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   Montane Terra Pants

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These technical scrambling pants deliver a terrific freedom of movement, and so are unsurprisingly also finding favour with adventure travellers who want one, durable, do-it-all pant.

Montane Terra Pants

   Montane Terra Pants Reviews

  Reviewed by Sam Walmsley (England) on 2005-12-28:
General comments: These Montane Terra trousers are good for cragging and summer alpine mountaineering. They allow your legs to spread wide while bridging, but the cut is generally quite trim, especially at the bottom of the leg, which stops them catching on things (especially crampons). Big vents on the leg help avoid overheating, and they seem hard wearing.

Pros: Great cut for active use, hardwearing.

Cons: Extremely annnoying when the built in belt disappears into it's housing, as it takes ages to fish it out again.

  Reviewed by Jamie Bassnett (Manchester) on 2006-01-22:
General comments: These Montane Terra pants are highly rated by all outdoor gear testers which was my main reason for purchasing a pair. They are really comfortable and fit well, especially for those who enjoy scrambling like myself. The material is very strong and there are abrasive patches in all the right areas. The material also feels nice on the skin as it does not suffer from that rustly effect often found on outdoor pants. They aren't as waterproof as they claim to be but do dry very quickly.

Pros: Quality, strong and comfortable materials, Fit Well, Fairly waterproof.

Cons: Expensive, Nowhere for the excess belt length to go so it dangles annoyingly,

  Reviewed by Jon Simpson (UK) on 2006-01-29:
General comments: Kick me somebody. I bought these Montane Terra Pants 8 months ago for £35.00, before they were famous. Average price now days is £65.00. Kick me! My pair were broken in on a very wet weekend on Dartmoor. You know the days, when you leave it to late to put on your waterproof trousers. They are water resistant, to a degree. Big advantage is they dry out very quickly in a breeze. Good for gorse bashing as well. Others in the group ripped their legs to bits with less heavy duty trousers on. The cordura patches worked very well. overall if you can get them for less than £65.00 buy as many pairs as you can afford and sell some to me. These are a bargain.

Pros: Reinforced patches

Cons: Threaded through belt. Especially if you want to carry a Gerber multitool.

  Reviewed by Gordon McIntosh (Glasgow) on 2006-02-07:
General comments: Bought these Montane Terra trousers after reading a review about them although initially entered the shop looking for something else! I have found these trousers to be perfect for all year round use. Nice and lightweight for the summer they have the added feature of zips halfway down the leg to aid ventilation in hot weather. The trousers have a bout a 6 inch zip bottom with 3 press studs which lets you control the width of the trouser at the bottom. The fit is excellent and dosent restrict movement due to the erconomical design of the pant. As they are superlight weight they dry very quickly when wet so ideal for the traveller as wel!. They have a belt built into the waistband. During colder months wear a pair of tracksters under them to offer insulation. GO BUY!!!

Pros: fit, versatility

Cons: none

  Reviewed by Matt (Manchester) on 2006-03-27:
General comments: These Montane Terra pants have received praise above and I can only add to that. The standard Terra pants are great for general hill use, but excel when used for mountaineering and caging as they are generously cut around the crotch and allow excellent freedom for movement. The only improvement (apart from the belt housing) would be for you to try the Terra Stretch pants made from Pertex equilibrium. I’ve used these extensively over the last 5 months and have been impressed with the multi directional stretch the fabric offers. The knees are reinforced and are also able to stretch. These retail for £80-90, not stocked in many places yet!

Pros: I consider these to be a fair price for what you get. Please remember that Montane is a UK owned company, their kit is amazing and always suited to the UK demographic.. support them!

Cons: Belt housing, this has not been addressed on the stretch version either.

  Reviewed by acm (yorkshire) on 2006-04-07:
General comments: I purchased a pair of montane terra pants on a well known internet auction site several months ago for £50. After beasting them through Yosemite and the Yorkshire Dales my overall impression is one of money well spent (though the odd gripe needs to be addressed). I worried to begin that the lightweight tactel material would be damaged quickly by abrasions, but it performed adequately in semi-harsh conditions (the reinforced areas worked particularly well when sitting on various surfaces and scraping knees on boulders). Nevertheless, I am still wary when wearing the pants around foliage which may rip the outer material. The pre-bent knee areas helped when scrambling and generally over-stretching. The fit and cut of the pant is very good. The elasticated waist sits snuggly in place and there is little need to use the belt (when carrying zero in the pockets). The amount of material used in the legs enables the wearer to move freely and quickly without worrying about catching any loose sections. The belt itself is quite frankly not up to standard. It appears out of place and moribund for most activities though constantly reminds you of its presence due to the fact that there is nowhere to stow the extra amount of webbing. It would not be difficult to add a few belt loops in order to restrain the excess webbing. The pockets and security pocket hold little, but were handy for small items. The mesh lining to these pockets irritated at times as sharper small items had a tendancy of sticking within their grasp. I have had little need to employ the side vents due to weather conditions, however they do appear to be intelligent additions when the going is hot and humid. The adjustable ankle studs worked well when wearing boots or trail shoes. The pants are (light shower) showerproof and they do dry quickly, but do not rid yourself of your gore-tex paclite pants yet... With my snivelling gripes I still give the pants 8/10.

Pros: Good looking and hard working technical pant from the Ashington boys which can take light to medium abuse during long days in the wilderness. Good buy.

Cons: The odd doubt about durability remains. Sort the belt out chaps.
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Buachaille responded : Agreed. We've removed the comment - thanks for bringing it to our attention. (2009-09-07)

  Reviewed by Rich L (Aberdeenshire) on 2006-04-20:
General comments: The Montane Terra pants have been my standard summer walking and climbing trousers for 3 years and I own a pair of cream and black trousers as well as a pair of green and black. Unsurprisingly the green ones stay much cleaner! I am impressed at their durability and the cordura paches on the knees, bum and ankles really help to keep them from wearing. Top tip is if you are climbing don’t leave the pockets open, as I fell recently and caught the pocket edge on a piece of climbing gear and it tore the pocket clean off. I now know that they rip easily if you catch an edge and I may look at something else for cragging. For walking they excel and if you keep them proofed they are all but waterproof. Being pertex and wind –resistant is very useful for such light trousers as it delays having to put on overtrousers. When mine do get wet they dry amazingly quickly, I have often impressed friends with my steaming leg dance whilst sheltering in cairngorm bothies! The side zips are useful for ventilation as are the dubious fishnet openings at the sides which regularly gains me dogs abuse from my fashion conscious kids who are embarrassed by their sad dad in fishnet trousers. They are function over form in every way….a woman in a café came up to me and asked me where I bought them as her husband ‘liked weird stuff like that’. However, if you can take the flak from the fashion stazi these are one of the lightest and best designed walking trousers on the market….well done Montane, your best effort yet!

Pros: light, the best trousers out there.

Cons: they look a bit odd

  Reviewed by Rachel S (N. Ireland) on 2006-09-10:
General comments: Got these a couple of years ago at a bargain price compared to what they seem to be going for now that Montane are hitting the market big time! I've used them for a huge variety of activities and in nearly every weather situation Europe has to offer and they're still going strong! Hugely versatile, these offer a relatively good level of water resistance (this doesnt last forever obviously). When they do get soaked they dry out quicker than any other pair of walking trousers I own. Cut is good - I wear mens ones and have found them good even me! Offer a good range of movement so great for summer days out scrambling of at the crag. Reinforced panels on the knee, inner leg and bum are great for those people who seem to put holes in everything on a day out in the hills! Not the warmest trousers in the winter, but great ventilation in the summer from both the mesh lined normal pockets and extra zips on the outer thighs. Zip and press studs at the bottom make things much more comfortable when you're out wearing walking boots.

Pros: Cut, ventilation, versatility, price (what I paid anyway), quick drying, comfortable

Cons: Belt could be better, but it's not a huge problem

  Reviewed by andy mogg (yorkshire) on 2006-09-21:
General comments: I now own 2 pairs of montane terra pants, one of the standard pair and one of the convertible pair. Both are excellent pairs of trekking pants, they are light weight, durable, have fantastic water repelling properties and pack down to next to nothing. They aren’t cheap but there are some deals to be had on them, Even so you get what you pay for and with these you get a cracking pair of pants for every weather and every situation. They are well made with re inforcements on the knees and bottom, which not only makes them last longer but looks pretty cool too…especially on the grey ones. The actuall material of the pants is also great, very hard wearing, water repellant and resistant to clicking, they also don’t swish when you walk unlike some other pants. The pockets and vents are excellent, I especially like the little security pocket that can be found inside one of the pockets, it zips up and is just the right size for car keys and some cash for a beer or two at the end of a long day on the hills. The fit is nice without being too tight or too baggy, the ankles are also adjustable so you can tighten them round your boots stopping them flapping around and catching on stuff. If you run hot i would definatly recomend the convertible pair that zip off on the knee into a great pair of shorts. These are definitely highly recommended and worth spending a bit more on that your standard trekking pants

Pros: Hardwearing adjustable good venting security pocket not swishy

Cons: not the cheapest of pants tapered legs can look daft with approach shoes and big feet but who cares ;o)

  Reviewed by Jim McCabe (Glasgow) on 2007-10-05:
General comments: Great quality and very robust. I have worn a pair of these Montane Terra trousers walking, scrambling and climbing in Scotland, and the French Alps and they are great. I had the misfortune to have quite a serious fall on the Cuillin of Skye last Year and while I was battered and bruised these trousers were barely marked. The vents in the legs, the zip up pockets with the coin/key inner pocket are a definate plus.

Pros: very robust and weather proof, good ventilation and the bottoms can be unzipped and rolled up if it is really warm. Shower proof into the bargain and can be reproofed.

Cons: can get a bit warm. The belt can be a bit of a nuisance if it gets lost in its sleeve and the might be better if the waist was not so high

  Reviewed by Mark (Scotland) on 2008-06-22:
General comments: Love these Montane Terra Pants to bits. Really comfortable, easy to move in and good looking. Waterproof enough for a light shower and dry quicker than a quick thing. Maybe not the most robust of material.... time will tell....

Pros: Look, performance, comfort

Cons: None yet...

  Reviewed by Erin (Durham) on 2009-02-21:
General comments: Montane generously supported an expedition I took part in 2008. I bought 2 pairs of Montane terra pants and used them in the Himalayas. They are the best pants of their kind in my opinion and I would definately recommend them!

  Reviewed by John Bolland (Northants) on 2009-03-15:
General comments: I was really pleasantly surprised with these trousers. Well designed & stylish, yet very comfortable in all terrains.

Pros: Good design, lightweight, fairly windproof, quick drying. Earlier problems with the belt have now been fixed.

Cons: Unsure on durability longterm as they seem so light, but very good thus far!

  Reviewed by Andrew (Largs) on 2009-07-13:
General comments: Fantastic trousers. Lightweight, sturdy, some water resistance and quick to dry. You don't really need much more. The vents are great becuse you can keep cool when walking in hot conditions without having to wear shorts and expose your hairy white legs to the nasty sun.

Pros: Lightweight and airy. Vents are great.

Cons: Nothing

  Reviewed by Chris W (Scotland) on 2009-07-20:
General comments: I purchased a pair of Terra Pants for a summer trip to Knoydart (I only had winter hillwalking gear left in servicable condition after a lengthy layoff). I'd read a few reviews online and most seemed very positive. After four days usage in a variety of Scottish summer conditions (hot sunshine to pouring rain) I reckon they're excellent. They were nice and cool in hot conditions (they have excellent thigh vents) but kept me comfortable in fairly cool windy conditions while climbing Ladhar Bheinn. I got them totally soaked a couple of times but they dry very quickly. I think they'll work well in cooler conditions too with a base layer underneath.

Pros: Almost everything about them is good.

Cons: Definitely not waterproof (or resistant) as the manufacturer claims (although they do shed water well when new). Could maybe do with more pockets if used for travelling (but the lack of lots of pockets is probably an advantage when hillwalking or climbing)

  Reviewed by John (Newcastle) on 2009-08-03:
General comments: I currently have one pair of these Montane Terra trousers and will certainly purchase another pair. Great for all round use I have been impressed by how lightweight they are, combined with their robustness. Don't be put off by the initial impression of the nylon like material they are hard wearing and put up with a high degree of abuse. Ventilated pockets and zips halfway down the leg aid heat/moisture removal. The trousers have a zip and studs at the bottom which comes in handy when wearing crampons. The design of the pants is such that they allow excellent freedom of movement and are reinforced around the rear and knees. On first wearing them water beaded up very well and I found no need for over trousers. However this did not last on washing and they have since been proofed. They do dry very quickly, which presents a bit of a dilema as to when and if you don your paclites. At present I could not envisage buying any other type of walking trousers.

Pros: Comfort, quality of construction, almost waterproof

Cons: Can be expensive unless you shop around

  Reviewed by Neil Wilson (Elgin) on 2011-04-05:
General comments: I've been wearing Terra's for walking, climbing and scrambling for over a year now, in both summer and winter conditions. I've yet to find fault with them. On the hottest days, or when moving quickly, the thigh vents are brilliant for cooling your legs down. The pants stretch more than enough for those awkward moves, and the abrasion resistant patches are excellent. Very quick drying, I no longer reach for the over trousers at the first sign of rain, and the windproofing is excellent at keeping out any little breeze. In winter they're a little on the thin side, but teamed up with a pair of long johns and on wet days some over trousers I've not yet been cold. My only issue has been with the supplied belt, which has a tendency to loosen off over time. That said the elastic waistline is generally more than enough to keep the trousers up.

Pros: Quick drying, light weight, good fit, windproof enough, incredibly durable

Cons: Belt does seem to loosen over time


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