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  Camelbaks and Hydration

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ModelThumbnailBrandBest Price
The North Face XenonThe North Face Camelbaks and Hydration£35.10
Save 12%
The North Face Womens Ray 20The North Face Camelbaks and Hydration£58.50
The North Face Animas 12 Hydration Pack
The North Face Camelbaks and Hydration£71.10
Save 11%
Sigg Sports Bottle 0.75 LitreSigg Camelbaks and Hydration£13.99
Save 7%
Sigg Drinks Bottle SealsSigg Camelbaks and Hydration£3.00
Sigg Drinks Bottle Screw TopSigg Camelbaks and Hydration£3.75
Save 6%
Sigg Drinks Bottle - 1 LitreSigg Camelbaks and Hydration£10.75
Save 40%
Sigg Drinks Bottle - 0.6 LitreSigg Camelbaks and Hydration£10.00
Save 33%
Sigg Drink Bottle - 1.5 LtrSigg Camelbaks and Hydration£13.50
Save 21%
Sigg Bottle BrushSigg Camelbaks and Hydration£7.00
Sigg Bottle & Hydration Sac CleanerSigg Camelbaks and Hydration£3.75
Platypus Shut off Valve
Platypus Camelbaks and Hydration£6.80
Platypus Platy PatchPlatypus Camelbaks and Hydration£2.00
Platypus Lapel ClipPlatypus Camelbaks and Hydration£4.05
Save 16%
Platypus Hoser 3
Platypus Camelbaks and Hydration£22.41
Save 3%

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Obviously water is vital to any expedition - from carrying a personal supply as you walk or climb, to purifying an unknown source on the trail. Without a regular and reliable source of hydration, any activity becomes far harder on your body. On Buachaille, you will find a range of purification systems, reliable storage bottles and personal hydration bladders to suit each individual's needs.

Cleaning Hydration Systems:

The biggest complaint about hydration systems is that they develop mould inside from not being dried properly before storage. Look for a big opening and pipes that can easily be removed for more convenient cleaning and drying.

Hydration System Leaks:

Obviously, there is no point having a Camelbak that leaks, and often the bit valve or feeder pipe can leak. All bladders should be able to cope with being pressurised under a 20kg static load - similar to the weight of a full backpacking rucksack.


Hydration systems come in different sizes, usually from 1 to 3 litres. 2 litres should be sufficent for most 1 day walks, climbs and bike trips (you can refill at lunch in hot weather).


To prevent bacterial growth, hydration systems often use antibacterial treatments. However, these can make the water taste like antiseptic. Equally, the materials used can taint the water too. All bladders should provide drinkable water even after being left for 8 hours before tasting.

Filling Hydration Systems

To be sure that the bladder can be easily filled, look for a large opening with a secure closure mechanism.

The Bite Valve:

The bite valve needs to be easy to use. You need to suck on it to get the water to flow down the feeder pipe. Some bite valves can be locked off to prevent drips. while those that cannot tend to leak when pressed accidently.

Suspension Loops:

So that the bladder does not collapse into the bottom of your rucksack, look for a suspension loop at its top that could be attached to velcro tabs inside your rucksack.

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