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  Ascenders & Descenders

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ModelThumbnailBrandBest Price
Petzl Fixed Cheek PulleyPetzl Ascenders & Descenders£15.50
Petzl Tibloc AscenderPetzl Ascenders & Descenders£19.00
Save 17%
Petzl Standard AscenderPetzl Ascenders & Descenders£31.50
Wild Country Ropeman Original Ascender
Wild Country Ascenders & Descenders£34.95
Petzl Croll AscenderPetzl Ascenders & Descenders£36.00
Save 12%
Petzl Expedition AscenderPetzl Ascenders & Descenders£38.50
Save 20%
Wild Country Ropeman Mark 2Wild Country Ascenders & Descenders£39.95
Save 5%
Petzl ShuntPetzl Ascenders & Descenders£39.99
Save 9%
Petzl Tandem Speed
Petzl Ascenders & Descenders£51.00
Petzl Stop Decender
Petzl Ascenders & Descenders£63.75
Save 10%
Petzl Charlet Crevasses Rescue Kit
Petzl Charlet Ascenders & Descenders£110.00

   Ascenders & Descenders - Footnotes
Designed to allow you to climb ropes quickly and efficiently with minimal hassle, ascenders lock onto the rope to give you a fixed base for your assualt. Easy to use, they only need one hand to operate, leaving your other hand free.

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