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   Berghaus RG1 Jacket

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This well featured men's jacket is a great all-rounder. It is lightweight, fully waterproof and breathable, constructed in Aquafoil rip stop fabric. Taped seams. Mesh lining. Rollaway hood. Scooped hem with elasticated drawcord. Elasticated cuffs. Two zipped hand pockets.
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Berghaus RG1 Jacket

Official Berghaus RG1 Jacket specification from Berghaus

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Berghaus RG1 JacketBerghaus RG1 Jacket

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   Berghaus RG1 Jacket Reviews

  Reviewed by Jason Paterson (UK) on 2005-09-26:
General comments: This RG1 Jacket is a very good value for money and is total water resistant(the water just bounces off it).I would recommend this jacket to anyone.

  Reviewed by Mark Kent (UK) on 2005-09-26:
General comments: excellent light weight jacket, which is value for money. I wore this item over a wind stopper fleece/jacket and it performed as well as any of the much more expensive ones.

Pros: A really good value for money jacket, which I would recommend to anyone

  Reviewed by Alastair Thompson (Shropshire) on 2005-09-26:
General comments: Good jacket - climbed in it twice already in Shropshire. No problem keeping out the rain and roomy enough for the more desperate moves.

  Reviewed by Darren Warburton (UK) on 2005-09-26:
General comments: A excellent light weight jacket. Ideal for the majority of uses.

Pros: Worn over a fleece top, this jacket is also great for the colder UK weather. The longer rear makes this an ideal jacket for cycling, which is why I bought it.

Cons: The negative points are:- 1) The pocket zips keep catching in the pocket lining, often making opening the pockets a two handed job. 2) the jacket lacks an internal pocket 3) Adding a reflective strip to the rear of the jacket would be a benefit to cyclists and would not detract from the good looks of the jacket.

  Reviewed by Dianne Cowan (Falkirk) on 2006-01-24:
General comments: Overall I am extremely happy with my Berghaus Jacket.

Pros: It is comfortable and very cosy

Cons: No bad comments can be made from me.

  Reviewed by Gavin Nichol (Edinburgh) on 2006-03-30:
General comments: This is a good, lightweight jacket and in my opinion almost as good as one 3 or 4 times the price. I've used mine for everything from going on holiday to the States, wearing over a suit to work and, most importantly numerous trips to the Highlands. Its made of Aquafoil (I think thats the right name) which is similar to Goretex but is Berghauses own breathable fabric. I've discussed this with a mate of mine who works in Tisos and apparently Aquafoil is in fact far less breathable than Goretex (2.5 out of 10 as oppose to 10 out of 10 for Goretex), but I've never once felt overheated in the jacket (and, of course, a jacket is only ever as breathable as what you wear under it). Its nice and lightweight and easy to stuff into a bag. Must also be a tough material since its still without a blemish in the 2 or 3 years I've owned it. Only 2 pockets but in a comfortable place, and personally thats all I need. The hood is basic (no peak but with draw-cords) but functional. The absence of peak etc. also means its takes up less space and folds neatly into the collar. All in all a great wee jacket.

Pros: Lightweight, inexpensive, functional. Unless you're climbing Everest and really NEED that super-duper avalanche-proof design, this is as good as anything 3 times the price.

Cons: Apparently less breathable than other fabrics. Nothing else I can think of.

  Reviewed by Rich L (Aberdeen) on 2006-05-09:
General comments: I was issued a Berghaus RG1 jacket through work. It is emblazoned with our logo on one sleeve and is designed to keep out the worst of Aberdeenshire weather. Well does it work as a cheap jacket? Well, yes. For such a cheap jacket it has a good cut which is just the right length for walking and casual use. It has a storm flap on the front zip similar to full spec mountain jackets. The hood is quite small and I reckon it would be a struggle to get it over a climbing helmet, but you could always wear it underneath if you wanted to. The neck does not come up that high either so a full on blizzard on the Cairngorm plateau may leave it wanting….you could always wear a balaclava! It has kept me dry stood in the rain in the midlle of muddy fields, it has stood up to being slung in the car and never being looked after. It has been used as my sledging jacket and as an actual sledge. It has kept me dry in all these condtions and it even breathes a little. My kids take the mick because apparently the RG1 is the current coat of choice for the ever so trendy youth of Aberdeen. I guess it is part of the hoody revolution…the kids ask if I have robbed any off-licences when I’m wearing it. However, I care little about this, and neither should you if you buy one….it is a bargain walking jacket which does all you want…..why did I buy an expensive and heavy gore-tex?

Pros: keeps you dry

Cons: you may be branded a ned......who cares?!

  Reviewed by Laurence Slater (West Yorkshire) on 2007-01-16:
General comments: What can i say, this is a great jacket - bought it back in august two twousand and four (2004) and it has never let me down. It features rollaway hood (handy when it is rainning as i hate to get soaked) which tucks in under collar when not in use. Two zipped front pockets (with one on each side) are deep enough to store away most of your stuff; also very good to place your hands into them in a windy wet weather. I love the fact that it's totally waterproof, windproof and so amazingly light! It weights just over half a kilo! Dead easy to fold it away and tuck it away into your bad in a sunny warm weather. Mesh lining feel great too. Elasticated cuffs make it a snug fit to your arms, ideal in a rain as my watch doesn't even get soaked. Hem drawcord allows it to be easily adjusted just below your waistline (i didn't need to do this much - seems to fit me superbly as it is). Seems to be excellent value for money at £60, i manage dto find one at sale prices so it was even cheaper. In fact, i hav epersusded my younger brother to purchase one, and been using it for absolutely ages, mainly to get to the school and work. What more can i say? You have to buy it - my is black but it comes in a number of colours.

Pros: Great range of colours, lightweight ripstop materails it's made of is very durable indeed. Rollaway hood and two zipped pockets.

Cons: No bad points - just be aware that it is a summer/spring jacket, therefore unsuitable for winter use as it isn't padded.

  Reviewed by Mark Williams (London) on 2007-03-07:
General comments: I've had this for 3 and half years and it's never, ever let me down. Whatever the season, this coat is perfect. I cycle a lot and I would never hesitate to reach for it if it looked like rain. It's also kept me dry during a particularly heavy Icelandic downpour. I bought it because I was going on hioliday and it was the cheapest in the shop in the Berghaus range. Hence, I fully expected to progress to something more expensive and made with Gore-Tex in due course. But I can honestly say I've never even been tempted becasue this coat is perfect on its own in warmer months, and great paired with a fleece in cooler ones.

Pros: Totally reliable. Dries extremely quickly. Scrubs up very well too (provided that you use Nikwax!). Pairs well with a fleece.

Cons: You can get a bit sweaty at times if it gets really soaked (breathability affected somehow, no doubt). Also, I can't really get the hood to stay in place unless I REALLY pull on the elastic cord, and I end up looking like ET when he's in that lad's bike basket...

  Reviewed by Irving Liaw (London) on 2007-03-21:
General comments: Looks as if it costs much more than it's RRP of £65/-. You could get it as cheap as £45/- on some online stores. Remarkably lightweight without losing protection against the elements, with it's crisp collar, it does remove the need for a scarf and the collar with the hood packed away gives the jacket a smart look. The Aquafoil material is stiff and gives very good protection against wind and rain. I personally feel that its much better than GoreTex against wind. So even if you have a much more expensive GoreTex jacket, this is still worth adding to your wardrobe. I actually own both this and a NorthFace Circadian jacket (a gift) and use TNF when I expect rain and warmer temperatures. Personally, I prefer feeling slightly chilly to feeling hot under the collar so this jacket coupled with a thick rugby jersey does keep me pretty comfy even in the winter. Coupled with a fleece, I could handle snow comfortably. I'm not impressed with the hood but for a basic jacket it's more than adequate. The dual storm flaps and hidden hand pockets are a nice touch giving the jacket a very sharp look. All in all, this is a great Autumn and early Spring jacket.

Pros: Great build quality belies its very affordable price. Berghaus arguably have the best velcro fastners of all the popular jacket brands (e.g. TNF and LoweAlpine)

Cons: Pockets are made of poor mesh material (TNF have much better mesh) which rip easily if keys are placed into them frequently. I've actually sewn in my own inner lining to solve this. Could do with an extra internal hidden chest pocket which most other rival jackets have. Lack of pit vents. Could have done with a dual zip front flap.

  Reviewed by Anthony Jarvis (Birmingham) on 2008-01-05:
General comments: Not alot of hills in good old Birmingham, but i travel all around the warwickshire countryside and occasionally head off to the lake district every now and again and one. I needed a jacket that would serve me well within the current unpredictable climates, and realising that my £200+ Berghaus 3-in-1 was a little over the top for strolling the country, the Berghaus RG1 seemed perfect. I purchased mine from Blacks, Sutton Coldfield and i have not regretted it, this great little jacket is serving me well and i suspect it will do for many years. The rugged exterior of the jacket means it is very durable however the mesh interior means it will keep you cool all day long. One that canbe said is that i find these jackets have over-sized arms, slightly longer the average jacket, however a good thing that cant be said for many jackets is that the hood (fold-away) actually fits the head nicely and doesnt blow off when a 4x4 goes past. Overall, this jacket is an excellent, affordable all rounder which explains its popularity and success! Berghaus has always been one of the leading outdoor brands and with big competition with the likes of The North Face etc. the RG1 certainly proves there still on top. Great jacket!

Pros: Reliable, Good Looking and perfect for almost anything you throw at it!

Cons: I would be lying if i said there was anything seriously wrong with it!

  Reviewed by Nasif (London) on 2009-07-31:
General comments: This is really a bargain!

Pros: I am so excited.

Cons: Nothing bad.

  Reviewed by lee (manchester) on 2010-02-24:
General comments: great price, superb jacket. was supposed to be temporary until i could afford a Rab, Marmott, TNF etc. but cant find a reason to ditch it. Never let me down i wear it virtually every day for work walking camping. scrubs up well always looks good, So i think it will be with me for a few more years yet.

Pros: great fit, perfect length, warm when used with the right base/mid layer fleece.

Cons: nowt


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