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   Karrimor Panther 65

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A large capacity rucksack for carrying heavier loads in comfort, with two main luggage compartments and fixed side pockets. Built in durable nylon and polyester fabrics, it has a chest strap and hip belt and it is hydration system compatible. There is a pullout rain cover to keep your contents dry on those unsettled days where the weather is liable to change, and an elastic pole attachment point. This pack has proved popular with entrants for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Weight 2100kg.
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Karrimor Panther 65

   Karrimor Panther 65 Reviews

  Reviewed by Sam Walker (England) on 2005-12-28:
General comments: A good first rucksack at a good price. Used and abused by me for several years and liked it alot. Is tough enough for a months inter-railigm as it was doing a 4 day DofE expedition. Very tough material and am yet to put a hole in it. 2 separate compartments, separated by a drawstrong closure is a good idea, useful for sorting out clean from dirty kit and stuff like that. Pockets at side are a good size, big enough for 2 1ltr bottles or similar. Zips seem sturdy enough, yet to break one. Top pocket is good size too and easy to get to when wearing it. Fabric seems quite tough and reasonably waterproof too, never got wet stuff wearing it. Back system is basic and am yet to notice a difference when it#s adjusted but does the job with no real complaints. Waistbelt is thick and padded and takes the weight off your shoulders to a reasonable degree too. All in all,a really good basic pack for DofE or aoccasional use.

Pros: Big Tough material Well built Reasonably comfy. Bungees on front.

Cons: No camelbak pocket

  Reviewed by Craig Wilson (Edinburgh) on 2006-03-15:
General comments: I bought my Karrimor Panther several years ago and it has taken some seriously heavy use and abuse through anything I have done in Scouting and beyond. The real attraction for me was that this Karrimor rucksac has an adjustable back system where the distance between the shoulder straps and hip belt can be adjusted for each user. For me this was handy as I was still growing when I bought it. The use of heavy duty materials fand zips for construction means that it's by no means the lightest 65 litre pack out there but it is very durable.

Pros: Hard wearing, fairly cheap, adjustable back system means you can buy it when you're still growing.

Cons: Not the lightest but if your considering this pack then that's probably not an issue for you.

  Reviewed by Dave (Leeds, UK) on 2006-08-14:
General comments: This has been my backpacking rucksack since 2001 when it was bought for D of E. It has since seen me through the Bronze, Silver and Gold expeditions, lots of weekends away, the Coast to Coast walk and general lugging stuff around so I know it pretty well! The bag is basically a typically bombproof construction from Karrimor with 1 large section, 2 large side pockets, a lid pocket and a few extras such as an ice axe loop and lid straps complete with an SA back system. As I said it has served me well and never let me down although the strap above the shoulder has just started to wear through and I've realised it's time for a new one so I've gone for a Macpac Glissade. The side pockets are good and can hold a large water bottle together with food, but they do impede on the main section making it very narrow towards the bottom and wider at the top - fine for novices who can't pack rucksacks but when you want it for serious trekking it is a bit limitating. The backsystem is utterly reliable and harness and chest strap spread the load well. In an ideal world there would be more padding on the shoulder straps. Overall, I would definitely recommend this rucksack for a beginner to backpacking, D of E, scouts or similar as it rs great value, the ideal size and has the main basic features. However, if you want a few 'bells and whistles' such as compression straps, hydration system compatible and the like you'll have to spend more money!

Pros: Bombproof constrution, durable, good size, great value, all the basics you need to start out

Cons: Design a bit limiting when you progress to more than D of E, i.e. you might want 2 ice axe holders.

  Reviewed by Joe OKeeffe (Leeds) on 2007-03-03:
General comments: I bought a variation of the panther 65 4 years ago reduced to £90, being the 60-70 differining by having slimline side pockets, and have not looked back, at all, i have found it a good all round bag for holidays expoditions, with the only critisim is not having a built in rain cover. the karrimor SA system for adjusting the back panel is my personal favorite as the whole pannel moves reducing points for rubbing. the bag is tough and hardwearing showing little signs of age other than dirght.the bag can also be used for smaller loads as well without having flaping material making it versitile. there are a lot of adjustment straps allowing it to adapt to each individual

Pros: Very cofortable no noncense, good basic sack

Cons: mine has no inbuilt rain cover
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Vonster responded : Maybe check in the outside of bottom? Any luck in a cover stashed away? (2009-09-27)

  Reviewed by Matthew Thornton (Lincolnshire) on 2007-06-01:
General comments: The Karrimor rucksack is a popular favourite with many people who are looking for long walks eg: backpacking but at low altitude. The main reason why this bag remains one of the most popular is the simplicity combined with the rugged strength of the fabric. This fabric, for those that do not know compares with flat webbing straps that you can use on car trailers and bike roof racks. The fabric on the bag is very thick and unlikely to puncture. This however comes at a price in the form of weight, which when you pick the bag up empty and then think I am going to fill this with gear, you start to realise you are carrying a lot of unnecessary weight with you. Having said that, the bag will live up to expectations on the hill with strong YKK zips and a top compartment compressor. The Straps are also very well padded, sufficient to carry the bag all day as the thick waist belt spreads the load very evenly and the back system is ‘reasonably’ adjustable. I would stress that if you are planning to go alpine climbing in any way or climb altitudes in-excess of 1000m, I would not recommend this bag, as for one, the tilt system is not greatly adjustable, therefore, risking your safety, especially for descending. If you are doing these activities, I would recommend the WD Alpine Attack 55 bag by Lowe Alpine, which is a real mountaineer’s bag, which is specially designed for ice axes, crampons, and technical climbing. I would recommend the Karrimor however for general bulk load carrying as it is a very sturdy bag, of which the life can be increased even further by using a bag cover. 7/10

Pros: I like the simplicity, the strength of the material, and the price which is very reasonable. I also would like to recomend this bag whole heartedly for DofE people, as it suits the job perfectly!

Cons: I dislike the weight and the lack of situations that the bag could be used effectively in. Although the bag is good in simplicity, some features that make it stand out from the crowd would be appreciated!

  Reviewed by Stuart Reeves (Glasgow) on 2008-02-06:
General comments: I've had one of these for years and for the price, it is a well-made and sturdy rucksack. The waist belt is particularly comfortable. It has a drawstring inside for separating the bag into two compartments, something I haven't found particularly useful, however the zip at the bottom is good for increasing access to your sleeping bag and beats delving around using finger-guesswork or removing everything from the bag to get at the stuff in the bottomg. The ice axe attachment didn't last very long on mine, and the plastic stopper broke after very little use. The top external pocket is relatively useless given its small size and the fact that it houses the waterproof cover (so I suppose it is useful in some way). I never really liked having side pockets as this increases the width profile of the bag, making squeezing through gaps rather hard, as well as decreasing the capacity of the main compartment should you fill the side pockets up a lot. Furthermore, having compression straps on the side would have been useful for attaching rollmats. As it stands, there are few easy places to put one. The final issue I have is weight. Although being quite a heavy pack lends a certain solidity, it does weigh quite a bit. By and large though, it's a solid pack for a reasonable price as long as you are only using it for walking and maybe occasional winter use.

Pros: Decent construction, comfortable, useful bottom zip.

Cons: Ice axe attachment is poor, no side compression straps.

  Reviewed by Jamie (Wrexham, UK) on 2011-01-11:
General comments: A very reliable rucksack at a great price, I brought mine around three years ago. I have completed Offa's Dyke path and the Pennine way under it's care. There is enough room for a sleeping bag, stove, tent and clothing. The rear external frame is very reliable, and comfortable.

Pros: Spacious, a zip at the bottom gives easy access to kit. Comfortable to wear.

Cons: Attachment for walking poles is poor, I had to invent my own way to keep the pole from falling off while in travel.

  Reviewed by Chris (Eastleigh, UK) on 2011-05-31:
General comments: Overall a very sturdy bag, with plenty of space to stuff your gear. In fact its damn near impossible to fill it up! Unlike most of the other reviewers i havent had any trouble with the side pockets, theyre very useful, and if you want to attach a roll mat, stick it on the lid! However the weight distribution is not so good and it becomes very uncomfortable at 25kg and over after a couple of hours of trekking. I have been using the pack for about 4 years now and i think is time for a change, perhaps something more technical like an Osprey Kestrel. Purely because this pack doesnt wear very well with heavier loads.

Pros: Great for beginners, youngsters and DofE students. Huge amounts of storage for a 65, plenty of room for all the gear necessary for a 3-4 day trip.

Cons: Bad weight distribution, very heavy compared to some of the market leaders.

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