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  Berghaus Gaiters

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Berghaus Yeti Wilderness
Save 6%
Berghaus Yeti Extrem Gaiter
Save 20%
Berghaus GTX Gaiter
Save 26%
Berghaus Glacier Gaiter
Berghaus Snowline Gaiter

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Berghaus Gaiters Reviews

What you've been saying about these Gaiters from Berghaus...

Berghaus Yeti Extrem Gaiter
    + "I use these Yeti's since they are on the market..."
    + "I'm not the sort of person to enjoy getting wet feet..."
    + "In my honest opinion i think this is the best product ever produced by Berghaus..."
    + "An iconic product for Berghaus, these gaiters have been arrange in various incarnations for many years and there are numerous outdoor enthusiasts who swear by them..."
    + "These yeti-gaiters are the daddy of all gaiters..."
    + "Probly the best pair of gaiters on the market if they fit your boots..."
    + "I have used yeti's for 6 years now and found them to be perfect in nearly all conditions..."
    + "For the past two months, I've worn these gaiters on almost every walk I've taken..."
    + " For the past two months, I've worn these gaiters on almost every walk I've taken..."
    + "My name is Richard and I am Yeti addict..."
    + "I bought these gaiters under high recommendation from others..."
    + "I agree with most of what has been said above..."
    + "Im planning to get one of these for my Bates Tora Bora boots..."
    + "how to put your yeti gaiters on ..."

Berghaus Yeti Wilderness
    + "Having completed the ten tors 35mile event in gaiters, I decided to treat myself to a pair of yeti's for this years 45mile event and the 8 weekends of training..."
    + "Having been in the military for many years,i always find myself packing these first, along with my scarpa attak terrain boots,the fit is exceptional and they are very hard wearing..."
    + "A real good companion every trip I take in to the backcountry..."
    + "Being a member of the armed forces, I have used the yeti gaiter extensively in northern Norway(on many occasions) and on operations in Bosnia..."
    + "I've been using these Yeti Wilderness gaiters for 20 years or so and am onto my second pair..."
    + "I bought my first pair of Yeti Wilderness gaiters over 4 years ago and they are still going strong..."
    + "compared to my old pair of waxed cotten gaitors, the yetis feel superb..."
    + "I have had a pair of these gaiters for 16 years ? yep, 16 years..."
    + "A top quality product that really does the job..."
    + "Gaiters that fit extremely well to most boots that has the lip to allow the rubber rand to sit nicely..."
    + "I bought these after getting a soaking on the north york moors when trudging through some bog as I thought they would offer greater protection and save me from cleaning my boots as much..."
    + "Reading some of the other reviews, some people seem to reckon that these are a bit on the pricey side..."
    + "As stated in the ..."
    + "I bought my berghaus gaiters in North Bay Ontario, Canada, at a second hand store..."
    + "Used in the boggy Galloways for many years..."
    + "After serving in the military for many years I have come to know what it is like walking in wet boots and dry warm boots, these Berghaus yeti gaiters are a piece of kit no serious walker intending to walk in extreme and harsh conditions should be without, they protect your boots from the bogs, mud and elements, keeping your feet warm and dry..."
    + "I bought Attak gaiters for my first serious pair of boots in 1988..."
    + "Another positive review..."
    + "I've been wearing Yeti Gaiters for over 20 years and have just replaced my attaks with wildneress..."

Berghaus Snowline Gaiter
    + "Brilliant, very comfortable for walking in and in a neat size..."
    + "Comfy, easy to put on and take off..."

Berghaus GTX Gaiter
    + "You know how, when you're embarrassed you wish the gound would swallow you up? Well, what if the ground swallowing you up was actually the cause of your embarrassment? Seriously, every time I go out walking, I manage to find the deepest, wettest, muddiest bog and plunge my leg in up to thigh level..."
    + "I've had these gaiters for a good couple of years now and I must say they pretty much do the job all year round..."
    + "I am quite fussy about gaiter styling and steer away from the elasticated gaiters that bunch up (dangerour for crampon wearers)..."

Berghaus Glacier Gaiter
    + "I've not had these long, but so far I'm really quite impressed..."

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