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   Petzl MYO 5 Head Torch

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The MYO 5 is intended for demanding users whose needs alternate between long-range lighting and extended battery life. The rotating bezel switch allows easy selection between the three brightness settings (LED), or distance vision (Xenon halogen bulb). In this way, the user can adapt the lighting level to the activity. Ideal for mountaineers, adventure racers, or anyone moving quickly under variable lighting conditions.
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Petzl MYO 5 Head Torch

   Petzl MYO 5 Head Torch Reviews

  Reviewed by Chris (UK) on 2006-02-03:
General comments: A heat torch with a main beam and 5 led function with 3 power modes. This torch also has a power regulator chip that will detect when the battery in the torch is getting a bit low and it will then disable the main beam and limit you to the LED's only. This is a very nice torch I have had mine for over a year now and I have not had a single problem and it is still going strong. This is also available in a stealthy black.

Pros: The 3 settings on the led mode is a good feature it is easy to use and it is quite small and light. It has a small battery compartment that lowers the amount of space required and the weight of the torch when it is on your head.

Cons: The main beam as not as strong as I would like.

  Reviewed by David Gilchrist (Aberdeen) on 2006-02-10:
General comments: I bought this headtorch over a year ago after reading a good review in Trail magazine. I try to avoid being out in the dark, and so have had not used it a great deal. However, every time I have used it, I have been very impressed. The LEDs are excellent for walking and reading maps. I've used them for 99% of the time. I have only needed the main Xenon bulb a few times. In my opinion a head torch consisting of only LEDs would be fine. Its good to know that I have a longer distance Xenon bulb if it was needed, but it could almost be classed as a luxury. Nevertheless, the range of the Xenon bulb is much greater than I would have expected for such a small torch. As a result it can be used to see the surrounding landscapes, which you would not be able to do if the headtorch only had LEDs During the time I have used the headtorch I have only needed to change the batteries twice. I have always used good quality Duracell batteries, as I have found in the past that cheaper batteries perform very badly in cold conditions. I chose the myo 5 as it has varying levels of LED brightness (which is actually fairly pointless) and a longer range Xenon bulb. I have never needed full range of the Xenon bulb and so feel it may have been worth saving some money and buying the myo3. Also the myo 3 is lighter, and is probably more suited to my occasional use. The myo 5 would be ideal for somebody who wanted the best performing head torch which they would use regularly.

Pros: Good battery life and the choice of LEDs or Xenon.

Cons: I dont think the added cost/weight of a high spec Xenon bulb is worth it.

  Reviewed by Paul Smith (Cannock) on 2006-02-21:
General comments: The Myo 5 is a very well thought out piece of kit. I tend to find that i normally just use the LED's and only on occasion do i consider using the main beam. Ok i used the main beam alot last week, while doing the night navigation on my winter ML assessment. The three different LED settings are a bit of a loss on me as i can't really tell the difference between them. But if using the LED the batteries do last a long time, but if you are going to be spending a lot of time outside in the dark particularly in winter i would suggest getting the version with the Belt mounted battery case, to get that extra life out of your batteries.

Pros: Great idea and design.

Cons: I can't tell the differences between the three LED settings.

  Reviewed by C.walker (York) on 2006-03-01:
General comments: Over the years I have owned and lost a number of Petzl torches, the total amount of of this must be in the region of hundreds of pounds. The Myo 5 is my lastest purchase along with the fantastic tika, which is my back up torch. The Myo 5 is much lighter than my old petzl Zoom its about 200gís with batteries so feels quite comfortable on your head. The head strap is good and the adjustable fittings allow for a nice comfy fit Ė I have had problems with this in the past when the elastic in the headband seemed to give up the ghost and ended up going very slack. I think there is defiantly a lifespan with the headband on these torches. On the Myo you can switch from a main beam for far reaching vision, the Xenon bulb, or have the option of the three LEDís which have different brightness settings. I have run the battereies down using the main beam and the torch has a back up system to allow extra time using the LEDís. This is a great feature. I usually just use the main beam as I find the LED donít give off the light I need when returning back I the dark.

Pros: Its light enough for women to use and adaptable with the duel lighting options

Cons: just worries about the elastic in the headband

  Reviewed by Paul (Manchester) on 2006-03-15:
General comments: I have had a petzl zoom head torch for as long as I can remember. The massive battery pack and the single bulb seems miles away now. I decided it was time to invest and how glad I was when I got the MYO 5. Basically the MYO 5 has 5 LEDíS which have three settings for brightness. This is both good for around camp and out on the hills. Then there is the halogen bulb which is for distance work. This is useful for spotlighting specific features. The battery size is much reduced, operating on 4 AA batteries. A very good aspect is that when the batteries are basically useless, the head torch goes into a power save mode. Allowing a led glow for a substantial time, I have never reached the end of this power save mode yet. The halogen bulb does seem to drain the batteries very quickly though. Constant use for a long period of time will quickly drain the batteries. The strapping system is just the same as the ever faithful zoom, perhaps just a little more ergonomic to fit the head. All in all an excellent investment.

Pros: Very reasonable price for an excellent piece of kit

Cons: One little niggle with this excellent piece of kit is that it is hard to fit in place while wearing a hat. I find I have to wear it very tightly to stay in place; this consequently hurts my head if being worn for along period of time.

  Reviewed by DREW MORRIS (SUNDERLAND) on 2006-04-07:
General comments: The Petzl is a very light, compact, simple, ergonomically shaped headtorch. If I know I am going to have to navigate in the dark in difficult terrain I prefer to use a torch with a more powerful, directional beam (I also have a Petzl Zoom). For general use, pitching tents, setting up camps, cooking and reading, or walking in not too difficult country, the Tikka is ideal. It takes up little space in the bottom of my daysack and I'm quite happy to leave it there on the off chance that I might need it (more so than the Micro it has replaced). I've not used a set of batteries to exhaustion yet, preferring to renew them periodically especially prior to an upcoming multi-day trip. I think Petzl's claim of 12 hours at maximum brightness, decreasing over a further 100+ could well be justified. The one gripe I have with this torch is as a spectacle wearer. As it has no focusable beam, a small amount of light spills down the inside of my spectacle lenses. This is distracting and detracts from the strength of the main light. It's relatively easy to wear a hat with a small peak to rectify this and I think experiments with small card deflectors at the bottom of the torch might be worth a try.

Pros: The torch sits comfortably on the head and can be adjusted quite easily for tightness.

Cons: distracting beam on glasses.

  Reviewed by Matthew Lewis (Sheffield) on 2006-04-09:
General comments: I brought a MYO 5 recently because my old tikka was dying after being dropped many times and i needed a light for a mountain marathon. With so many new versions coming onto the market i took some time weighing up the options but eventually settled for this and am very happy. The LED function creates enough light to walk by on all except theworst ground and works best around camp where it saves the main bulb from eating you batteries. However a twist of the casing and the main 90m beam produces enough light for pretty much anything. Although the MYO5 isnt as flashy as its MYOXP brother or other 3W LED options for the price its perfect and is adaptabe for most circumstances

Pros: Light, Slim non bulky battery compartment Comfortable head straps

Cons: Batteries can get cold... solved by buying the external battery version

  Reviewed by Berger (West Yorkshire) on 2006-04-11:
General comments: This is a great head torch from a very reputable make. I bought the MYO 5 last September to replace my old skool Petzl zoom that I had for many years and it still works but just uses those big batteries! I had read reviews and knew I wanted to stick with Petzl, to have ledís, use normal batteries and to be a bit lighter, to me I think you get what you pay for and Petzl are one of the best so I decided to go with this. I only really seem to use the ledís as for where I have been these have been plenty bright enough, as I have hardly used the main beam I am still on my first set of batteries which I think is very impressive. I find it hard to see the point in the varying led settings as to me I am finding it hard to see a great difference just on and off I think would be fine. What I have found is the main xenon beam is not bright enough, hence why I just use the ledís and if I was going to purchase a new torch I would be very tempted to get one with only ledís.

Pros: Great piece of kit yet again, lightweight, long battery life

Cons: Main beam could do with been brighter

  Reviewed by Joseph Pattinson (Windermere) on 2006-11-24:
General comments: With the Petzl Myo 5 being my first head torch the first thing i have to say is why did I not buy one before?! The Petzl fits onto my head really snuggly and feels like it will go nowhere, which is comforting. It also fits well over my jackets hood and could be easily adjusted to fit on top of your helmet should the need arise. At 238g including the batteries it is not all that heavy either and the battery pack on the back is barely noticeable. Using the torch is easy with a twist of the bezel you have light from the 5 LED's, which is great for proximity lighting and lighting up the path in front and around you. Then with another twist of the bezel you have xenon / halogen power and this is great. I used to do a bit of biking and reckon i should have had this for that purpose too. The only thing is the batteries cook too soon using this method so the LEDs are best used when you only need a view for a few meters or so. The manufacturers mention different power modes for LED's, which as mentioned before (in previous reviews) seems pretty pointless to me as there is 80hours of light at the maximum setting. I cannot make a recommendation based on experience of other head torches, but I can say that It is great to use and should really be considered.

Pros: Light, weight, comfort and ease of use.

Cons: None...

  Reviewed by Allan Pearson (Leeds) on 2008-05-26:
General comments: I bought a Myo 5 to replace an older Petzl Zoom which had become unusable due to the plate behind the bulb corroding. Happily the Myo seems to be much better designed and made. One bugbear though is the battery compartment. Forget trying to open this with cold wet hands - I usually have to resort to using a screwdriver and a bit of force. Once you have forced your way in, the batteries alternate +ve -ve +ve -ve which would make it very difficult to change them in the dark. As another reviewer has noticed the Xenon bulb is really not that bright. There have been a couple of occasions when I have found it useful, but no where near as many as I once thought. I would like to be able to wholeheartedly endorse this headtorch. It certainly looks good, but in practice rather than using my pristine £50 multi-option Myo 5, I find that I use an old £5 Gelert 3 LED headtorch. It is lightly, smaller and produces just as good a beam. I think my main problem with this torch is that I am not sure who it is aimed at. The main beam isn't bright enough to pick out features when navigating (other than sheeps eyes), and there are smaller, lighter torches for shorter distances. If I were to lose this torch I wouldn't buy another Myo 5, I'd be more tempted to go for a Tikka and save the extra money.

Pros: Looks good

Cons: Price

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