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  Petzl Headtorches

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ModelThumbnailBrandBest Price
Petzl Ultra 2 With UK Charger
Save 9%
Petzl Duo 5 LED
Petzl Duo-Belt 5 LED Headlamp£73.00
Petzl Myo XP Belt£64.00
Petzl Myo RXP£63.95
Save 11%
Petzl Myo 5 Belt
Petzl TAC Tikka XP Adapt£51.50
Petzl TacTikka XP
Petzl Myo XP
Save 32%
Petzl Tikka XP
Save 18%
Petzl Tactikka Plus Torch
Save 31%
Petzl Zipka Plus
Save 8%
Petzl Tikka Plus
Save 20%
Petzl Myolite 3
Save 14%
Petzl Zipka£29.95
Save 14%

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Petzl Headtorches Reviews

What you've been saying about these Headtorches from Petzl...

Petzl Myo 5 Belt
    + "I've owned this torch now for just over one year and it is still working just as well as the day i bought it..."
    + "Like the ..."
    + "I bought this head tourch about 4 years ago and have found it great..."

Petzl Zipka Plus
    + "This is a really handy torch..."
    + "convenient, easy to use and wear but problems with light switch brightest level will probably seldom be used, for reading the dimmest level is enough..."

Petzl Myolite 3
    + "I bought this a few years ago and its been a good piece of kit..."
    + "I need a very good light for pre-dawn walking and this one meets my needs enough light to get me safely to the halfway lochan on the tourist path on Ben Nevis by 8am in late December - ..."
    + "ull light fits well..."
    + "A good headtorch with good power output, slightly heavy but not excessive..."

Petzl Myo XP
    + "When you see the Petzl Myo XP head torch for the first time you find it hard to believe it is a single LED its so bright..."
    + "The Petzl Myo XP headtorch is bright and gives a reasonable focussed beam..."
    + "This single LED headtorch is small light and gives a beam nearly as good as the halogen bulb in the Myo range..."
    + "The Petzl Myo XP is the best head torch ever..."
    + "The latest range of torches from petzl is the xp ..."
    + "Great small torch, which has the power to light up the roads in front of you..."
    + "I used a small cheap LED headtorch in the Alps last year and realised that my chunky standard Myo was perhaps overkill in most situations (how often does your headtorch actually get used on the hill)..."
    + "I bought the Petzl Myo XP to replace my 5 bulb zoom headtorch which was heavy front and back..."
    + "I have used one of these for two years..."
    + "This a great little head torch, and is a constant companion whenever travelling abroad..."
    + "Great headtorch, the one I use for off-road night time running..."
    + "I bought one of these on the recommendation of the trainer before attending a mountain Leaders course..."
    + "wh0cd294954 ..."

Petzl Tikka Plus
    + "Compared to my old ..."
    + "Brilliant on a snowy night, not as bright as some bulbs but a much clearer light colour..."
    + "My first headtorch was a ..."
    + "This replaced my Petzl Zoom..."
    + "wh0cd596490 ..."

Petzl Tikka XP
    + "Set a timer..."
    + "I got this headtorch 'free' with my subscripion to a very popular walking magazine..."
    + "I got the TacTikkaXP, same as TikkaXP I think but with option of coloured diffuse lenses, which I thought would be useful for preserving night vis but in fact I don't use because I use the clear diffuse lens so much (and it's too faffy to swap lenses on the trail)..."
    + "Not sure if i have bought a dud one coz i use mine for Carp fishing and it only gets used for a maximium of 20-30 minutes a night over a 5 night session and i have to replace the batteries (duracell) everytime i next go to use it on another trip..."

Petzl Duo 5 LED
    + "The Duo 5 is probably the most robust headtorch available..."
    + "I have had a Petzl Duo for some time..."
    + "I've been using the Petzl on my nightly walks around the fields near to my home but so far, not enough to justify it's use..."
    + "I used one of these to summit kili a couple of years ago..."
    + "I purchased the Petzl Head torch several years ago for Fire Department use..."
    + "Built like a tank..."
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Petzl Tactikka Plus Torch
    + "After spending years taping over the end of a torch and using a pin hole of light, colouring in bits of torches black and green and making my own red filters, finally Petzl made the torch I had been waiting years for..."
    + "Great little headtorch, light and gives a reasonable amount of light..."
    + "wh0cd536309 ..."

Petzl Ultra 2 With UK Charger
    + "wh0cd289122 ..."

Petzl TacTikka XP
    + "i bought this torch a few tears ago for doing the 3 peaks challenge..."
    + "Love this bit of kit,im in the military and need it every ex i go on, would be lost without it..."

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