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   Scarpa Cumbre

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Cumbre is the ideal boot for difficult routes on mixed ground and extreme routes.
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Scarpa Cumbre

Official Scarpa Cumbre specification from Scarpa

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Scarpa CumbreScarpa CumbreScarpa Cumbre
Scarpa Cumbre

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   Scarpa Cumbre Reviews

  Reviewed by Deano (Cambridge) on 2006-02-07:
General comments: So I've had the Scarpa Cumbres for two winter seasons now. they are a very solid boot. I've climbed up to Grade IV in them so far, using Grivel G12 crampons, they're ideal for this boot as it has a toe and heel welt especially designed with this particular brand of crampon in mind (so the manufacturers claim) not had many problems with these boots at all. i got them properly fitted when i bought them, and have only had a little rubbing. they've survived being occasionally speared by crampons during my malcoordinated climbing efforts. most importantly they've kept my toes toasty warm most of the time, apart form standing around on belay ledges but that's to be expected. i wear smart wool mountaineering socks with them which seems to be a good combination. and they're nice and waterproof due to the sewn in tongue, which means you can splash through icy streams to your heart's content adn concentrate on not falling over rather than not gettting wet

Pros: Warm durable slightly rockered so easy to walk in without crampons, eg. scrambling

Cons: not flexible so make sure they're fitted properly when you buy them

  Reviewed by Robert Gregg (100 Flats Nomanby TS6 0NR) on 2006-02-11:
General comments: I have had these Scarpa Cumbre boots for about 3 years now and found them to be one of the best boots I have ever had. I have used Scarpas for a number of years and first experienced them when I joined the Royal Marines and was introduced to Arctic conditions - that was a few years ago. I have used these boots in summer conditions and under full winter conditions while mountaineering in Scotland as well as Alpine climbing. They have proven to be trustworthy, surefooted and comfortable. The only time I have had cold feet with these boots was standing on a stance climbing in full winter conditions on the Ben. I didn't have a problem with the lacing system until Trevor, the guy who owns Needle Sports in Cumbria, gave me some advice about leaving the laces loose during the walk-in to the crag. This improved the performance vastly. They are big boots and do take some time to get used to, however, this does not detour from the capability of the boot itself. They do provide warmth, comfort, surefootedness and stability when climbing with or without crampons. I can comfortably climb up to a grade of severe in these boots. I have never to date had wet feet was wearing these boots and would recommend them to everyone.

Cons: I don't really have any bad points for these boots, however, I would suggest that if you buy a pair, work with the lacing system and find the best way to tie them. It will take some practising to get the most comfortable position for your laces. Other than that, I have nothing bad to say about the Scarpa Cumbre.

  Reviewed by Matt (UK) on 2006-02-22:
General comments: I've had a pair of Cumbres for about 18 months and in that time they've seen pretty heavy use with 9-10 trips to Scotland, a trip to the Alps and a waterfall ice trip. Given this amount of usage, I am slightly disappointed with how much wear they are showing, especially the sole which is quite heavily worn. If they continue to wear at this rate I will probably need to replace them in another 18 months or so which I suppose is a reasonable lifetime for B3s. Having said this, they are very warm and comfortable boots which are equally at home on steep ice and more mixed ground. I have climbed Scottish V in them and WI3/4 and had no problems. I have used them with both cramp-o-matic G-14s and DMM Terminators both of which fit the boots very well. My only major gripe about these boots is the fact that they destroy laces with monotonous regularity, to such an extent that I now carry a spare pair of laces rather than just a single lace on routes. In just two weeks I had three laces break at the ankle locks so beware of this! Oh, and they fade and go pink after a while which might not be so good for your climbing hardman image.....

Pros: Very warm and comfortable, good adjustable tongue.

Cons: Not convinced about the durability of the sole and they eat laces!

  Reviewed by John mcallister (Edinburgh) on 2007-11-04:
General comments: I've had my Cumbres for nearly 4hrs at time of writing, I've used them mainly for scottish winter climbing, thou i' did use them a lot in the first season for winter walking without any dramas- the flex ankle makes walking really comforatble. They are well made, and have kept my feet warm in many stances, thou after breaking my right leg I now feel cold in the right foot with them. Climbing wise they have been good, although on steeper ice my ankle moves about in them which is a bit annoying so much so that i've just bought a pair of Raichle 90deg EXPs to replace them. The raichles have always fitted my wide feet better. The biggest and maybe only grip is the assymetric sole. Designed to give better dyexterity when climbing I find it makes finding a good crampon fit hard in the larger sizes I've found. Because the sole is curved, my S12s sit off centre which makes walking hard as the boot tends to lean outwards and hence putting stress on my ankles. I replaced the bars with Grivel Assyemtric ones which improves the fit but for climbing the front pionts bend inwards which i don't find ideal. I reckon this won't be as much of a problem with the smaller sizes (i'm a 46) as the curve isn't as severe. Overall they have been pretty decent but i'd check the fitting particulary the heel if your considering these.

Pros: Well made, very comfortable for walk ins, Warm,

Cons: Sole can make crampon fitting difficult in the larger sizes.
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Charlie responded : I've just bought some Cumbres and found that standard New-Matic G12s let your foot fall outwards as per the previous post. Asymmectric plates sorted this for me and I don't have the issue of the front points being too misaligned. Mine are size 43, which probably makes the difference. (2010-11-03)


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