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   Scarpa Phantom Lite

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The Phantom Lite is a specialist boot built from a similar blueprint to the Phantom 8000. With its shorter gaiter and lighter weight construction, it is suited to a wide range of climbing from alpine to Scottish winters. Scarpa has used an asymmetric last to give this boot the dexterity of a climbing boot that is capable of being used even the hardest alpine routes. Its dual grip sole is compatible with full clip-on crampons, and the gaiter cord at the toe allows for a higher gaiter to be used in deeper snow.
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Scarpa Phantom Lite

Official Scarpa Phantom Lite specification from Scarpa

   Scarpa Phantom Lite Reviews

  Reviewed by Robert Hornby (Preston UK) on 2006-10-01:
General comments: I bought this boot about 6 months ago and ive used it for ice climbing and mountaineering and its held up great to everything that has been thrown at it. I would advise if you are going to buy this boot that you get the GSb Edition because i find that the GSb cramp-ons are much better and feel safer than just normal bindings. The Boot has a Thermo- welded gaitor, which i personally think is great because it keeps the snow out of your boots and keeps you warmer and dryer than without one, the gaitor has a water-proof zipper at the front to access the inside of the boot and that is also great because so far its leaked no water in. The boot has a daul vibram sole which i one of the best soles ive seen because it has excelent lugs and climbing shoe dexterity....and i havent slipped wearing the boot yet! The boots sole is classed as B3, so its extremly stiff which can be quite anoying for walking in, but its so far not really bothered me that much. The gaitor also has a pull chord around the top which keeps the heat in and keeps rain out which is great. The boots lining is Thermolite which has so far kept me warm, although the boot could be slightly more comfortable, not that it isnt! and i think thats about it although i may have forgotten somthing. oh and the inside of the boot has crampon protection.

Pros: Everything, its warm, it keeps you dry i couldnt ask for much more in a boot really. I esspecially like the GSb binding system for crampons though!

Cons: Nothing atall really, well it seems to fit quite narrow which is about the only thing bad about it for me but for everyone else that may not bother them.
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michael brown responded : i took the phantom lite to the alps this winter for three weeks and it definatly leaks there are rumours that the eight thousand version prevented people summiting on everest last year because of this problem and i have used the lube from new so gamble if you wish (2007-01-11)

PDB responded : I've had this boot for nearly three years - used as a general winter mountaineering boot in Wales and Scotland (if it snows in Wales - they get a good thrashing as I live in the mountains). Also took them to the alps on mixed and multi pitch ice (only AD+). I can't rate them highly enough; very light, very comfy for walking in due to the soft uppers, stiff sole for front pointing, great sensitivity for rock. Very confidence inspiring. They don't leak. They do get wet from condensation because of the waterproof outer. If its cold, I fancy the RBH designs VB socks will take them safely into serious low temps. The GSB crampons are easy, quick and safe to use. I hope these products don't vanish because they are so different to the norm. (2007-03-01)

  Reviewed by James Dunn (Edinburgh) on 2007-12-13:
General comments: I was looking for new winter boots over the summer and when I stumbled across a deal on a pair of Scarpa Phantom Lites I grabbed the opportunity for a great pair of boots. The designated use for the boots is maximum performance on cold climbs up to 6000m. Although I havenít put them to this use they have excelled at both Scottish winter and Ice cragging. The overall design of the boot is excellent and the last fits my foot very well, the lacing system, although basic; compared to other top brand models such as the La Sportiva Spantikís, is very comfortable and secure. The Lorica inner boot is insulated with Primaloft which retains warmth when wet and is very soft and forgiving for long days. The outer boot is made from K-Tech material with anti-abrasion fabric which is combined with a waterproof T-zip to close the ankle gaiter. The gaiter system is very effective and when combined with hidden gaiters available on most good trousers is almost as good as a full yeti gaiter. For use in exceptionally wet/boggy conditions the boot might well let some moisture through but for all the marshy walking I have done the inner has remained completely dry, also for most usage, including intended use, the amount of contact with running water will be minimal. The sole is a B3 rated Vibram Int, complete with GSB compatibility; I havenít had the chance to use the GSB system yet but have heard great reports on it. The sole is very sturdy and supportive and the boots combine perfectly with the standard bail attachment. The boots are also very light weighing 2100g compared to the Spantikís 2296g. Theses boots climb extremely well and give great feel and dexterity whilst remaining warm and comfortable, I would definitely recommend them for ice and scottish mixed.

Pros: Very warm, comfortable and dexterous boot. Ankle gaiter is very effective and they give a great feel for ice/rock.

Cons: Expensive, as all boots in this class, but you get what you pay for! Slightly too much flex in the sole, this is only noticeable when on small rock holds and they become solid when matched with a crampon though so only a minor point.
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Chris responded : Is this boot a semi-regid boot? (2008-01-28)

  Reviewed by Arash Neghafi (IRAN) on 2008-05-17:
General comments: please, this is not a review, It's REQUEST I want to buy a "Phantom Lite" or a "Vega" mountaineering boot. but I don't know any dealers in IRAN. please guide me how to make this regards
This review has 1 comment(s):

Somebody responded : There is only one way then: online retailers. I can recommend you ellis brigham online shop but not sure if they ships to Iran (2009-08-08)


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