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  Berghaus Day Pack Rucksacks

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ModelThumbnailBrandBest Price
Berghaus Womens Freeflow Pro 30£64.00
Berghaus Freeflow Pro 30£63.99
Save 6%
Berghaus Womens Freeflow 35 Plus 8£60.00
Berghaus Freeflow Light 32£53.99
Berghaus Freeflow 30+6
Save 20%
Berghaus Womens Freeflow 25+5
Berghaus Freeflow IV 25+5£50.99
Save 15%
Berghaus Munro 35L
Save 22%
Berghaus Womens Arete 30£50.00
Berghaus Freeflow 35+8
Save 29%
Berghaus Womens Arete 35£47.99
Berghaus Freeflow IV 30£47.50
Save 27%
Berghaus Remote 30£47.50
Berghaus Roam 35
Berghaus Womens Freeflow 30
Save 22%

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Berghaus Day Pack Rucksacks Reviews

What you've been saying about these Day Pack Rucksacks from Berghaus...

Berghaus Womens Freeflow 30
    + "Used this bag for a year, it's been up 30 Munros in rain, snow and shine so far without a leak or tear..."
    + "After years of damp, sweaty and poorly-fitting backs, it was good to finally find a female-specific daypack which provides so much ventilation..."
    + "An exellent day pack for all sorts of activities from picnics and college to hiking and climbing, I spent a month in India trekking and travelling and this day-pack really made all the difference..."
    + "i was really happy that i'd picked this rucksac as the day after i got it, it got a best in test review somewhere..."

Berghaus Freeflow 35+8
    + "I manage an adventure company in Australia and I have had my freeflow 35+8 for around 2..."
    + "This very small pack has an extrodinary amount of space within..."
    + "I used this when mountaineering in Austria, and it is without a doubt the pinnacle of rucksacks..."
    + "Excellent rucksack..."
    + "I previously had a ..."
    + "I use the freeflow 35+8 for search and rescue to carry my personal gear, radio, and basic survival equipment..."
    + "The Berghaus Freeflow 35 + 8 is an excellent pack from the perspective of a 6'4" bushwalker..."
    + "I found the Berghaus Freeflow 35 + 8 really excellent on walks in and around my area,although the weight distribution is a problem somtimes and you have to pack the sac really carefully..."
    + "Very Impressed by the free flow system - keeps my back nice and dry..."
    + "I could use a bit more fabric at the opening..."
    + "For many years I have used a ..."
    + "After borrowing the larger size frre flow pack from a friend for the day I decided to get one..."
    + "I bought the Berghaus Freeflow 35 + 8 pack when I saw how overpriced ..."
    + "I use my Berghaus Freeflow 35 + 8 rucksack pretty much all the time, from filling it with my gym gear to taking it out on the hills with it full of walking gear..."
    + "The Berghaus Freeflow 35 plus 8 rucksack is quite robust and is of sturdy construction..."
    + "I bought this Berghaus Freeflow 35 ruck sack with the intention of using it for days out in the hills, but also weekends away (not camping, visiting friends)..."
    + "The Berghaus Freeflow 35+8 is a nice looking rucksack and general build quality appears good..."
    + "I bought this day sack for the air flow across the back and the airflow straps great idea..."
    + "EXCELLENT..."
    + "A really good comfortable day sack..."
    + "I recently bought this to haul climbing gear up to difficult access crags and haven't been disappointed..."
    + "I tried the berghaus in Taiwan, but the length of the back was too short (I'm 186cm)..."
    + "I've used my free flow for 3 years now..."
    + "I purchased this backpack in July and it has been the perfect piece of equipment for short hikes or overnighters..."
    + "Bought this bag for 1 day climbing trips..."

Berghaus Munro 35L
    + "i've had mine for ten years and its still going strong, its been dragged up rock faces and half submerged in sea water and thrown out of helicopters..."
    + "Extremely durable, had mine donkey's years..."
    + "I have had my Munro daysack now for 10 years and as a serving soldier within the Royal Engineers it has been to many different countrys and warzones and is still usable today were a lot of lesser daysacks would have given up the ghost years ago, even though it is battered and bruised by years of abuse it's still fit enough to carry out its intended function..."
    + "I have used my munro all over the world in some very extreme climates from the mountains of bosnia to the deserts of oman and it has never been a problem..."

Berghaus Freeflow 30+6
    + "It is a little early to comment on the performance of the Berghaus Freeflow 30 + 6, as I still have to put it to the real test of a long period away: however, in buying it impressed by the feel, lightness and airflow achieved by the design..."
    + "Being a steam train enthusiast i travel all over the countryside looking for trains that i havent seen before so i need a good quality comfy sack on my back, the Berghaus Freeflow 30+6 fits the bill perfectly, plenty of room for my flask, sandwiches and my rug, superb..."
    + "I used Berghaus Freeflow 30 + 6 to walk up snowdon Sept 2003..."
    + "The freeflow back system is among the best around and it certainly keeps my back dry..."
    + "I bought the first version of the Berghaus Freeflow 30 after a recommendation from a friend over 4 years ago..."
    + "These Berghaus Freeflow rucksacks are brilliant day sacs, for people who like to be continually on the move, they are extremely well designed to meet the needs of an hiking enthusiasts..."
    + "The Berghaus Freeflow 30+6 is a very nice, comfortable day pack..."
    + "I previously owned a different Berghaus rucksack which didnít have the freeflow system and glad that I upgraded..."
    + "I have the original version of this Berghaus Freeflow rucksac and have found it very good..."
    + "Bought the Berghaus Freeeflow bag as an 'all rounder' as I needed a pack that would work for going to the crag for a days climbing carrying everything, as well as one that could be used for a days winter walking and also for a weekends summer camping..."
    + "I have the third version and it is extremely comfortable in all situations..."
    + "These Berghaus Freeflow rucksacks are brilliant day sacs, for people who like to be continually on the move, they are extremely well designed to meet the needs of an hiking enthusiasts..."
    + "This Berghaus Freeflow 30 + 6 pack is great for eliminating swack..."
    + "I spent a long time trying to pick a day rucksack to get all the features I was after without adding too much weight, and finally plumped for the Berghaus Freeflow 30..."
    + "I have used this bag for ages and I really like it..."

Berghaus Womens Freeflow 25+5
    + "i was dubious about a womens rucksack and the frame looks very small, this in fact turns out to be the snag..."

Berghaus Roam 35
    + "Great little day sack..."
    + "-Cheap price -Slim design -Back Padding can be removed and used as a seating pad -Bladder compatible -Easy to adjust to fit with lots of flexibility (I have a huge friend who managed to make it fit him as well as me) -Handy pockets in the waist belt: great for GPS or mobiles..."
    + "The size and shape of this sack are ideal for me..."
    + "standing points below, acceptably comfortable, although sits a bit high on the back for me..."

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