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   Buffalo Mountain Shirt

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Pertex 5 Shell with AquaTherm pile lining, overhead garment. Ideal for hill-walking including winter, climbing, trekking, and general outdoor activities. As with all overhead garments sizing is important.

Buffalo Mountain Shirt

   Buffalo Mountain Shirt Reviews

  Reviewed by Graham Hewitt (Forres) on 2006-01-03:
General comments: Best bit of kit on the market. Forget layering, all you need is your Buffalo and a waterproof for when it gets really nasty. Plenty of options for ventilation or increased warmth via zips, Velcro closures and an internal "compression" strap. The winter version is great too.

Pros: Windproof, shower-resistant, warm - year round wear for Scottish conditions.

Cons: Can be a bit warm on that day in July when the temperature gets over 70.
This review has 6 comment(s):

Peter UK1 responded : I have got the mountain shirt from three years and it is a very warm piece of gear.Fantastic to get warm in winter on the snow. But the pertex 5 on the outside of the jacket is not a very resistent material,infact I do work in the woods as a forester and it break down while I was clearing some brambles I am very disappointed because I had this problem only after 1 year I purchased.My RAB VR smock it is more resistent than the buffalo pertex 5 and it is a light jacket.I think I am going for the RAB Baltoro jacket next winter. (2010-05-23)

Graham Hewitt responded : I don't think you can expect it stand up to brambles. (2010-12-17)

Billy Eales responded : I bought the Buffalo Mountain shirt in 1988 used it for rock climbing, hill walking and mountain biking with just a couple of stitching pulled apart and repaired with goretex patches it is still going strong. (2013-11-02)

mac responded : i have used these in work, and in norway, and all i can say is WOW really good bit of kit for the money that you pay. i have also used in the black mountains (2015-03-20)

Ken Skuse responded : I bought mine in 1993 when I set off from UK on my XT 600 and am still wearing it camping and touring on my latest motorbike. Great all round use, tough, warm, outstanding. Different ventilation combinations when needed.About time I got a new one, will do !! Haven't come back yet. Still living in the Carpathians Transylvania where it is down to minus twenty and more in winter. My advice- get one. Ken (2015-10-26)

Ken Skuse responded : I bought mine in 1993 when I set off from UK on my XT 600 and am still wearing it camping and touring on my latest motorbike. Great all round use, tough, warm, outstanding. Different ventilation combinations when needed.About time I got a new one, will do !! Haven't come back yet. Still living in the Carpathians Transylvania where it is down to minus twenty and more in winter. My advice- get one. Ken (2015-10-26)

  Reviewed by Tom Graham (Devon) on 2006-01-05:
General comments: Great all-in-one layering system. The design of the Buffalo mountain shirt is such that you wear it next to your skin. I was a little concerned at this at first as it seemed quite warm and was worried what to do if I got too hot. Fortunately the jacket has plenty of ventilation so unless you are out in very hot conditions it is fine next to the skin. The jacket has excellent wicking properties and the outer windproof shell is very breathable so it is great to wear as an active layer. The mountain shirt is also great to wear instead of a fleece on cooler evenings and will provide a great deal of warmth when required, which is enhanced by the windproof layer. The windproof shell is also showerproof but will only really hold off very light showers and you will still need a full waterproof jacket to go over the top. At a price of around £100 I feel that it represents good value for money, as it is essentially a base layer and mid layer in one garment. Build quality is superb and mine has lasted years, although wearing it next to the skin can increase the amount of washing required!

Pros: Great jacket, excellent ventilation and suitable for all but the warmest conditions

  Reviewed by Ben Johnson (Bath) on 2006-01-05:
General comments: This one of the products that put the a small Sheffield outdoor company on the Map. The Mountain shirt, often referred to simply as a 'Buffalo' uses the DP system to help keep you warm even when the garment is wet. The outside shell is made from Pertex 5, which is windproof up to 35-40mph as water resistant up 0.5cm per hour. The pile lining serves two functions, to keep you warm and wick moisture away from the skin. Although designed be worn directly on the skin very few people do, I find a high wicking T-shirt does the job pretty well. In cold winter conditions the Buffalo rules, fantastically warm in all conditions. In milder weather I have been caught out and found myself sweating bucket loads don't underestimate how warm this garment actually is. Venting can be achieved using a system of underarm two-way zip; although simple this system is high effective. Two large pockets cover the front of the Mountain shirt, one of which contains webbing belt which will the pull the mid torso area tighter. Sizing is important with all buffalo kit, pick the smallest size you can without it feeling restrictive. Unlike most top bear in mind you'll probably have very little on underneath it, so don't try one on top of a jumper!

Pros: Highly functional garment. Does exactly what it's supposed to.

Cons: Can be difficult to get hold of.

  Reviewed by S.Harry (Inverness) on 2006-02-27:
General comments: The buffalo is one of the first bits of kit I ever bought. This was before the term softshell was used everywhere and the buffalo was all you needed. Mine is a lovely green and has worked for me for years. The Pertex outer is sufficient at keeping rain at bay and is windproof in all but the most horrid gales. I have got mine soaked through and was still warm with only a base layer underneath, granted I was on the way down off the hill so have not experienced a full day under a damp buffalo as I always carry a waterproof. The inner pile lining is very warm and as such this only comes out in the colder months, the ventilation is good with large side vents to let out the heat if you get to hot. There is a large front pocket, which swallows up lots, and the cuff tabs allow for a tight seal. I opted for the optional buffalo hood for the winter months but did begrudge paying the extra for it Ė it works well though and the Velcro attachment keeps it on in windy conditions. The drop tail is long enough to cover your bum which is refreshing considering most jackets these days donít. these days my buffalo makes way for my snazzy new softshell, but it has given me years of service and still will

Pros: good fit and brilliant design

Cons: Could be too warm for some people. There are so many new softshell deesigns to choose from it may look quite ancient for some

  Reviewed by Craig Wilson (Edinburgh) on 2006-03-15:
General comments: I've owned my Buffalo Mountain shirt for a couple of years now and when it wears out (probably in about 10 years!) I just hope I can get another one. I was previously an enthusiatic member of the 'layering club', normally wearing a wicking base layer, fleece and waterproof shell in all months of the year so it took some persuasion to switch to one of these. The first time I was out walking in it I wore a Helly Hansen Lifa Sport underneath as I just couldn't bring myself to only wear the one piece of clothing, I also carried my waterproof - I was far to hot. Whenever I use it now I wear just the Buffalo against my skin and nothing else. It's wicking properties are superb and therefor if it gets wet it dries very quickly. I do still carry my waterproof shell with me but seldom wear it, the ability of the Mountain Shirt to keep you comfortable when wet is brilliant.

Pros: Very windproof, warm when wet, wearable across a wide temperature range, excellent wicking ability and hard wearing. Cost is nothing when you consider that this will replace your base layer, mid layer and (99% of the time) your waterproof shell.

Cons: Seperate hoods of different sizes is a good idea and cancels out the need for a volume adjuster. That said, the design of the hood is a little basic and hasn't (as far as I can see) really changed for many years despite these moans from many people.

  Reviewed by Philip Johnston (N Yorks) on 2006-06-25:
General comments: My "buffy" is definitely in my top ten all-time outdoor gear list. Way back in 1994 I was a sceptical first time user of the system but was rapidly converted by two events - trying to stay warm in a robust and simple jacket on Territorial Army exercises, and cycling across Europe to Croatia via the Alps. There has been no looking back. Rather than repeat the tech specs listed in other reviews I can illustrate its flexibility with a couple of examples from that 3000 km cycle trip - it practically never left my body. The pile wicked sweat away from the body efficiently, whilst any rain that did fall gradually migrated down the jacked to the cuffs and hems, and dried off quickly while we cycled. Bizarrely if the jacket was too warm, even when vented, I just put a base layer on underneath and this helped me cool down! I am the proud owner of Buffalo mits and a hat to match the jacket in extremes of climate and continue to use it for biking, hiking, camping and general padding around. I have had my latest mountain shirt for 7 years and despite many imitators and innovations on the market I have no intention of trading this baby in. This was probably my best buy - and it's made in the UK as well!

Pros: Robust, versatile, great bit of kit.

Cons: Extremely hard to fault - occasional snags on the side vent zips when opening with one hand

  Reviewed by Ian Johnston (Aberdeenshire) on 2006-11-06:
General comments: An immortal piece of kit. I've owned a Buffalo Mountain Shirt for nearly 10 years - the same one. I wear a very thin short sleeve base layer under mine as it can be a bit all or nothing for ventilation. Used primarily in winter, it's in it's element. Buffalo claim that it's the only layer you need in a Scottish winter, but in my experience a cag is needed over the top in the worst of weather. Great general wear for camping and bothying. The construction and fabric are tougher than they look, and if you do manage to tear it, repairs are easy. It dries quickly - you can wear it straight out of a spin dryer! My only criticism is that the flaps over the side and chest pocket zips invariably snag. In common with a lot of users, I soon sliced them off - with no perceptible effect on performance. It's comfortable in a range of conditions, washable, simple and tough - what's not to like?

Pros: Tough, warm, simple and effective piece of kit.

Cons: Storm flaps snag on the zips.

  Reviewed by Mattie K (Sussex) on 2007-03-17:
General comments: I bought my Buffalo Mountain Shirt some ten years ago and it's seen extensive use all over the place from watching rugby matches to the Wales to the Alps and has performed admirably in all cases. As mentioned by countless other reviewers, it's designed to be worn next the skin but, like others, I prefer to wear a thin baselayer under it. No real reason except that it just doesn't feel quite right to be out in foul weather wearing only one layer! The full-length side zips give massive versatility of ventilation - I've even used this while mountain-biking and because of the zips you can control your temperature quite effectively. The zips do have a tendency to snag however, which can be a bit of a pain in the bum! The tunnel pocket across the stomach is very useful though it tends to get stuck behind a harness or waist belt, while the chest pocket, unlined, is pretty much a perfect fit for an OS map. Highly recommended if you like to be just a little bit different!

Pros: Individual, warm, easy to moderate your temperature.

Cons: Don't forget to wash it. The smell from the fibre-pile can become pretty high!

  Reviewed by Martin Atton (Somerset) on 2009-02-07:
General comments: I have had my Montane super six shirt for about ten years and have worn it all over the UK including Scotland in winter and on my recumbent bicycle. Very versatile and warm. Sometimes I wear it as a single layer, sometimes with a base layer. For real winter conditions I have a Montane Extreme Smock, which has a much better hod and is a lot warmer. Too warm for anything but very cold winter conditions. The two garments tend to overlap in the scope of their use.

Pros: realtively cheap, huge temperature adjustment, Feels warm even when wet. Very durable, simple construction. Have faith they do work as a single layer.

Cons: Zip always snags in the lining etc. Smell like a dead rat after conmtinued wear. Doesn't look nearly as cool as my drastically overpriced Arcteryx Gamma softshell, (bought on the cheap incidentally), but is more versatile.

  Reviewed by Pete Withers (Cumbria) on 2009-03-18:
General comments: Toastie at -25! Fantastic kit kept me very warm in Canada's winter under a goretex outer. Try using the vent zips on the side to reglate your body temp. Extra long fish tail prevents from riding up when bending over and in a harness it adds extra comfort layer. Always a base and invariably outer layer for me couple with a good gore outer dont need a lot more.

Pros: All of its features dont let me down.

Cons: Had to put longer toggles on the kkk zips to use with mittens!

  Reviewed by Gordon Cooper (Hampshire) on 2009-11-25:
General comments: I bought a Buffalo as an alternative to my gore tex jacket and initally I was sceptical about the performance of the shirt when operating in wet, windy conditions. I recall my first outing in the Buffalo, a blizzard in the Brecon Beacons and going against Buffalo's instructions, I did wear a breathable base layer. I spent a full day out and about, sometimes stationary for a while and others on the move. At all times, I felt warm and comfortable and what I was well impressed with was the wind proofness, even when soaked through. My confidence in the Buffalo is so great, that it's virtually the first piece of kit I pack when heading out on cold winter mornings, with my gore tex jacket now virtually redundant. It is worth noting that I only use the Buffalo when the temp is 5C or below, as operating in temperatures any higher, causes me to become too hot, especially when carrying a bergen. My Buffalo has seen extensive useage and has been been pretty much abused and I can report that the performance is still as new. Minor damage resulting with some stitching coming apart under one armpit (reparired in house) and some wear and tear across the shoulder area and back from bergen carrying. Not bad for a jacket that cost me £90 and I will have no hesitation in replacing with another Buffalo.

Pros: Warm when wet, excellent wind proofness, chest pocket, dries quite quickly, light, two side zips offering ventilation if req'd, very durable, fantastic value for money.

Cons: Smelly after extensive useage, only use when really cold, slightly design dated nowadays compared to similar shirts.

  Reviewed by Paul McDonald (Glasgow) on 2009-12-20:
General comments: I've used Buffalo shirts for many years and they are excellent. Combined with the expedition hood proved blizzard proof, extremley windroof and warm all the time but at the same time easy to vent and avoid overheating as you walk off. Now in winter as long as its cold enough for snow and not rain a base layer t-shirt and buffalo is all you need - my hardshell doesn't get out the bag. They are so windproof that you can use a lightweight waterproof in winter conditions. That said you still need a waterproof and they are far too warm for acitve summer use. For scottish winter brilliant gear. Normal hood is junk get the Buffalo expedition hood or Montane's hood.

Pros: Snow proof, hurricane proof, drys very fast,extremly breathable, warm when wet, tough,

Cons: Don't believe the hype in any rain other than blustery showers you will need a waterproof.

  Reviewed by Giles (UK) on 2010-03-31:
General comments: An ideal bit of kit for the hills - walking, scrambling, climbing - it is well suited to all events and can take a lot of abuse.

Pros: Warm, weatherproof, well-ventilated, comfortable

Cons: Can be a bit warm in summer!

  Reviewed by Dave Moss (Aviemore) on 2012-11-02:
General comments: I have owned one of these shirts for years and it is still going strong! It is warm, breathable, comfortable and suitable for anything outside in cold weather. It is my favourite, most versatile bit of kit and I would never be without one again. i would definitely recommend sewing the hood on (you have to buy it seperately) as this makes life very much easier when up the hill in the wind! I have nothing bad to say about this extraordinary bit of kit.

Pros: Everything! Warmth, durability, fit, good pockets.

Cons: None.

  Reviewed by Kit Collins (Cheviots) on 2013-02-11:
General comments: I suppose you could call me a professional buffalo user as for the last 25 years, apart from summer, this is my daily protection. I am a farmer and my activities could range in the same day from running after cattle around the hills or I'm static and driving an ATV in sleet. Add to that mix my work enviroment of mud, muck, brambles, gorse and barb wire you have a very demanding set of conditions. I've had 3 special 6 shirts in this 25 years and have only changed them as I fancied a change of colour. Some rips, lots of stains, but in every case zips still work and they still function. I must average at least 100 days use per. year which is over 8,000 days per garment.

Pros: Condensation control, weatherproofing, cosy, durable, reliable, warm, dry quickly

Cons: For my job, zips that opened the arms from the wrist would help as with manual work your muscles expand and the jacket can get tight + too hot. Flap at neck scratches.

  Reviewed by james curran (england) on 2013-11-30:
General comments: Vital bit of kit, i use mine for pretty much anything outdoors, they are warm but regulate your body temp so you don't over heat.

Pros: WARMMM!!

Cons: can be a bit rustley.


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