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   Mad Rock Frenzy Velcro

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The Frenzy Velco are extremely versatile, coping well with bouldering, multi-pitch routes and much more. Features include: antibacterial material to stop your feet from reeking and a cushioned tongue.

Mad Rock Frenzy Velcro

   Mad Rock Frenzy Velcro Reviews

  Reviewed by Kate Burnham (Oxford) on 2005-12-30:
General comments: A really nice looking pair of rock shoes which are comfortable as well, what more could you ask for?! Not a technical shoe but a good all rounder.

Pros: The lining of the shoes is soft which avoids rubbing around the ankle area and also features some sort of antibacterial treatment, so while being soft and furry around your foot, doesnt smell so bad you can't face wearing them. The velcro straps are well placed and sturdy meaning that you can really strap your foot in, from right down at the toe to give a really secure toe area. Some velcro shoes only have velcro up at the top of the foot so you cant secure the toes to the same extent. Having a heel is the best invention for a rock shoe - comfort at the bottom of the rock as well as on the way up - no more removing shoes to belay.

Cons: The rubber sole doesnt seem quite as sticky as stealth rubber, and it is only smooth up to the ball of the foot, then becomes grippy. This is fine for most climbs, but sometimes when you need to jam the side of your foot into a crack, sticky rubber right along the full length of the shoe would be preferable.

  Reviewed by graeme (durham) on 2006-04-06:
General comments: I had a pair of these for a trip to spain for some heavy duty climbing. I deliberately bought these to go and figured that the quickness of the velcro would help in the blistering heat. Second days climbing, I mustnt have done up one of the shoes properly and while shimmying up a chimney with sweaty feet, lots of pressure on the toe, the heel of the boot slipped off and tumbled down the face, followed closely by me. Boot was fine, unharmed by the fall and my partner brought it up with him, but it has left a sour taste in my mouth as regards velrco boots. I like to lace them up good and tight. Saying that I do conceed that this boot was pretty good on the whole, it had good grip, was comfortable to wear even when your feet were really sweaty and was my own misdoing that I hadnt done it up tightly. Liked the toe upper rubber, could really force it into the cracks.

Pros: Comfy

Cons: Velcro. Stupidity on my part

  Reviewed by Kelvyn James (Lake District) on 2014-01-08:
General comments: I bought a pair of these for scrambles days and teaching at the wall. On first impression they didn't seem that well made - but I gave them a fair few outings to see. On real rock they just weren't very robust, the soft area under the midfoot & heel quickly got damaged - it doesnt affect their use, but they quickly looked messy - I've returned to using the much more expensive Sportiva Ganda's for outdoors. At the wall they're ok if you're mainly standing around - but I found that these stretched a lot & offered little more climbing performance than any other approach shoe. Sadly I think as a design they just fall between the two area's. I've had several of this type of hybrid shoe - and some have been exceptionally good - I think the Mad Rock shoe has sacrificed too much is aiming for comfort and has missed both camps. The Velcro fixing adds a lot of comfort - but means the shoe can never really perform.

Pros: Price - these were roughly half the price of the Sportiva equivalents

Cons: Poorly designed


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