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  Snow & Rock + Buachaille - Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snow and Rock

We are pleased to announce that Buachaille have teamed up with Snow and Rock and will shortly be showing all their products and prices. This takes the number of outdoor gear retailers featured on to over 20. Snow and Rock have been selling gear for over 25 years and have grown from 1 shop to 20 during that time. In our experience (from one too many excessive shopping trips to their Covent Garden store), S & R staff are well trained and knowledgeable.

In terms of pricing, Snow & Rock are fairly competitive and they tend to run some great sales (there's one going on right now). They also have an "Outlet" section offering gear for rock bottom prices (up to 50% off). Please note, these "Outlet" offers are only available online.

The only place we think S & R could improve is on their delivery charges. For orders up to £50, delivery costs £3.95 which isn't too bad but if your order exceeds £50 then it jumps to £6.95 which we feel is a bit steep. Most gear shops work in reverse (i.e. you usually get free delivery if your order is over £X).

We should have all S & R products added by early next week.

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