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   Vango Hydra 200+ Tent

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The Vango Hydra 200 is a true classic - it seems to have been around for ever. Excels in stability, lightness (for a 4 season) and comfort.

Vango Hydra 200+ Tent

Official Vango Hydra 200+ Tent specification from Vango

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Vango Hydra 200  TentVango Hydra 200  TentVango Hydra 200  Tent

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   Vango Hydra 200+ Tent Reviews

  Reviewed by M Hanton (Scotland) on 2006-02-01:
General comments: My Vango Hydra is about 4 years old now and still going strong. It has been used through some serious storms and some snowy trips, and has always stood up to the weather no problems. The groundsheet underneath is a bit thin, but I always pitch the tent with the additional footprint you can buy from Vango, and so have never had any problems. The Hydra 200+ is a good all-round tent, light enough to be carried when hiking if split between two people and but sizable enough to accomodate both people and their kit reasonably comfortably. Equally good for camping from the car, and it has been used for a week at time in this regard. The porch area is big enough to leave kit in overnight or cook in if the weather turns nasty. The only problem it has developed is the door zip on the flysheet which now splits open sometimes (although it has seen some use), and this is partly due to the design - the tension you have to put on the flysheet to pull it taught straining the zip. The only other slight niggle is that the flysheet could do with stretching a bit further down towards the ground, there is a good 4-5" gap all round that could be reduced a bit.

Pros: Solid, reliable tent. Good price and good all-rounder if you are not someone who can afford a specialist tent for each kind of trip (campsites with the car versus hiking)

Cons: The doorzip has gone on mine, and this maybe a general design flaw.

  Reviewed by Paul (Manchester) on 2006-03-13:
General comments: I brought 10 Hydra 200+ tents for a D of E group I work with, as I was able to obtain them at a reasonable price. I have been exceptionally pleased with them. They are of a moderate weight 1.9kg, which is ok when split between two people on an expedition. They are quite spacious inside for small people, but are far tighter for 2 full grown adults. They are slightly difficult to set up, as the fly sheet has 2 poles and the outer has 1 pole. This extra pole does give you greater porch space, which is a godsend in bad weather. These Vango tents are not exactly easy to get in and out of, as it really does involve getting right down on your hands and knees and if the ground is wet, you get wet. Their durability is very good. These tents have been used lots throughout the last year in both summer and winter and so far I have only had 1 problem and this was probably more to do with maintenance. As it had been stored wet for a while, two of the pegging points on the flysheet cam off.

Pros: In all these Hydra 200 plus tents offer good value for money, and will suit a couple who are just starting off experiencing camping.

Cons: Need to be well looked after, are hard to get into and they have lots of condensation.

  Reviewed by Ian Ellis (Nottingham) on 2008-06-27:
General comments: I brought this tent quite a few years ago as I kept having to borrow one from the scout group that I am a leader of. If has been on many camps now durring summer and winter. It has withstud wind, rain (lots of rain), cold and blazzing sun. It is very spaceous, perfect for one person and all the kit a scout leader needs to have on camp. Loads of room in the porch. Easy to put up with colour coded poles. Pink, blue and light blue. Not sure why the two shades of blue and not one red or something cos this it dificult to see in the dark. I have had to put htis up late at night a couple of times.

Pros: Big enough, Quallity material, Very water proof.

Cons: Difficult to get the fly sheet to sit perfectly over the inner. I always end up with a well in the middle which fills with water when it rains - So it is a good job it is water proof. Quite worrying when you wake up in the morning to see a bulge of water above your head!!!

  Reviewed by Philip Nevin (Birmingham) on 2009-08-15:
General comments: My Vango Hydra tent is seven years old. Have used it several times in various weather conditions. No complaints as such, a roomy , tough tent.

Pros: Spacious interrior, large front area for kit storage.

Cons: Too heavy to carry for solo use

  Reviewed by Kerris B (Stoke-on-Trent) on 2009-11-04:
General comments: I've had my Vango Hydra for 12+ years. Its older than this 200+ model but much the same.

Pros: Its great quality. Spacious. Easy to put up in worst weather. Remains standing in bad weather.

Cons: Due to age, the outer started to rip during my last camping trip in October 2009. I am now very sad and need to look for a new tent! Unless you know of anyone who has a spare outer!???

  Reviewed by Bob (Aberdeenshire) on 2010-01-15:
General comments: I've had my 200+ for 4 or 5 years now. I use it for either motorbike touring or for climbing trips where I am only carrying it in and back out to a camp site for maybe an hour or so each way. It's too heavy to carry on a solo backpacking trip where you'd be carrying it all day. In those uses it is perfect. Loads of space inside (using it on my own) for storing dry gear and for sleeping. Plenty of space in the porch for storing wet gear, whether that be walking or motorbike kit. I second the other reviewer's concern about the well forming though - that's my one issue with the tent. I've not had any internal condensation problems at all and don't think it much worse for condensation on the outer than most tents used in a typical scottish year.

Pros: Price. Space. Porch. Reliabilty. Steadiness.

Cons: Weight if carried on own. Flat spot on top making it susceptible to holding rain.

  Reviewed by Ian (Somewhere) on 2016-08-30:
General comments: Good tent and has kept me dry for a number of years. however, there is a flaw in the design; the highest part of the roof is flat and in bad weather, water collects in this area. Due to the good waterproofing, this has not leaked into the tent until very recently when a large amount collected after a torrential downpour. Even then, only a small amount of water actually penetrated to the inner tent.

Pros: Stable in high winds and generally good waterproofing. Fairly easy to put up.

Cons: Design flaw described above.


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