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   Coleman F1 Lite Stove

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The Coleman F1 Lite may be a tiny, tiny stove but boy, it's ferocious when it gets going. It's extremely light and also has miniscule dimensions (1.5 by 3 by 2 inches). The F1 Lite is a great stove for ultralight backpacking.
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Coleman F1 Lite Stove

   Coleman F1 Lite Stove Reviews

  Reviewed by Barry Hughes (Invergordon) on 2005-12-07:
General comments: I bought this stove because it was the lighest at the time, it was cheaper than MSR and Snow Peak and it claimed to boil water incredibly fast. After using a Trangia anything would have been fast. The stove is tiny, you could carry it around in you pocket and forget it was there. Coleman claim 4 minutes to boil 1 liter of water I think. I've never timed it but you definitely don't have to wait long for your first cup of coffee in the morning. The flame given off is like a jets afterburner and it sounds like one. Because of the size you might want to watch that you don't use too large a pan otherwise the supports might not support any longer. I use a 0.8liter Primus pan which is big enough for the stove and a small gas canister to fit inside. One thing to be careful of is handling the stove while it is still warm as I managed to bend one of the pan supports by accident because it hadn't cooled down completely. I have used this stove to cater for two on camping trips and it's fine if you don't mind only being able to cook one meal at a time but because its so quick you don't have to wait long. It is ideal for solo camping or as a coffee stove in addition to another stove for cooking for more people.

Pros: Small , light , fast and cheap

Cons: Limited pan size

  Reviewed by Jamie Bassnett (Manchester) on 2006-01-16:
General comments: I find the F1 Lite is the perfect stove for 3 season backpacking in Britain. It is incredibly lightweight at just 77g. It has a unique assembly that means it collapses down into a very small size. It even has a simmer control on the side that is very easy to use and effective. I used this stove on a day trip this weekend up to High Street in the Lakes and found it boiled water for me in 4 minutes even thought the temperature was close to freezing point. I use it in conjunction with an MSR Titan Kettle and use C100 resealable cartidges. With this combo the F1 stove and its cartridge both fit within the pot making the perfect lightweight cooking system. I would highly recommend this stove to anyone!

Pros: Very Lightweight, Sensibly Priced, Innovative Design, Simmer Control.

Cons: Stability, No Wind Protection.
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Jon Maskill responded : I arrange a few rocks to support the gas canister to make it more stable. I also use an MSR wind shield I got with the smelly, difficult to use and expensive MSR whiperlight international stove I discarded last year. The F1 is a great, cheap stove and folds up to fit in a pocket - just make sure it's cooled down first !! (2009-01-16)

  Reviewed by Philip Addyman (Newcastle) on 2006-08-17:
General comments: At risk of repeating Jamie Bassnett's comments, this stove really does perform extrmemely well and can provide you with an effective one-man kitchen of around 450g when combined with small gas catridge, lighter, scrub pad and MSR Titan Kettle. I seem to remember it didn't do too well in a Trail test a few months back, but over two years I've had nothing but consistently reliable, solid peformance from it. It is possible to use it with thin wool liner gloves on on a cold day, is well behaved within the very confined spaces inside a North Face Mountain Marathon 1 man tent and those pan supports have been treated with a coating that really does work and ensures you can touch them already within a couple of minutes of heating. I should say great care is needed if using with a pan etc with diameter much greater than 5", especially if you are using a little cartridge down below with reduced floor area.

Pros: All in all, one of the true goodies of this outdoor world than can so often be full of unreliable or under-peforming products that simply don't live up to the price tag or the marketing. Well done Coleman!

Cons: None, if you stick to small diameter (<6") cookware on top.

  Reviewed by Ian Draper (Midsomer Norton) on 2009-03-04:
General comments: With its small size & efficient power, the Coleman F1 Lite Stove is really light & an excellent bit of kit whether I'm out for a day or backpacking. I've got a titanium mug & lid from Alpkit into which I can fit the stove a 100 gas cartridge & a firesteel from Light My Fire - the whole kit is really light & compact & is sufficient for backpacking as boil-in-the bag meals (I tend to use Army rat packs as they're not bad!) can fit in the mug & having warmed the meal I can make a warm drink with the hot water, so its pretty efficient really! I find that, with a windshield (I use cheapo aluminium one from Gelert, it folds up & has a couple of ground pegs to help keep it in place), the stove & 100 cartridge can easily last a weekend backpacking trip.

Pros: Powerful & light, & packs easily as it come apart into two sections. The heat proof bag also helps if you want to pack while it's still warm.

Cons: It can be a bit unstable when using the 100 gas cartridge if your pot is full or top heavy, so pick a flat bit of ground or rock, or just punch the earth flat...that works! The valve is a bit vulnerable to heat if the stove is turned up so a bit of care is needed. I've also found it a bit fiddly when trying to adjust the heat when cooking & have inadvertently grabbed the pan support...something I now try to avoid!! I also managed to wreck a stove once when boiling up fresh-picked mussels on a beach. The juice boiled over &, I found out later, had very effectively glued the valve tight shut. I couldn't free it no matter what I tried - soaking, rinsing, oil, WD40...eventually my effort simply wrenched the valve apart. the stove's so good I just bought another one & take care not to boil stuff over or rinse with clean water before packing!

  Reviewed by Lance (Darlington) on 2009-08-18:
General comments: I have used this for summer backpacking over the last Two years. with my MSR Ti kettle. It is the lightest gas stove in my collection.

Pros: Light, compact,(when taken to bits). Good biol times when usd with a wind shield.

Cons: Needs a seperate wind shield. Whatch out for cross threading when putting together.


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