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ModelThumbnailBrandBest Price
Arcteryx Womens R280Arcteryx Climbing Harnesses£90.00
Petzl Calidris
Petzl Climbing Harnesses£80.00
Black Diamond Aspect HarnessBlack Diamond Climbing Harnesses£75.00
Wild Country Elite Syncro Adjustable
Wild Country Climbing Harnesses£74.00
Mammut Togi Slide HarnessMammut Climbing Harnesses£70.00
Camp CR HarnessCamp Climbing Harnesses£69.99
DMM Renegade
DMM Climbing Harnesses£65.00
Black Diamond Ozone HarnessBlack Diamond Climbing Harnesses£65.00
Camp Quartz CR3 HarnessCamp Climbing Harnesses£64.99
Wild Country Syncro Ziplock
Wild Country Climbing Harnesses£62.95
Petzl Hirundos HarnessPetzl Climbing Harnesses£60.00
Petzl Adjama
Petzl Climbing Harnesses£59.99
Save 10%
Petzl Womens Luna New HarnessPetzl Climbing Harnesses£59.99
Save 10%
Wild Country Womens Elite Ziplock AdjustableWild Country Climbing Harnesses£59.99
Save 13%
Wild Country Elite Ziplock AdjustableWild Country Climbing Harnesses£59.99
Save 13%

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   Popular brands in this section...   Climbing Harnesses - Footnotes
Climbing harnesses provide the interface between you and your rope, and so it's vital you select and fit an appropriate model. We feature a wide range of harnesses on the site, featuring something for every style of climbing. Consider the attributes your harness will need for your chosen climbing style and then try various brands for a selection of fits. Below are the 3 main considerations when buying a new climbing harness:


A good fit is essential for both safety and comfort. Adjustable harnesses have increased incredibly in popularity in recent years as they can be adjusted to ensure both security and comfort whether wearing shorts and a tee-shirt in summer or with full winter clothing. Women's specific harnesses have a tailored shape to ensure a correct fit is obtained and enhanced comfort when climbing.

Waist Belt

Basic alpine harnesses are generally unpadded. They are secure and usually your extra clothing provides the padding. All other harnesses use additional padding - a combination of conventional webbing, hardwearing nylon, closed cell foam and comfortable inner-face fabrics. Sculpted waist belts provide enhanced lumbar support without undue bulk at the front of the harness. Most waist belts fasten with a single buckle. Designs featuring two buckles (one each side of the belay hoop) ensure that the tie-in point remains absolutely central and usually provide a greater range of adjustment for size.

Leg Loops

Comfortable leg loops are vital when hanging in a climbing harness for protracted periods especially when you are sat on a hanging stance for an hour or so. Adjustable leg loops allow the fit to be tailored to the wearers leg size to prevent discomfort. Most harnesses have the drop seat facility, which allows the leg loops to be detached from the rear of the climbing harness to allow for toilet breaks.

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