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   Scarpa Vega

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The Scarpa Vega is a 4 season plastic boot rated to B3 suitable for C1-C3 crampons. Features of the Vega include; a shell which flexes regardless of climate; a lightweight but stiff sole; 0.4cm of insulation to keep the temperature up. This is a solid winter mountaineering boot from Scarpa. Please note, this page also covers the Scarpa New Vega HA.

Scarpa Vega

Official Scarpa Vega specification from Scarpa

   Scarpa Vega Reviews

  Reviewed by Sam Walmsley (England) on 2005-12-28:
General comments: Although the Scarpa Vega are seen as slightly 'old school' I really like these boots as a reasonably priced midpoint between leather boots designed for warmer mountains and the more specialist (read more expensive) cold weather boots such as the Phantom Lite. I've used them up to 6000m in the Andes and found they functioned well for everything from long walk ins to front pointing on technical terrain. More comfortable than I had expected plastic boots to be, and if it's really cold you can keep the inner boots on in your sleeping bag to stop them freezing overnight.

Pros: Warm, reasonably priced, fairly comfortable

Cons: Heavy, no longer cutting edge design

  Reviewed by Gareth Morgan (Peak District) on 2006-03-07:
General comments: I picked up a pair of these for a silly price in a clearance sale, and really like them. They're a fairly simple plastic boot that will keep your feet much warmer than "traditional" leather boots in snow or at high altitude. They take a bit of getting used to, since they're heavy, fully rigid and feel completely unlike anything else I've worn. However, they're brilliant in snow, which is exactly what they're designed for. Compared to several other plastics I've seen since, they're pretty basic. The biggest single problem with using them in Britain is that they're not waterproof - unlike some plastics, there's no waterproof liner, so a step in an ankle-deep stream as you're walking up from the carpark means wet feet. You can get away with this because the neoprene liner keeps your feet warm, but it's still not ideal. A pair of Yetis might solve the problem if the fit of the rubber is good enough, but that'll depend on the size of your feet. When buying plastics for serious expedition use, get them big so that you can still move once your feet swell up at altitude. Also bear in mind that plastics never "break in", so you're stuck with the fit in the shop. Overall, great if you can get them cheap, but for the full price you could be better off spending more for a more technical model.

Pros: Very warm. Fully rigid.

Cons: Not waterproof.

  Reviewed by dave stubbs (perthshire) on 2006-03-30:
General comments: my scarpa vegas have been a very good pair of boots. i use them for winter mountaineering and with snowblades. the stiffness and grip make them feel very positive in the ice and snow. i would imagine other less "clumpy" boots would offer more "feel" when this is what's called for. check the sizes carefully. i normally take a 10 and my vegas are a 9.

Pros: these boots are good at what they do. they are stiff, warm and reasonably comfortable. just what you want in ice and snow. they've worn pretty well and when i cracked the upper articulated section, scarpa replaced it free of charge.

Cons: make no mistake these are winter boots. they're great in ice and snow but no good - too stiff, too uncomfortable & too heavy - when there's no white stuff about.

  Reviewed by Rich L (Aberdeen) on 2006-04-20:
General comments: It is interesting to see Scarpa Vegas under the 4 Season hiking catergory…..they aren’t nice for hiking!! I bought a pair of Vegas 6 years ago for winter climbing and military use in Norway. Compared to my current boots, Scarpa XT GTX GSBs, the Vegas look, feel and are massive, cumbersome and heavy. However, they are for different uses and I do still take my Vegas if I know I am going to be standing for long periods in the snow or undertaking moderate yet icy terrain. As with all big plastic boots they walk awkwardly and feel cumbersome, to do a 3-4 hour walk in and the same out in the cairngorms takes determination….I have walked in my socks or the liners when they start to hurt too much. They are however, superb for cutting steps and they can get you up surprisingly steep terrain without crampons. I have never had cold feet, although surprisingly they often leak in streams or wet slushy snow. Once climbing they don’t have much feel, but you can bury the bluntest crampons to the hilt due to the rigidity of the boots. I often use these in the Alps in winter and rate them as a well priced plastic boot that does everything well, but nothing superbly. If you want boot to do it all buy these and get some super light trainers for the walk in!!!

Pros: They cut steps like no other, warm

Cons: heavy, these boots are not made for walking!!

  Reviewed by Nick Haigh (Yorks) on 2009-08-14:
General comments: Mine are still in good condition after 2 years but they leak , i have e-mailed Scarpa customer services regarding this matter but they have not replied

Pros: Very comfotable ,good gripping boot

Cons: Mine leak

  Reviewed by Daniel Lach (East sussex) on 2009-12-07:
General comments: I wore these on summitt day in my attempt at Mear Peak. I found them extremely heavy and for 12 hour days, they are murder.

Cons: Heavy, way too heavy.

  Reviewed by luke (new zealand) on 2011-07-12:
General comments: love my pair when everythings frozen solid great with crampons due to rigidity one serious design flaw is they are not waterproof most nz climbing routes involve lengthy river/stream walks to get to the mountain in the first place meaning cold wet feet for your whole climb verging on dangerous frostbite if the temp really gets down......solution...put your inner boot on then over the top put a super extra heavy duty rubbish bin bag then tape around your shins using two different places that you apply the tape to effect two seals then put on the outer shell CAREFULLY so as not to rip the bag...this really works a treat means that you can stand up to your waist in water and your feet still stay dry for even better effect drill a few holes in outer so water that gets in there can escape after you exit the stream

Pros: really warm when dry, solid construction,comfortable and affordable-cheaper than regular meindl leather boots

Cons: not waterproof without wearing rubbishbags can be hard on shins on the flat stuff if you lace up the top eyelet just tie the laces off at the second to top one


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