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   Boreal Spider

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Sensitive, comfortable, precise and powerful. Big words to describe a great climbing shoe, the Spider is purpose-built for competition climbing and bouldering, especially micro-edges and smearing.

Boreal Spider

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Boreal Spider

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   Boreal Spider Reviews

  Reviewed by Alastair (Somewhere) on 2006-03-14:
General comments: The Spider from Boreal looks like a great shoe and I bought a pair as a more aggressive technical shoe for bouldering, steep stuff or for easier routes to stop me wearing out my five-tens. The first thing to point out is that this shoe didnít stretch as much as I was expecting to, which isnít a bad thing but just make sure you donít buy them too small! Although the fit and the shape the shoe puts your feet in is really good the shoe has been a massive letdown. The one thing which ruins this shoe is the Fusion rubber which, compared to the likes of Stealth rubber, is terrible. I have used this shoe a fair bit climbing on gritstone and relatively easy slabs feel much harder than with other boots due to the creep and insecurity of the rubber on even large smears. In fact, I really wouldnít consider climbing anything on gritstone with these Boreal Spiders. Although the shoe fares a bit better on steeper rock such as granite or limestone, routes are still going to feel harder than they should if the rubber wonít stick. I have demoted this boot to my indoor climbing shoe, where it does quite well but it was a lot to pay for an indoor boot. The other bad point I have noticed is that although the shoe edges well at first, once the edges have worn out a little bit edging becomes much harder than you would expect, again due to the poor quality of the rubber.

Pros: The shape the Spider puts your feet in gives a really positive feel


  Reviewed by Matt (Manchester) on 2006-03-27:
General comments: I would have to agree with most of the comments made above. Above all else the fusion rubber has performed poorly compared to stickier rubbers available. However actual build quality of this slip lasted shoe is excellent, they havenít stretched too much (as mentioned above) and the 1.4mm leather upper has lasted well. They are particularly suitable for people with wide feet. The lacing system gives a good closure around the foot.

Pros: Would be a great shoe if it wasnít for the rubber!

Cons: Well constructed.

  Reviewed by Stevie Boyle (East Lothian) on 2007-05-11:
General comments: i didnt spend £70 on these shoes and my advise would not buy them at all. it took me a while to realise how poor these shoes are but its ture they are rubbish. buy 5:10s

Pros: its a comfortable shoe but i would never take them anywhere near a mountain because of the rubber

Cons: The rubber on this shoe is rubbish

  Reviewed by matthew patching (london) on 2009-04-27:
General comments: I realy liked this boot when I first bought them (£70.00), but as they have worn in I am becoming more and more critical of them. the smear is pathetic, to the point where relatively short chimey climbs end up becomeing impossible as your legs tire far to much after compensating for the poor smear. Even as an indoor boot they suck worse than a soho masseuse

Pros: They fit well

Cons: They suck!

  Reviewed by Nathan (Swindon) on 2010-01-09:
General comments: I found this shoe very good for my climbing needs. At the moment I am climbing F6b/6c and for this level of climbing they're good I wouldn't not recommend these shoes to anyone climbing F7a or higher.

Pros: Good fit and ankle lacing system

Cons: Rubber could be better if your an advanced climber

  Reviewed by Matthew Isles (Staffordshire) on 2010-10-31:
General comments: Well as usual everyone slates fusion rubber, but it doesn't correlate with my experience. Now onto my 4th pair of spiders; I initially back to backed them with my previous staple, anasazi velcros, and found that my feet simply were less likely to pop with the spiders, largely due to the rigidity of the boot allowing me to lay down more tension through the tip. Rigid boot + poor rubber = poor sensitivty/feel? Again not my experience - I climb regularly on grit and haven't noticed any loss of feel; poor for slabs/smearing? Well they served me just fine on Art Nouveau, where one's good health somewhat depends on the smears sticking.. Have climbed up to E8 (Il y a Stazi at Nesscliffe), numerous font 7c's and 7c+'s on lime and churnet sandstone and tons of easy and not-so-easy grit, and have always found the boots an asset not a hindrance. In an age where getting a heel on is de rigueur, I've struggled to understand why so many top end boots have floppy fitting, minimally rubbered heels; well the spiders have by a country mile the best heels I've used; full rubber coverage, no irritating rubber strips that start peeling after a few months (cf the velcros), lace loops that tighten the heel on and a generous "cheating" heel edge - superb.

Pros: Pros: Rubber not as bad as everyone seems to think. Superbly supportive and rigid without great loss of feel. Best heel on the market. Comfortable for all day use.

Cons: Cons: Edges wear quite quickly. Bit chunky for getting into small pockets.


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