in minutes and the multiple fuel use is great for travelling..."
    + "I've used these stoves for about three years now, very well made, frugal on fuel especially paraffin..."
    + "Excellent bit of kit..."
    + "After using this stove fo nearly a year now and burning different fuels,I find this cooker both easy and reliable to use in various weathers..."
    + "Used this stove all over the shop..."
    + "The best of this type currently on the market in the UK..."

Primus Gravity PZ
    + "After struggling for years with top-heavy Camping Gas stoves where the burner sits on top of the bottle, I decided to invest in a bit of quality..."
    + "Having waited, for what seemed like ages for a cup of tea on my trangia, with people around me already drinking hot drinks I decided it was time for a change..."
    + "The primus gravity PZ is an first-rate stove..."
    + "I prefer stable, low stoves for family and roadside camping where weight is not an issue..."
    + "Finally updated my very old Trangia meths stove, having become fed up with watching friends eat 10 minutes before me..."

Primus Eta Express
    + "I admit the first thing I did when presented with the Eta Express was compare it to my much-loved Jetboil..."
    + "I was give this set as a birthday present this June..."
    + "Primus ETA Express..."

Primus Gravity II MF Stove
    + "Very easy to use with gas..."

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