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  Belaying Devices

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ModelThumbnailBrandBest Price
Petzl GriGri
Petzl Belaying Devices£55.00
Save 8%
Wild Country SRC Belay Master Set
Wild Country Belaying Devices£39.95
Wild Country Vc Pro 2 And Synergy Lite SetWild Country Belaying Devices£28.00
Black Diamond A.T.C Guide Belay DeviceBlack Diamond Belaying Devices£25.00
Petzl Reverso Belay DevicePetzl Belaying Devices£24.99
Wild Country Var Control Synergy Set
Wild Country Belaying Devices£23.00
Petzl Verso Belay DevicePetzl Belaying Devices£18.99
Black Diamond ATC-XP
Black Diamond Belaying Devices£18.00
Wild Country VC PRO IIWild Country Belaying Devices£18.00
Mammut Vader Light Belay DeviceMammut Belaying Devices£17.00
DMM Figure of 8DMM Belaying Devices£15.00
Camp Lotus Belay DeviceCamp Belaying Devices£14.99
Black Diamond Air Traffic Controller
Black Diamond Belaying Devices£13.99
Save 7%
Camp PIU Belay DeviceCamp Belaying Devices£13.99
Black Diamond ATC Sport
Black Diamond Belaying Devices£13.00

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A belay device is an essential piece of safety equipment that you must be able to rely on, leaving you to concentrate on the rock face and other climbers rather than your rope. Belays provide friction on the rope and will act as a brake in the case of a fall by simply pulling down with your brake hand and pulling the rope taut.

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