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   Macpac Glissade

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The anatomically-correct load distribution allowing the most efficient weight transfer over the hips. A separate base compartment may be accessed externally. The lid extension permits even greater capacity for longer trips or ferrying supplies. Compression straps stabilise the load and take up slack when the pack is only part full. A slim-profile front pleated pocket. Twin axe loops. Pleated side pouches for tent poles and drinks bottles. Lid pocket and accessory mounts. The lid detaches to become a separate bumbag. AzTec HC fabric throughout. Available in a separate Women's size
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Macpac Glissade

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Macpac Glissade

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   Macpac Glissade Reviews

  Reviewed by David Cowan (Aberdeen) on 2006-01-05:
General comments: This rucksac is huge. I have had it packed so big that I could barely walk I had to get a friend to help it on my back. It is a tall slim design that seems to be narrower slightly at the top. The main compartment of the rucksac is big, access to it is made easy via the top drawstring or the lower zip this allows you to get things from the bottom without unpacking the entire bag. The front zipped pocket is not brilliant though as when the bag is full it is very difficult to open the zips as they seem to get jammed. They would be better situated near the top of the sac therefore making full use of the space available. The top hood section of the rucksac is removable and very extendable. This is brilliant as it allows you to keep it on top of the pack when really full as opposed to it being fixed at the back which causes it to bulge back against your head. The hood can also be used as a bum bag! At the top of the sac under the hood there is a strap for going over the top. this holds ropes on and other various items that can be folded over the top and held in place with the compression straps. Don't pull the strap too hard as it can pop off as it has with mine. The rucksac is very comfortable to carry once you have set it up properly but this can take sometime to get right do it right once and leave it alone and it doesn't really matter though. The waist belt is well padded and can be done up really tight which helps take the weight of your shoulders. The rucksac material is very thick and heavy but this is a sac that will last you forever it seems so hard wearing I have no quams about stuffing it full and hauling it around.

Pros: In a nutshell, this pack is strong, durable, comfy and huge. Easily accessible top and main compartments. Will last forever. Top pack

Cons: Front pocket has difficult to access and its quite heavy. These points are very minor though.

  Reviewed by Mads (UK) on 2006-04-28:
General comments: I spotted the Glissard in a row of packs and knew this was the pack for me, gut feeling was proved right after trying on other packs at F&T with no joy. I put the Glissard on and it fitted like a glove, and it is so comfortable (on me at least). Macpac haven't been shy with the use of padding - obviously makes it slightly heavier but I believe its worth it in the long run. The lid is removable, however I do find it alittle annoying but it's just a matter of getting used to having a new feature I believe. It's a great design, slim and sleek. It's a spacious pack which is great when the need arises to have to stuff it full. I am quite happy to have this pack on my back for hours on end, I can't reiterate enough how comfortable this pack is. I'm happy with it so far!

Pros: Very comfortable, spacious, and looks good too.

Cons: Personal gripe - find the removable lid annoying.

  Reviewed by Dave (Leeds) on 2007-04-14:
General comments: I bought this rucksack to replace my Karrimor Panther, that had served me well, but I needed something a little bigger and a little fancier really in the end. The main appeal of Macpac products is their reputation for being very durable and well designed rucksacks which the Glissade certainly lives up to. Some people have remarked that quality has recently declined with production no longer being in New Zealand, but it seems well made to me and the Aztec fabric is very water resistant. For comparison, I bought this instead of the Berghaus Bioflex bags as I'm not convinced by their durability. You need to ensure you get the right back length as it is adjustable, but only between certain parameters and is tricky to get right. I'm relatively short for a bloke (5"7ish) and am size 2. The sack can take heavy loads with ease and the padded rucksack straps and fantastic harness make it very comfortable to carry. I particularly like the removable lid that can be used as a small sack if you are travelling and don't want to haul the whole thing everywhere. It can take a small waterproof, bottle of water, map camera etc which is very convenient. The pocket at the front is very useful aswell, it can hold 2 large (Nalgene size) water bottles which is good for trekking. Other features include the divider between the base and main section (sometimes is annoying) ice axe holders and compression straps that can hold trekking poles. This could make the sack suitable for the Alps and winter mountaineering, although it maybe too large and not quite sit completely right, as a proper climbing bag would. Expensive however! You pay for the quality.

Pros: Well made, simple removable lid, quality, big enough for everything

Cons: expensive, a little heavy,possibly not the right design for climbing and mountaineering

  Reviewed by Luke Havers (Durham) on 2007-05-23:
General comments: I love this bag! I have had my glissade for just over a year now and could not think of owning any other bag- it has become a very trusty servant to me. The durability of it is what I like the most- I have dragged it around the Durham and Yorkshire Dales and the bag still looks as it did when I bought it. The Aztec fabric is very water resistant and I have only had water soak through it once- and that was when it absolutely poured all day. The Quantum straps and waistbelt are truly excellent, making heavy loady almost unnoticeable and it is amazing what it does for your posture while walking. The removable lid has only been used as a bumbag once but it did the job well and was sufficient. I also believe the glissade is a very attractive bag particularly in the all black colourway and if you can afford it I would definitely advise this bag.

Pros: Durability Quantum harness system

Cons: Possibly its weight ( in comparison to say an osprey aether) Price- 180 is quite a lot but I reckon worth every penny

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