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  Petzl Ascenders & Descenders

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ModelThumbnailBrandBest Price
Petzl Stop Decender
Save 10%
Petzl Tandem Speed£51.00
Petzl Shunt£39.99
Save 9%
Petzl Expedition Ascender£38.50
Save 20%
Petzl Croll Ascender£36.00
Save 12%
Petzl Standard Ascender£31.50
Petzl Tibloc Ascender£19.00
Save 17%
Petzl Fixed Cheek Pulley£15.50

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Petzl Ascenders & Descenders Reviews

What you've been saying about these Ascenders & Descenders from Petzl...

Petzl Stop Decender
    + "Well, what can I say about the petzl stop? It's the classic piece of kit in every cavers kit bag due to it's ease of use..."
    + "Bizarrely I have never used this item in the great outdoor climbing arena or the dark sub-terra world of caving, yet can review this item……How? Well, I used a borrowed Petzl Stop for extensive building repair work on my 3 storey house after a recommendation from a friend..."
    + "As previously stated the Stop is not a belay device..."

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