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   Berghaus Mera Peak IA

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You can't get away from it - whether it be in the hill or walking down the street, these jackets are everywhere! The Mera Peak even started to attract a loyal ned following, however, the good news is that this appears to be on the decline. Anyway, don't let this put you off, this is a classic four season UK walking jacket.
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Berghaus Mera Peak IA

Official Berghaus Mera Peak IA specification from Berghaus

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Berghaus Mera Peak IABerghaus Mera Peak IABerghaus Mera Peak IA
Berghaus Mera Peak IABerghaus Mera Peak IABerghaus Mera Peak IA

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   Berghaus Mera Peak IA Reviews

  Reviewed by Stephen Peden (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: No 1 Mera Peak now 15 yrs old so i thought I'd buy another ! Got mine for £170 a bargin here's to another 15 yrs together through thick and thin

  Reviewed by George Darragh (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: Brilliant jacket. Both myself and the wife have one. Takes everything the weather can throw at it. We do a lot of mountain walking and I'm in the R.N.L.I. I wouldnt even consider wearing anything else in bad weather. Great job!

  Reviewed by Mark Paton (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: In the 5 years I have had this jacket, the only thing that let me down was the zip and that wasn't the jackets fault.....That was a motorcycle accident. Now it has a new zip it is a good as new. What more can you say...

  Reviewed by Andrew Woodhead (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: What can I say?....My Berghaus Mera Peak has excelled in whatever I have chucked at it; Technical mountaineering, skiing, climbing, biking...even torrential rain on Dartmoor. It looks the bees too...Great design, with subtle but gorgeous yellow flashes and the greatest map pocket I have come across.

  Reviewed by David Smith (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: As i sell these jackets to members of the public almost everyday, i decided to buy one to see what all the fuss was about. And i found that everything that i had been tought about the jacket and how to sell them to the public was true. These jackets really are FANTASTIC

  Reviewed by Robert Moore (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: This is an excellent jacket from Berghaus that has accompanied me in completing 196 munro's and other trecks. A very hard wearing jacket, which is excellent all round. So don't complain about price.

  Reviewed by James Strachan (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: I have two, one is 13 years young, still waterproof, great for dog walking, taking to work etc (hoping it gets removed by the needy of this world) and a new clean one for those nice very wet Highland holidays. The only problems I have ever had are the zips getting stuck, and the main zip tab breaking off about two years ago. Wish list please. Make it a bit longer, another inside pocket, bigger zip tabs for the gloved hand, choice of darker colours (remove the yellow which goes dirty far to quickly) and a lower price so I can buy one more often please, still the price per year is very good £21/year What More Could You Ask For ? The Berghaus Mera Peak is all round a very good and capable jacket.

  Reviewed by Naseer Ahmed (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: This is a superb jacket, it keeps you warm in all weather conditions. for extra protection it allows the addition of a fleece attachment. So you cannot go wrong with this jacket. Looks very attractive. Worth while the investment.

  Reviewed by luke wallace (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: I found the this Berghaus one of the best as i went ski-ing in it with my school and i found that unlike all my other friends i was nice and warm no matter what it was outside! thank you berghaus for making this coat.

  Reviewed by sy jones (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: I am now the proud owner of my 2nd Berghaus Mera Peak jacket. This jacket has withdstood glacial conditions in Austria, France. It has been up every peak in the UK and Scottish Islands and has yet to let me down. Stop bleating about the price this is an off rail jacket, which in one word is awesome.

  Reviewed by Nick Holden (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: All round great jacket. I have had two now, one of which got old and is now worn for work etc. The other on walking trips. Its been worn in Snowdonia, The Lake District and Scotland and is still performing as new.

  Reviewed by Chris Dunn (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: I think this is a very good jacket and it is amazing in the rain!. When i got it there was practically a rainstorm outside and i went out and it didnt let in a bit of water. Best jacket i've had! buy this jacket today!!!

Cons: A bit on the pricey side at £250

  Reviewed by Peter Wheatley (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: Yes, they are expensive, but "you get what you pay for" Used in Scotland and the Lakes, no problems at all. The hood is the best fitting I have used, all round visibility. The wind protection of this jacket is the DB's All in all a sound purchase.

  Reviewed by Danny Lee (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: What More Could You Ask For ? This is a fantastic all weather Gor Tex jacket that is a great fit, great looking and has great performance in the worst conditions. Yes its expensive but you only get what you pay for and you pay for quality and you get it in the Berghaus Mera Peak!

  Reviewed by Barry Hughes (Invergordon) on 2005-12-06:
General comments: I managed to pick up my Berghaus Mera Peak IA jacket for £175 in a sale and it was money well spent. Feels more substantial than my Paramo particularly when it's blowing a hoolie on the tops. It's performed excellently across Scotland and equally well in the Alps. A great jacket and if you pay attention they even sell them in Argos .Last time I noticed it was down to £175.Well worth it .

Pros: Serious protection for the crap weather we get in the Highlands

Cons: The inter-active zip is a waste of time . Every other ned around here wears them!

  Reviewed by Ben Johnson (Bath) on 2006-01-01:
General comments: Like a Cornice on steroids, the Mera Peak sits as at the top end of Berghaus' range of specialist walking jackets. The Yellow flashing around the collar has now become a common site from the high street to the most remote Munro. Made from 2 layer Gore-Tex with re-enforced sections in high wear means this jacket shouts quality and carries a quality price tag to match. The hood folds out neatly from its ingenious system of poppers (although it can be a bit tricky to get it back the same way it came out) to reveal a substantial hood big enough to go over a helmet but with enough adjustment to fit neatly around the face for severe weather conditions. The two map pockets are more than ample with two smaller pockets at waist height. It would be nice to see the chest pockets Gore-Tex lined and although you could argue the issue of breathability through to layers of Gore-Tex, once you've got a sandwich and map in the way there isn't going to be much breathing going on! It's longer, more traditional cut does give a good run off for water if you choose not to wear waterproof trousers but can be a bit restrictive if you really want to get your leg up over those stiles.

Pros: Top quality garment. Hardwearing. Good choice of colours.

Cons: High price tag, hood folding system can be a little confusing at first.

  Reviewed by Andy Mogg (UK) on 2006-02-28:
General comments: I have had this Berghaus jacket for a few years now after getting it for a bargain price, It has been used for everytning from hiking to sea fishing, i have stood in 7 hour downpours and it hasnt leaked yet. Its been snagged on hooks and fences and is yet to rip as it is made from tough material and the wear points on the arms etc have extra strengthening. The fit it loose enough to get a couple of base and mid layers underneath for those extremly cold temperatures. it also has the IA zip so you can zip a fleece in if necessary. The hood has a good peak on it and has plenty of room under it for a hat or helmet.

Pros: Extremely waterproof Breathable Lots of pockets including a huge map pocket. Nice and bright so you can be seen on the hills

Cons: Worn by some "Chavs" not that you see many at the top of mountains ;o) Maybe a bit baggy for some people. limited colour range not the lightest of jackets Price (but you get what you pay for)

  Reviewed by Mike (UK) on 2006-10-07:
General comments: The Berghaus Mera Peak jacket is certainly one of the best, if not the best outdoor jacket i have owned. It is lightwight, yet very useable in any climates. Its buid quality is fantastic, with taped seams, and that feeling of confidence when you use it in the great outdoors. Its also a good looking piece of kit, available ina a number of different colours, I chose the blue version, aand it really does do what it says on the box. Having had a number of different outdoor jackets, this is certainly the one. Stylish yet functional, breathable yet waterproof, a highly recommended piece of outdoor gear.

Pros: Nicely priced, flexible, warm, waterproof, with breathable features

Cons: None that i can say

  Reviewed by Mike Taylor (Cheshire) on 2008-01-14:
General comments: What a jacket. This has been a loyal piece pf gear. It never leaks, I hardly ever get a build up of condensation, it is just always working!! There is gore-tex XCR on the shoulders and elbows which has given me more confidence to bash around on rocks without worrying about spoiling the expensive jacket! The hood is great and covers the face nicely, without being too tight. I recently bought a mountain equipment changabang jacket, after deciding the berghaus was just too heavy. However, the lightweight ME jacket feels like you are wearing a crisp packet, and when the weather closes in, I loved the feeling of reaching for the mera peak and knowing I will be lovely and dry when I have it on, the ME jacket just can't match it.

Pros: Great hood, tough, reliable, very breathable,

Cons: heavy

  Reviewed by Brian Springthorpe (North Wales) on 2009-02-02:
General comments: Can anyone tell me (a) what the difference is between the Mera Peak and the Mera Peak XCR, (b) which suceeded which (c) which is the best one to own? I am looking for a deal on one of these, (yes - there are some still out there!), but I need to know what the best is to go for.
This review has 1 comment(s): responded :

Hi Brian,

a) The difference is in the material used - XCR goretex versus standard goretex.
b) The non XCR version came first.
c) XCR is lighter, quieter and should be more breathable than standard goretex. Both are totally waterproof. They're both great jackets but personally, I would go for the XCR if you can find it.

Neil. (2009-02-09)

  Reviewed by Nick Kendell (Devon (UK)) on 2009-10-21:
General comments: GRRR. I don't have a wterprrof coat, I have a very expensive sieve. On my 3rd. No I'm not hard on coats, it's just that the first leaked in little more than a shower. Berghaus agreed and replaced it. Guess what, the second did too! Berghaus said it didn't. Sent it to Gore, who said it did! Berghaus replaced it again. Can't fault their replacement policy except when they siad it didn't leak when Gore said, 'yes, it does leak'. On my 3rd. Now a bit long in the tooth and would make a better sieve than a coat. Gets used only for filling bird feeders now. Bought a Paramo, and guess what. I stay dry!

Pros: Ummm, let me think. Oh, yeah, it looks good hanging on a coat rack.


  Reviewed by DAVE HIGSON (BOLTON) on 2010-09-09:

  Reviewed by Wildrover (Scotland) on 2011-07-22:
General comments: Outstanding jacket. I particularly like the pit zips. Mine has never let me down in the worst of weathers, A great hood too - I like the way it rolls out of the way & the suedy collar job that stops neck rub. Never had one before as I've always had Lowe Alpine but the Mera Peak is a lot more comfortable & breathable. Would recommend for serious Winter hiking.

Pros: Good length for me, pit zips & superb breathability.

Cons: Wouldn't mind a better waterproof inside pocket if I'm being picky.


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