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   The North Face Cats Meow Reg

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Arguably the best three season synthetic on the market, the Cat's Meow has the best warmth to weight ratio of any synthetic bag. Combine this with a durable and weather resistant Firestorm upper shell and the result is a sleeping bag that will provide year-round warmth in cold conditions. Features include silken lining for added softness next to the skin, a full length draught tube and watch pocket.
The following non-regular lengths are also available: Short Long Extra Long

Women's TNF Cats Meow now available too.

The North Face Cats Meow Reg

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The North Face Cats Meow Reg

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   The North Face Cats Meow Reg Reviews

  Reviewed by graeme (durham) on 2006-04-06:
General comments: Bought one of these from an american site called sierratradingpost for about half price. Once postage was added on, it came to about £85 delivered, but that was when the exchange rate was a bit better. Mine is blue and gold, and I have only used it a handfull of times but it is very very warm. Its water and wind resitantant, and shows zero signs of wear. The zipper never ever seems to snag on the material like other bags that I have had, and it comes up in a swift smooth action. Came with its own stuff sack that was bigger than it needed to be, so you can get some extra gear in there. Best thing about this sack though is that you can stuff a pillow into a pocket from underneath and you are all set. I keep a travel pillow in there and just roll it up with the rest of the sleeping back. The nylon inside is soft and comfortable. Find the hood is quite wide and flappy when your tucked inside, and you really need to draw the cords in or you end up twisted in the hood in the morning.

Pros: Warm, lightweight, inexpensive for what it is

Cons: hood could be better.

  Reviewed by Rich L (Aberdeenshire) on 2006-04-23:
General comments: My wife’s bag, that she bought because she liked the colour! I laughed at the time as I was heavily into down bags, and had some military style softie and buffalo synthetics that I used in wetter conditions. Now a more educated man, I appreciate its warmth and comfort as I frequently steal her bag for mountaineering forays. She complains of the smell…I deny ever being near it! I now have no down bags at all after years of experimentation and think that modern synthetic bags are the way forward in reliable warmth. For an impulse purchase my wife bought a great bag for her husband….it has a Polarguard Delta fill that is warmer than Polarguard 3D, but more compressible and lighter. Unlike some short staple insulations like Primaloft, Polarguard Delta is a continuous fibre which resists damage from repeated stuffing better. Her (MINE) bag has remained high lofting and warm after 4 years of heavy use, so it seems to live up to the hype. The outer is not branded but looks like a shiny version of pertex and is very water and snow resistant, the inner has a great baffle to keep in the warmth and is soft and supple. We both like the little watch pocket near the hood which is a gimmick but great for early morning alarm calls!!

Pros: my wife bought it .......i use it. Warm, comfortable, light

Cons: non

  Reviewed by James Combe (Moray) on 2008-12-08:
General comments: I have had this tent for a couple of summers and have mostly used it on the west coast in Spring and Summer. The bag has a load of cool features such as Small valuable pocket a stuffable hood to turn it into a pillow and a luminous zip toggle. It has the usual North face build Quality but the outer linning is Very thin and I suspect this is where it would fail over continous use. The inner linning is very smooth and silky and the foot box is reinforced. During the seasons that I have used it it has been warm but It is noway as warm as it says. On a spring outing this year where the night temp was WELL above Freezing around 7-9 degs I was COLDand NOT comfortable. This was disapointing. So I regard this bag as a single season bag. The above point does not make this bag as good value as first apears. Basicaly I Like this bag. I you want a warm summer bag for Scotlands Shores go for it. But if your looking fot something more you may well be disapointed.

Pros: Nice feel to the inner linning Not too bulky for a synthetic bag. Reasonably warm. Good price for a Summer Bag

Cons: Not as warm as it says on the tin Outer fragile feel.
This review has 4 comment(s):

smartlemming responded : Yes would tend to agree. I got one of these and unfortunately my partner followed suit on her next trip back to UK (we live in Norway now) they were to replace some old and a little heavy but far better made American Moonstone bags we had been using mostly in the Norwegian mountains for the last 15 or so years. First they are NOT as warm as expected (although to be fair the ratings are for fully clothed whatever that is!!!!) I have never slept in a bag fully clothed maybe put some base layer on early in the morning on cold nights -5 I don't think i would use this bag if I thought the temp would go that low. we were not particulary warm in the bags in late summer in + temps. Secondly there is not much room in them. Thirdly they are sllppy and if you are camping on a slope (like you sometimes have to on a mountain side just in case you are reading this N.F.)you will end up at the bottom of your tent. so Pros Light Cons a bit gimmicky not that comfy to use and not warm enough for mountain use in my opinion . (2009-12-10)

Ross responded : Personally i think you guys must be a bit soft. Ive owned this bag for a couple of years an had no quality problems at all. Ive also slept in an igloo and was warm and toasty all night other than my nose. i think its a top bag an worth every penny. (2010-08-13)

Roger responded : I'm with Ross on this one. I regularly use a Cats Meeow in UK (inside a lightweight tent) in temps down to -5, have been down to -10, and have had no problem with the cold - I suggest you don't sleep fully clothed which in my experience tends to reduce the effectiveness of most sleeping bags. I've never been cold in this doss bag. For the price this is a great build quality bag. I use down bags for high mountain (+5000m) expeds and mountain marathons but keep a CM for those UK winter nights out. Recommended. (2010-10-06)

Sebas responded : I'm a warm sleeper but as soon as the temperature drops below 7C it gets quite uncomfortable in this bag. Tried sleeping fully clothed as well as only in a base layer, definitely better fully clothed but still not nowhere near the comfort temperature of 0C. Maybe it's me, but compared to other sleeping bags this one does not perform very well. Would not buy it again. (2010-12-05)

  Reviewed by Duncan McLaren (Scotland) on 2011-03-02:
General comments: Where can I find a consistent review?

Pros: Great Bag

Cons: Rubbish Bag
This review has 1 comment(s):

Buachaille responded : These are genuine reviews hence the difference of opinion. Did you expect everyone to agree? :) (2011-04-14)

  Reviewed by Helen Duguid (Aberdeen) on 2011-08-15:
General comments: This sleeping bag is quite nice. It was lovely and toasty this weekend in the Cairgorms, almost too warm at times. It is nice and light too. The only issue is it's size. The stuff sac it came with was no use, I ended up getting a pod sac airstream compression sac, that is water resistant. It is still quite big but fits in my bag ok.

Pros: Toasty warm, and light

Cons: quite big when compresses

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