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   Petzl Myo XP

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The Myo XP provides a powerful beam (via an LED) which will stretch up to 70 metres. For close-quarter stuff, the setting can be easily tweaked so as not to waste battery power or blind any of your tent mates. Petzl say that the batteries should last up to 1 week - this can be monitored by a LED display showing the user how much battery power remains. The head strap is also quite innovative, featuring an extra (top) strap which can be added when you are moving quickly and need help to keep the headtorch securely on your head.

Petzl Myo XP

   Petzl Myo XP Reviews

  Reviewed by Simon Rhymes (South Devon) on 2006-01-03:
General comments: When you see the Petzl Myo XP head torch for the first time you find it hard to believe it is a single LED its so bright. I've used petzl head torches for years starting with the Zoom, I then had a duo, next was a tikka and now I have this Myo XP, they are all great torches Petzl's build quality is brilliant. With the Myo XP Petzl have combined the range and versatility of the Duo with the battery life and light weight nature of the Tikka. It takes 3 AA (LR06) batteries in a case at the back of the head and consists of a tilting head at the front which houses a single LED and a flipping diffuser. There are 2 buttons and an little green/amber indicating LED. One button switches the torch on and cycles through the different modes. Maximum (70hrs, 45m). Optimum (60hrs, 35m). Economy (120hrs, 20m) and flashing mode. The other button boosts the light up to 65m for a short period which is useful for checking objects in the distance. The flipping diffuser flips up in front of the lens in any of the modes to defuse the light this is particularly useful in situations such as map reading and in a tent. The indicating LED is there to inform you of the battery status, it flashes green to indicate good battery level and amber to show low battery level. The torch has the same horizontal strap that the recent LED Petzls have, and comes with an optional over top strap for extra stability like the Zooms and Duos have.

Pros: Light-weight. Good battery life. Bright. Long range beam. Selectable modes

Cons: Haven't found any yet problems yet, although it is quite expensive.

  Reviewed by Bruce McAdam (Aberdeen) on 2006-01-06:
General comments: The Petzl Myo XP headtorch is bright and gives a reasonable focussed beam. I've used it to navigate on a dark night, it can pick out features a good distance away. I wouldn't bother spending my money on anything more powerful. The batteries last well, so I like taking this if I'm away for several days. The main drawback is that even with the flip-up diffuser and the dimmest mode, it's too bright to read a map by (or to read in a tent). So one of the torches that combines a bright light with a low powered LED for close work might be better (or travel with a friend who has a dimmer light).

Pros: Bright, long battery life.

Cons: No good for map reading.

  Reviewed by Ben (NE England) on 2006-02-04:
General comments: This single LED headtorch is small light and gives a beam nearly as good as the halogen bulb in the Myo range. You have the choice between a diffuse or focused beam and three levels power as well as a boost mode. The torch is controlled via 2 push buttons, which are a little hard to use with gloves and do not lock off as well as other petzl torches. The battery life quoted is impressive however in practice the power of the beam diminishes below that comparable with halogen after about 8-10 hours of use. This is not a major problem as the light produced after this time is more than adequate. The torch is small but tough. It seems to be very water resistant and quite tolerant of cold conditions. The torch comes with a top strap, which has slightly cheap plastic attachment rings. The top strap is useful to stabilise the torch when running. However, when running the front of the torch still angles upwards due to the unbalanced weight of the 3 AA cells at the rear. Some people complain that it is too bright. I have never found this especially once the batteries have been run down a bit!

Pros: Lightweight and robust.

Cons: Expensive and probably will be quickly superseded by better single LED torches.

  Reviewed by Andy (Somewhere) on 2006-02-26:
General comments: The Petzl Myo XP is the best head torch ever! Bought one to replace my zoom and can hardly tell I'm wearing it. Batteries seem to last forever. Throw out loads of light, I normally use it on low power mode with the diffuser down for walking and in the tent which is more than adequate. The boost and high power modes are great, flip the diffuser down and you've got a pretty impressive beam for searching ( up to 65m on boost). Though I would rather have had an SOS mode instead on the flash mode on it. I

Pros: Light, loads of light, batteries last forever, worth the money of a hybrid, who needs halogen.

Cons: None

  Reviewed by Daniel winter (Bangor) on 2006-02-28:
General comments: The latest range of torches from petzl is the xp . The Myo xp uses a superbright led That gives a range up to 65m this can be toned down to another 2 brightness levals that allow you to save power when you only need to see things at close range like in your bag or tent . But when you need a boost in powere for a short period you can press a button and the brightness is boosted. If you flip down the front of the torch the light gets diffused to give you a nice wide angled light . This is the feature lacking on other high end torches on the market . To show how when the batterys need changeing the is a light on the torch that is either green amber or red depending on the battery amont you have left . this is a nice feature so that you dont get court short without enouch battery power. When i go running with the torch a add the optional third strap that stops it moveing around to much . The torch takes 3 AA batterys

Pros: Graet features that allow you to cahnge the brightness levals and how diffuse the light is . Optional strap can be removed to save on weight .

Cons: Heavy as it takes 3 aa batterys .

  Reviewed by J.T (Glasgow) on 2006-03-03:
General comments: Great small torch, which has the power to light up the roads in front of you. Very lightweight and can fit a cycling helmet.

Pros: I wanted a very compact light to add to my bike lights when I was on a cycling tour on the continent. The light also had to be as bright as possible and after looking long and hard the Myo XP won. It is not the cheapest torch out there but pound for pound it does beat the rest in the brightness stakes. There are three lighting levels, similar to the tikka, and a strobe setting if you get caught out and need to get the attention of mountain rescue. The great feature of the light is that you have both a boost facility which provides light up to a distance of 65m for 25s secs and you have a wide angle facility. The beam is adjustable and directional and you have a low battery indicator, which flashes red when you need to change them. The headband fits my Giro cycling helmet with additional Petzl clips and there is a additional top strap for added security. A fanatic lightweight torch which leaves all the others in the dark!!

Cons: initial cost of the torch is quite high and i have just read that Petzl has developed LED which are now 60% more powerful than this generation..wait till they come out then buy one.

  Reviewed by David B (Aberdeen) on 2006-10-24:
General comments: I used a small cheap LED headtorch in the Alps last year and realised that my chunky standard Myo was perhaps overkill in most situations (how often does your headtorch actually get used on the hill). I still however had concerns about the brightness and usefulness of the smaller LED units. The single hyperbright LED of the Petzl Myo XP does provide an impressive beam, especially when the diffuser is not used and the extra power button is depressed. With the diffuser in use (a plastic flip-down lens with small prism shapes on the inside) the headtorch provides a very even white light. The top strap is easily removable, and the Myo XP seems just as secure without it, and can be refitted when needed. The main headband is easily adjustable and the battery compartment is far easier to access when compared to the old Myo.

Pros: Impressive beam for just one LED. Excellent battery efficiency - a small LED on the top of the housing flashes Green, Amber and Red to indicate remaining battery - i've only changed batteries once over the course of a year. Good adjustment of both the strap and angle of the beam.

Cons: Only one minor niggle, i find the buttons on the top of the housing quite difficult to turn on, even with a bare hand, let alone a gloved one!

  Reviewed by David Hargrave (Cumbria) on 2007-07-08:
General comments: I bought the Petzl Myo XP to replace my 5 bulb zoom headtorch which was heavy front and back. This is way better on less batteries and i never thought that an LED could shine so far. 3 power settings plus you can easily adjust this while wearing gloves. the flip up diffuser is great for close cooking or reading and lowering the diffusing flap means you get a longer focussed beam thats much better for say a midnight ascent of the kili path or some tricky single track mountain bike later in the evening. It's a good long bean and if cold and at altitude, the lithium batteries that i've been using really seem to see you through a week or two outdoors without running anywhere near out of power.

Pros: light, design suits glove users. cool.

Cons: can't think of any. nighttime readers may need to place the torch on their chests as the battery pack is at the back (some light weight models have it at the front but don't give much power for other tasks when powerful beams are required).
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Simon Tibbitts responded : Hi David. You mentioned you are using Lithium batteries with your Myo XP - Petzl say you shouldn't as it will damage the bulb. Let us know if you experience any problems. (2007-07-09)

  Reviewed by Tim (Ireland) on 2010-05-17:
General comments: I have used one of these for two years. I find it more than enough light for most tasks, and its so light as not to be noticeable. I like the 3 AA batteries used as they are easy to get and you can take along one type of battery for several devices. The beam booster is useful for picking out a distant feature navigating, or just trying to spot your tent. It runs very efficiently too, I can get a couple of months out of a set of batteries with occasional use. The diffuser lens is a neat feature too. I've never had a single problem in very wet conditions, the battery compartment and lamp are very well sealed.The buttons fold into the mount to prevent it from switching on in your pack. Great design.

Pros: Well designed, light and more than bright enough for most uses. High quality construction and no bulb to break.

Cons: No faults apart from the buttons being a little small for gloved hands.

  Reviewed by Ian Craigie (Scotland, UK) on 2010-07-01:
General comments: This a great little head torch, and is a constant companion whenever travelling abroad. I used to have a bulbed Petzl torch, and this was great, but I was eager to use an LED light source because of its alleged power-saving (making battery replacement less of an issue). I have been able to use this torch for a couple of weeks trekking on one set of alkaline batteries, and have used rechargeable AA batteries as well. I would prefer it to use just 2 batteries, rather than the current 3, for both weight and replacement reasons (batteries are usually sold in 2- or 4-packs, and so you usually have a battery left over!) I guess this has to do with the required voltage for the LED. The diffuser is very useful, and I usually hang the torch from a loop in my tent for general purpose lighting in the evening. It is rugged and has served in rain and snow without missing a beam. When not out and about I leave the torch next to my fuse box, and during the odd power outage, it has worked first time, every time. A great piece of kit.

Pros: Endurance. Ruggedness. Beam intensity and diffuser. Comfortable to wear, despite rear battery pack (which actually balances the LED housing reasonably well).

Cons: Yes, the switch is a little fiddly. No major problem, though.

  Reviewed by John Malcolm (Livingston) on 2010-08-06:
General comments: Great headtorch, the one I use for off-road night time running.

Pros: Great visibility, easy to use, price is ok given the quality

Cons: Wee bit heavier than e.g. tikka+

  Reviewed by Mark Dixon (Bridlington) on 2012-02-18:
General comments: I bought one of these on the recommendation of the trainer before attending a mountain Leaders course. I'd bben using a zoom for many years but thought I'd be outshone by the younger gear freaks on the course with modern LED lights. At the price I must say the performance is disappointing, even compared with cheaper multi led torches. The diffuser makes little noticeable difference and the concentration of the light resulted in me tripping, breaking teeth and badly cutting my face on Crinkle Crags. Battery life is fantatic - still on emy first set of batteries after 3 years. Reading the reviews has informed me that the amber flashing light means they are ready for replacement. Look at other alternative - the Alpkit version will be my next try.

Pros: Lightweight, good battery life

Cons: Beam doesn't spear with enough, when on "main beam" doesn't illuminate wide enough field.

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