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   Lowe Alpine Frontier 65+15

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The Frontier 65 utilises Lowe Alpine's APS system to minimise the discomfort which is all too common when carrying heavy loads. The Frontier has two separate large areas as well as side compartments, wand-type pockets for your Leki's and attachments for your axe(s). The 65 litres should be more than enough for weekend trips and probably longer expeditions if you have a lightweight tent, stove etc.

Lowe Alpine Frontier 65+15

   Lowe Alpine Frontier 65+15 Reviews

  Reviewed by Daniel Gender-Sherry (Reading, England) on 2006-01-09:
General comments: Ive had this rucksac for over two years and it is still going strong. I find that the outer lid pocket is vey useful becuase of its large size and you can access it even when you are wearing the pack. The APS 5 backsystem works very well ensuring a snug fit on you back whatever back length. It has a convenient separate section at the bottom of the pack where you can place you sleeping bag etc, or if you wish you can unzip it so that it becomes part of the main pack creating a very large area for storage. Ive used the Frontier 65 on 5 day expeditions and I found it just as comfortable on the last day as on the first. This is a great pack for anyone undertaking week long expeditions or even weekend breaks, there is plenty of room to carry all your gear.

Pros: The fit of this pack is excellent, with plenty of adjustabilty in all the straps. Lowe Alpine has made good use of its great APS 5 back system. The compression straps on either side of the pack work well keeping the load stable when it is full.

Cons: The side pockets are useful for small items such as gloves but I find that the compression straps get in the way when using the zip, also the side pockets are sort of spilt into three when the straps are tightened becuase they run over the pockets. I personally don't like the elastic webbing in the middle of the pack as i can't really get anything to fit under the elastic.

  Reviewed by Charlie (Birmingham) on 2006-02-09:
General comments: I have owned this bag fr a year and a half and it has accompanied me on many weekends away, as well as a month long expedition to S.America, and it has been great on all of them. The back is very comfortable, and is adjustable for a variety of lengths- this doesn't need a special tool so can be done on the go (not that it needs changing once set!) and the waist belt is very thick and padded. Onto the actual bag, you get a large main compartment which can be seperated into 2 sections, with seperate access to the botom. The bottom is reasonable and can fit sleeping bag (2 season) and thermarest with room to cram some clothes. The main compartment has a sleeve for hydration system e.g. platypus, and their is a special neoprene access slot for it at the top. You get a LARGE lid pocket on the outside, complete with key clip, and a smaller inner lid pocket for valuables etc. The lid is extendable, so you can cram lots of extra in if needed (came in useful a few times!) One of the things that sold me on the bag was the compressable side pockets- so if you want a slim pack you can compress the sides in- ideal for carrying smaller loads, or just making the pack stable. The pockets are pretty large- they go the full length of the main compartment, from above the zipped lower compartment. A handy feature is all zips have 2 sliding parts, so can be padlocked etc. To finish the pack has some mesh pockets at the bottom of the sides, which are ideal for snacks as you go as you can reach behind and get into them without taking the pack off. Also there is an elasticated cord on the front, which can easily hold a jacket or newspaper, or whatever you want to stuf there. I often used it for drying wet clothes as i was walking; worked a treat.

Pros: Overall a great sac that seems to be very hardwearing, comfortable over long distances, and with a great selection of pockets allowing you to use it for a variety of uses.

Cons: The internal frame does give the sac a bit of weight, but nothing large compared to similar sacs. Also not the cheapest bag, but also not the most expensive. No major bad points.

  Reviewed by Rich L (Aberdeen) on 2006-04-23:
General comments: Having owned a Berghaus Vulcan rucsac for many years in the army, I left an continued using this for general mountaineering. However, I had an epiphany one day out climbing in winter with a friend who had a Lowe Alpine Frontier 65. As we stopped at a belay he threw me his bag before heading off to lead the next pitch, noting the empty space in the bag I pushed my rucsac into his bag closed the top and put it on. WOW… comfortable. My previous bags had been military bags or ancient karrimor hand me downs from relatives. The Frontier was so comfortable for those few pitches I went and bought one, followed a few months later by a Lowe Alpine Mountain Attack 40 (SEE REVIEW). Having now used my Frontier extensively, I have found it nothing but comfortable. It adjusts for my wife and teenage daughter too, but they rarely get the chance as I’m hogging it. It is a good size for prolonged backpacking trips or major alpine routes, where you need that extra space. I am really impressed with the hidden side pockets of the rucsac which bellow out when you need them and then remain hidden for climbing etc…. a well thought out bag, that almost does it all for a great price.

Pros: comfortable, well made, great design

Cons: could be a bit lighter

  Reviewed by George (Greece) on 2011-11-05:
General comments: The best rucksack i ever had ,i own it for almost 4 years now and it seems like brand new! Great quality ,very nice design and very functional. I would reccomend this bag to anyone ,great buy ,worths every penny you 'll spend!

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