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   Scarpa ZG65 XCR Mens

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The Scarpa ZG65 XRC walking boots are great for 3 season use in the UK. The materials used make the ZG 65 boots pretty lightweight and the XCR goretex guarantees both breathability and dry feet. These boots are also good for scrambling due to the sole and rand. Ladies Scarpa ZG65 also available.
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Scarpa ZG65 XCR Mens

Official Scarpa ZG65 XCR Mens specification from Scarpa

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Scarpa ZG65 XCR MensScarpa ZG65 XCR Mens

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   Scarpa ZG65 XCR Mens Reviews

  Reviewed by Richard (Luton) on 2005-12-22:
General comments: These ZG 65 XCR boots are pretty much invincible - the rubber randing ensures the upper will never start peeling away from the sole. They are also waterproof beyond belief - i've had mine right up to the ankle in water without any leakage. To be honest, i haven't really looked after mine (i'm sure you're supposed to spray them with proofer every so often) but after a year they are still doing the job.

Pros: The sole (vibram, i think) doesn't feel as if it would offer much traction (the material is very hard) but it really does. Most of the vibram soles took a while to become nice and sticky (especially in the wet) but these were good from the start. The grips are also fairly deep - good for bog walking.

Cons: Mmm. They don't clean themselves ?

  Reviewed by IanMcC (Stirling) on 2007-01-07:
General comments: The Scarpa ZG65 XCR are a good hard-wearing pair of boots. I purchased a pair of these boots in the spring of 2006, and despite having had a good thrashing, they remain waterproof and with a reasonable amount of tread remaining on the soles. They have been (ab)used in a wide variety of situations, including mountain scrambling and easy climbing; load-carrying while wild camping; lots of general hill days in Scotland in the wet; and walking scrambling and ferrataing in the Dollies in hot dusty conditions. They have had minimal maintenance- one or two reproofs at most.

Pros: Comfortable out of the box. I found the sizing a little on the large side, but obviously tried on to ensure ideal fit before purchasing. Good lacing system with only two sets of metal hooks. Despite initial concerns about the potential for wear on the lower nylon lace-retainers, this has not been a problem. For a lightweight boot, foot -support remains excellent when carrying heavier loads, an area which is a letdown with many older designs. Good waterroofing and breathability.

Cons: The Vibram soles do not have the traction of some others when scrambling on wet rock. The Cordura uppers are liable to wear if cleaned with a bristle scrubbing brush- wipe clean only. When sodden, take a fair bit of drying out.

  Reviewed by Chris Starkie (Stafford) on 2008-11-04:
General comments: I bought these Scarpa ZG65 boots with the intention of travelling through Mexico, Central and South America last year. I had expected to do some mountain climbing, especially around chile, and i also wanted to tackle the wilder inca "off" trail. I had to also take into consideration that most of my travelling would be done in hot conditions. After looking around the Scarpa ZG65 boots seemed like a near perfect choice. XCR would allow more sweat venting and the fabric in the boot would keep me cooler than a full leather boot, while the rand would protect the boot from all the abuse it would get. I used these boots continually from LAX through into mexico, on beaches, on roads, in towns and bars, pubs and clubs, and also climbed Iztaccihuatl Volcano (5300m) outside Mexico City. Highly recommended! Sadly there are now some very well equipped Mexican banditos wearing these excellent booots. I intend to return, and i will be taking a pair of these boots with me!

Pros: I loved these boots. The waterproofing worked flawlessly, i never experienced wet feet, the breathability, far better than anything i had experienced before, still wasn't quite up to the task in the Mexican summer heat - but then, you wouldn't expect them to be. In higher altitudes they performed perfectly keeping my feet in ideal conditions! The sole reliably gripped to any rock i threw it at, as well as providing enough flex for walking on roads and the boots were superbly comfortable. They also proved to be very durable and managed to slide ~800m down a scree slope without any noticable ill effects (same could not be said for my trousers....)

Cons: I find it very hard to fault these boots as what i asked of them was far more than they were designed for. If i could find any fault with them it would be that they took quite a long time to dry after i washed them (in a hostel sink!) However i reproofed them with nikwax after washing them, so that may have affected the drying time.

  Reviewed by David Walker (Haydon Bridge, Northumberland) on 2009-01-06:
General comments: These are great boots. Very lightweight, comfortable and watertight. Unfortunately, not that tough. I bought mine in December 2006 and by January 2008 some of the lacing loops have snapped and the venting areas on the sides are scuffed and very worn. I have used them about once a week (everywhere from Cheviot bogs to Cairngorm Plateau) since I bought them and I admit that is a lot but I expected a bit more toughness from Scarpa.

Pros: Great fit, very light, good grip.

Cons: Not as tough as I would like.

  Reviewed by Richard (Newcastle upon Tyne) on 2009-08-07:
General comments: Fantastic boots. Got a pair way back in 2005 to do the Tour du Mont Blanc and they haven't disappointed. Still use them on all my hiking trips even now (summer 2009). I've yet to get wet feet with them and are very lightweight so are good for those long days out on the hills.

Pros: Light weight, excellent waterproof ability and breath ability.

Cons: Like many Scarpa boots maybe be too narrow for some feet.

  Reviewed by alstod (uk) on 2010-08-26:
General comments: Great boot, compact and lightweight and hardwearing....fitted me like a glove and never a blister.

Pros: as above

Cons: One bad point is that heel is narrower than you might want....which leads to ankle turning and you ending up on your backside. and the grippy looking sole isn't that grippy.

  Reviewed by alan Richards (Swansea) on 2011-04-18:
General comments: I thought I'd try out a Scarpa fabric boot for the very first time. I have been using them a lot on all types of terrain for the last 8 months. However,I have had to buy a new pair of boots as they are far too tight for my feet. I thought they may have stretched and loosened a bit but to no avail.

Pros: Excellent shock absorbtion on the sole particulary the heel. Good waterppoofing

Cons: Too narrow a fit which is a shame

  Reviewed by Mike (uk) on 2011-11-21:
General comments: Replacement for my Scarpa Peak as thought last would be similar

Pros: Good grip on soles, Very waterproof

Cons: Tight in toe box area resulting in pain in inside toe area


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