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   Salomon Adventure Trek 7 Mens

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The Adventure Trek 7 from Salomon is a three to four season crampon compatible boot rated to B1. Similar in looks to the Pro Trek 6 (but slightly tougher), the Trek 7s are extremely waterproof thanks to their goretex lining and rubber randing (the coating joining sole to upper). The 1-pull lace contraption is genuinely useful and not as flimsy as it first appears. Salomon also inform us that the "advanced chassis" provides the walker with "torsional support" but unfortunately we can't comment on this feature because none of us know what it means! However, we can say the Pro Adventure 7s are a very useful pair of boots.
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Salomon Adventure Trek 7 Mens

   Salomon Adventure Trek 7 Mens Reviews

  Reviewed by Stuart Stephens (Exmouth) on 2006-01-20:
General comments: I have done 3 ten tors events at 35, 45 and 55 mile distances and comleted the 3 Duke of Edinburghs expeditions from bronze to silver wearing these boots, and have never had a problems. These Salomon Adventure Trek 7 boots are definitely worth the money, I've not yet had wet feet from water going through the material - only over the boot. The boot hugs well and fits my wide feet very well. They are very supportive but are fairly stiff to begin with and need some walking in.

Pros: Great boot for uk walking and low alpine paths, GR5 etc

  Reviewed by Matthew Lewis (Sheffield) on 2006-01-28:
General comments: I first bought the Salomon Adventure Trek 7's two years ago and they were brilliant straight from the box. They are comfortable from start to finish, partly due to the innovative lace up system used by salomon which allows you to tie the laces to different tightnesses at the ankle support and the rest of the foot. The boots got a good thrashing every week in the Peak district as well as the Lakes, Snowdonia and the Cairngorms but stood up to the wear as well as any other boots I've previousy owned. The gore-tex lining kept my feet dry and impressively delt with perspiration, something that a lot of lined boots struggle with. Padding in the usual problem areas prevents any rubbing leaving my feet blister free. However... I managed to loose this first pair on an expedition to Venezula but being so impressed I purchesed another pair in the sales. Expecting the boots to be the same I took them for a weekend in the Lakes. It wasn't a pleasant experience. The high cut of the ankle support dug into my shins, ok for descent and on the flat but going up left large bruises and painful areas where the boots had rubbed, even with good quality technical socks. Needless to say I was less than impressed and even now after much wearing in they can still be uncomfortable. The first pair were great, I wore them for a month non stop... I'm not so sure now though.

Pros: Waterproof with excellent breathability, good level of ankle support. Good Grip even on slippery rock. Superb Lacing System ensuring a good fit.

Cons: The high ankle support can be uncomfortable but with wear and softening these boots are worth the primary discomfort.
This review has 1 comment(s):

Sam Nicklin responded : I also had the same problem of the high ankle supports , pinching and bruising my shins, i am currently contacting salamon about this as it appears it is not only myself with this problem. please let me know if you can help on this matter. (2007-01-14)

  Reviewed by Brian Steele (Scotland) on 2006-08-20:
General comments: My adventure treks have finally bitten the dust - after 3 years of weekends and evenings spent walking and paragliding in the hills around Edinburgh, Glencoe and the like. When I bought them I got them as a summer boot with the intention of using my scarpa mantas in autum and winter but to be honest they have been used throughout the year, in bogs, snow and on hot french mountains. The only time I need my mantas now is for the days that I may need crampons. These boots offer excellent ankle support, helped by the ratchet system above the instep. However, unlike some boots they I have had with this level of support they are light. I have been able to run down a hill when the rain has started, run for a bus, and walk up many a munro without feeling like I have bricks on the end of my legs! Its amazing how much difference light boots and flexible soles make to ascents. Personally I prefer the grip on offer from these boots and their contagrip sole to the fairly stiff vibram used on many other boots. At first I thought there would be a penalty for this grip in that the sole would wear, but no, its lasted very well. The boots now absolutely stink and have had a hard life! They have split at the point just between the protective toe rand and the sole, but the general build is pretty solid and theres loads of grip left. I've seen them on offer from 50. If you do too, get them! Bargain!

Pros: Comfortable from day 1, Excellent for light high speed trekking munro bagging and running for the bus. Grip better than vibram in my opinion on dry and wet rock.

Cons: Smelly - but they survive the washing machine.

  Reviewed by graham slater (carlisle) on 2007-07-29:
General comments: These boots are comfortable, supportive and extreemly waterproof, sounds good hey. But here comes the however.... the current pair i own are my third pair because the previous 2 have been replaced for the same reason. The soles are just not up to the job, they arre soft and fall to pieces as soon as you go near rock. the current pair have gone the same way, so it's time to get another pair replaced foc by solamon.

Pros: great for comfort,support and for keeping your plates of meat dry. great customer support 2 new pairs so far foc no questions asked.

Cons: wear on soles terrible

  Reviewed by David Bottomley (Bradford) on 2008-01-14:
General comments: I have had my pair of these boots for just under 2 years now. I originally bought them as a replacement for the old Salomon Aventure X which was a favourite of many. My first 3 day walks in the Lakes ended up with my having very sore shins where the boot was cinched usefully tight, even drawing blood on one occasion (I have heard others have experienced problems also). I was on the verge of sending them back, but I perseveared and on the 4th trip exprienced no problems at all...since then I have used them on around 40 occaisions (day walks in harsh conditions and various scrambles) and found them supremely either the boots broke in or my shins did. The Contagrip sole are truly excellent, and in my opinion better than vibram in most all occaisions - I mean really grippy. The locking laces cleat is also very useful when trying to get the correct lace tension. The other big bonus is the springy midsole which really does appear to reduce fatigue after about 10 miles or more for me. The goretex lining worked well also. Until that is I stopped proofing the leather and it dried hard by the toes crease and eventually puntured the goretex, but I accept that given the harsh way in which the boots were used this was my fault. Another reason for keeping them proofed of using a DWR finsh is that they get heavy when water logged. If these boots fit your foot shape then I can thoroughly recommend them

Pros: Sole pattern and grip. Springy midsole. Locking lace cleats. Goretex lining. Toe bumper. Holds foot snugly. Tougher than appears. Excellent long day boots.

Cons: Break in period shin pain? Need to keep on top of proofing for ultimate long life.
This review has 1 comment(s):

John Rayner - Manchester responded : I was going to do a review, but yours covers what i had to say adequately. They are tough boots. It took me 10 hours of walking to get comfortable with them.The ankles and shins took at lot of pain in those first hours and I took a few days to recover. You have to wear these boots very regularly or you will get a repeat situation. I have had mine 18 months now and they are still very waterproof and i have had no problems with the soles being too soft and falling apart. If you can get through the pain barrier they are fantastic for autumn and winter,but too heavy for spring/summer. On the proofing side i have always used a leather treatment made by R.M.Williams from Australia, never had a problem. (2008-07-30)

  Reviewed by chris ashcroft (york) on 2008-08-31:
General comments: Very nice pair of boots. surprisingly light given just how rugged these are. The gore-tex liner keeps your feet dry no matter what, and I wear mine year round without getting too sweaty. I liken mine to my trainers in terms of comfort, I don't even bother wearing proper walking socks if I know I'm not going far, they really are that comfortable! Initially they did pinch slightly around my midfoot, but I found that I'd been over-tightening them, which is quite easy to do, because the lace hooks are so easy to pull the laces through. They're so supportive that it isn't necessary to pull them really tight anyway. So far the nubuck leather uppers are holding upto scratch. I wear mine on rocky scrambles and they're not scuffed or damaged. There is a plethora of protection for the upper though- a full toe rand, the midfoot rubberised bracing and a high heel counter. Overall I really rate these boots- I came from some Salomon super mountain 9 guides (which I thought were really comfy) to these and it really was like wearing trainers again!

Pros: Supportive Durable Grippy Waterproof

Cons: Can be easy to overtighten themLMYYV


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