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  Black Diamond Headtorches

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ModelThumbnailBrandBest Price
Black Diamond Icon 3 Watt Headtorch
Black Diamond Spot Headtorch XB
Black Diamond Gizmo Headtorch£24.99
Black Diamond Wiz Head Torch£15.00
Black Diamond Ion Headtorch
Save 25%

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Black Diamond Headtorches Reviews

What you've been saying about these Headtorches from Black Diamond...

Black Diamond Ion Headtorch
    + "A great light to keep as a spare in a first aid kit..."
    + "A great lightweight, or backup headtorch to carry..."
    + "As an Audax (cyclist) rider, I have this Tie-Wrapped to my helmet..."

Black Diamond Spot Headtorch XB
    + "The Black Diamond Spot is amazing..."
    + "Excellent bright headtorch suitable for running and Night Nav map work etc..."

Black Diamond Icon 3 Watt Headtorch
    + "I was looking to replace my old petzl zoom that after 14 years was starting to show signs of its age..."
    + "I bought this head torch about 4 years ago and so far, so good..."

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