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   Platypus Hoser 2

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The 2 litre Platypus Hoser 2 is a great value hydration system which is much cheaper (and lighter) than, for example, a Camelbak of a similar size. The thick plastic material ensures there should be no unfortunate accidents and the bite valve is easy to use.

Platypus Hoser 2

   Platypus Hoser 2 Reviews

  Reviewed by Jamie Bassnett (Manchester) on 2006-01-16:
General comments: Using a Platypus I can carry large amounts of water in a balanced way and save a lot of weight at the same time. I also no longer have to fuss about taking my pack off to get a drink, I simply carry on walking and suck on the hose whenever I need hydrating. They are very strong and can even be frozen or boiled. When carried with lightweight packs I find that they have the added bonus of helping comfort too! I would highly recommend storing them in a freezer when not being used to prevent any bacterial build up left by damp areas in the tube. I also feel a lot more confident using this screw on lid type than the new zip type.

Pros: Lightweight, Strong, Large Capacity, Comfortable.

Cons: Not that easy to store and keep clean.

  Reviewed by Roy Harrison (Edinburgh) on 2006-03-11:
General comments: Brilliant and classic design. A gem of an idea when you're walking to prevent having to stop just to have a drink.

Pros: Easy hydration with little additional wight over a plastic bottle.

Cons: You'll find you will actually drink as much as you need, rather than as much as you can be bothered to stop to drink. Which means a small 1litre bottle will not be enough and your pack will be hevier.

  Reviewed by Gareth Morgan (sheffield) on 2006-06-20:
General comments: Good system, with just one drawback compared to hte standard Camelback - the bite valve has no tap, so it's very easy to discover that you've inadvertantly flooded your bag, your car or your tent because you've squashed the [insert appropriate expletive] valve under the bag. Please, Platypus, fit your optional tap as standard.

  Reviewed by Steve Woodward (London) on 2007-10-31:
General comments: I like the thing but have cursed it mightily when I have caught it under my pack, particularly when miles away from the nearest water. As for cleaning, the tube gets remarkably grotty. I have taken to squeezing lemon juice onto baking powder and skooshing this through the tube along with a bit of rough string - the amount of gunk this gets out is frightening.

Pros: Light, effective.

Cons: Keep an eye out to make sure you don't squish the bit valve. It loses water easily if it gets caught. Cost of screw valves is ridiculous.

  Reviewed by Ian Draper (Midsomer Norton) on 2009-03-04:
General comments: I've been using a Platypus Hoser 2 for a couple of years now since I was given one as a birthday present. I love them. Much more practical than a Sigg bottle. I find that I drink regularly whereas with a bottle you've got to stop etc & it's easier just to carry one. So I find I stay hydrated. To be honest, Platypus over Camelbak or any other...just a case of what you fall on first or suits you best, they're all as good as each other really. After all, how many differnet ways do you want to drink water!

Pros: Hanging loop is a good idea as it stops it sliding right to the bottom of a deep rucksack which tends to shorten the hose a bit.

Cons: I recently had my two year old pouch start to leak. It looked like the join between the plastic of the reservoir & the kneck where th hose is attached had failed. Net effect was my a**e got soaked & I had no water. Good thing was the UK distributor honoured the warranty & I got a replacement, so 3 cheers for them! Backpacking highlights a problem in replenishing the reservoir, generally you find you need a rigid container to be able to pour water into the reservoir, so you end up carrying the ubiquitous Sigg bottle anyway (although I have used a rigid canteen, with a filtration & purification top, which is lighter than a Sigg).

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