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   Red Chili Spirit Velcro Impact zone

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The Red Chili Spirit velcro is a good attempt to follow the success of the lace-up version with another snug fitting shoe capable of many different route types (including indoor).
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Red Chili Spirit Velcro Impact zone

   Red Chili Spirit Velcro Impact zone Reviews

  Reviewed by Jen (England) on 2005-12-28:
General comments: So far have used these shoes indoors and on easy multipitch routes. They are very comfy and have no problems wearing them for long periods of time.

Pros: The three velcro fastenings are great as the shoe can be tightened to however you want it - and in my case where my feet are different sizes this is really useful. The boot seems nicely stiff so it is not such a problem that there is a small gap at the end of my toes on the one foot as the stiffness still allows for good performance. Unlike other shoes I have had I do not feel that they are about to slip around the heel and they were comfortable from the beginning.

Cons: Really have no critiscms of these shoes yet - they turn your feet red but a shower is always needed after a wall trip anyway regardless of your foot colour! Have not had these for long so will be intrigued to see how long the velcro lasts for - always had lace ups before.

  Reviewed by Andy Townsend (Somewhere) on 2006-01-02:
General comments: I brought these shoes a few months ago and so far have been used for many trips to the wall. I've found them to be very comfortable, easy to get on and off and very easy to wear for long periods of time.

Pros: Very Comfortable, and the 3 velcro straps make the shoes very adjustable. Rubber is also pretty sticky although I've not found them to be very precise.

Cons: Not very precise shoe and so only for climbers in the mid grades range or a beginner looking to improve. Also the material tends to stain your feet pink quite often :P

  Reviewed by Dave (Leeds, UK) on 2006-08-14:
General comments: Recently bought these and used them on a few single-pitch routes around Yorkshire and indoors. I opted for these over the normal Spirits and Sausalito because of the velcro and the fit - Red Chilli fit my feet best I've found. The velcro is really convenient and allows you to get a snug fit in all parts of the shoe. I feel it is worth the extra money for the velcro but others may not. I'm very much of a beginner to the climbing world but leading V Diffs with these was no problem at all. The sole is grippy rubber and the heel is slightly thicker and cushioned with the 'Impact Zone'. I feel comfortable wearing these all day, although it is true what one previous reviewer said about the red feet after usage! I've got a few friends that also have these and all are pretty much complementary about them, although it is hard to recommend these to everyone as everyone has a different preferred fit. The price seems very fair when compared to competition. As ever with climbing shoes, make sure you get them properly fitted in the shop. I believe that pain is stupid so thought snug and comfortable was for me, obviously others are prepared to suffer in order to get better performace.

Pros: Velcro straps and convenience, comfortable for me,

Cons: Red feet!

  Reviewed by Felicity Soper (Bedfordshire) on 2006-12-11:
General comments: LMHaving worn out my old Spirit lace-ups, I decided to branch out and try the velcroes. I will never go back! These beauties not only looks good, they also feel great. I do them up tightly at the indoor wall, and loosen them with ease when belaying. I have happily had them on all day outdoors, the only problem being that they dye my feet red when they get wet. The impact zone pad on the bottom of the heel makes bouldering a less painful experience and makes it much easier to descend from longer routes, without affecting the performance on the rock. Be warned though - the boots are not lined, so they stretch a lot. I could barely squeeze my feet in when I bought them and now (6 months later), I struggle to do them up tightly enough. Having said that, they still perform excellently and are a great all-rounder for edging, smearing and general use. I must also point out that the velcro straps on them are very long - I had to trim them as they kept getting caught on the rope. However, I do have very narrow feet, so the extra length may be necessary for some. The somewhat unusual choice of having 3, rather than 2, straps works very well as you can adjust the shoe to be tight where you want it to be. Finally, the strap around the hell pushes the foot forwards to maximise contact on small holds, but unlike 5.10s, it doesn't cause any pain. Somehow it also manages to keep the heel well-fitted for heel hooks, and the heel here is much less baggy than the lace-up equivalent.

Pros: 3 straps heel band impact zone comfortable look good perform well

Cons: stretch a lot long velcro straps

  Reviewed by Neil (Central Scotland) on 2007-09-29:
General comments: I have used these shoes as my main pair for the last six months, at least 4/5 times a week, have thrashed them on rough moroccan limestone, yorkshire grit and skye gabro, and they have only just died. The toes have split, the velcro is no longer performs its alloted function, the sides have 'bagged out' quite sufficintly and they smell like dead rats! However, they are still comfy and a useable 2nd pair. As other reviewers mention, the red-foot syndrome is just someting that must be gotten used to, as even now my shoes dye my feet the same vivd red colour that the uppers themselves once were. Overall: cracking shoes, not so cheap but long lasting and comfortable and EXTREMELY VERSATILE - the velcro adjustment means that I have been able to wear these loose on longer multipitches, like a second skin whilst bouldering harder projects and even over socks when I needed to change into them on an easy route in Scotland on a cold winters day. Never thought I'd say this, but nice one red chilli - functional and sexy looking shoes!

Pros: If, like me, you once cast Red Chillis reviews snottily aside - think again, these shoes are well made. long lasting, versatile, comfortable, and the shock absorbing heels are an excellent feature I have found reason to be grateful for many times, especially when bouldering with my toes smartly pinched into the ends. Different+decent shoes!

Cons: -Red feet! -I thought Red Chilli were supposed to be cheap!

  Reviewed by Chris (London) on 2010-03-15:
General comments: I brought these shoes a few months ago and i have used them alot indoors. I've found them to be very comfortable, easy to get on and off and very easy to wear for long periods of time. only downside is the dying of the feet lol.

Pros: The Velcro straps are perfect, tighten when climbing then easy to loosen when belaying. the impact zone

Cons: Dye your feet red after long useage but nothing a hot shower wont fix

  Reviewed by Patrick (Devon) on 2010-07-01:
General comments: As a novice climber, these are my first shoes, after climbing for a few months. The difference between these and hired shoes form the climbing centre is immense. They are comfortable for long training sessions standing around or belaying, but they feel precise once on the wall. Some experienced climbers don't find them firm enough, but they are perfect for me. Highly recommended!

Pros: 3 velcro straps mean they are shapable to my admittedly oddly shaped feet!

Cons: Yes they do dye your feet red!

  Reviewed by James Britton (Devon) on 2010-11-16:
General comments: I brought these after my scarpas gave up the ghost. They are a very comfy climbing shoe and you can wear all day long either with groups or on long multi-pitch climbs. However the rubber is a bit soft so you don't get the feel of the rock very well, also when on overhangs the sole is too flexible to actually get any power through the big toe. But as for a beginner shoe/ with groups all day and may have to go up a few easy climbs then this is a fantastic shoe and the price is not too bad too for a climbing shoe. The velco is just beginning to wear after 3 years of climbing, but that is probably just normal wear and tear, compared to my last shoes which were laces which kept getting in the way while climbing then velco is the way forward.

Pros: Comfy

Cons: Soft rubber, too flexible sole

  Reviewed by Deborah Burnside (Ilfracombe) on 2011-05-31:
General comments: I have these shoes & bought them after I abseiled down at Baggy Point in North Devon & found that my shoes had no grip (I didn't have climbing shoes at the time) & I only had 20 minutes to get back up the cliff to collect my daughter from school! This was a number of years ago now. They are very grippy but I unlike everyone else find them really uncomfortable. I am on the Scout Climbing instructor team & I use any excuse to get my climbing shoes off however I know that climbing shoes can't really be described as comfortable as they are meant to be a snug fit. I like the 3 velcro straps as this makes the shoe very secure on your foot.

Pros: 3 velcro straps makes for great adjustment & a good secure fit. Very grippy

Cons: Red feet, uncomfortable for my feet but I'm not sure I would find any climbing shoes comfy.


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