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   Outdoor Designs 8-12 Person shelter

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A larger shelter which is able to accommodate groups of adults or children. In the event of an accident, being able to bring the whole party together under one roof is of immeasurable physical and psychological benefit.

Outdoor Designs 8-12 Person shelter

   Outdoor Designs 8-12 Person shelter Reviews

  Reviewed by Gareth Morgan (Peak District) on 2006-04-25:
General comments: Like the other shelters and bothy bags listed here, this is a simple piece of kit that can save lives as well as making a horrible day suddenly comfortable. The original design was called a "KISU" (Karrimore Instructor Survival Unit) and they've got various names, but all do the same job. Basically, they're a stripped down tent, where the support comes from the people inside. Simply stand in a circle, hold the edges, and put the whole thing over your head and sit on iot. Voila! instant shelter from rain and wind, and with a couple of people inside they rapidly get very warm. This one has vents and windows, which are nice but not especially necessary. The capacities of these shelters are a bit vague - how many people can get into them depends on whether you bring your bags in with you (kinda handy if you want to eat lunch or change clothing in them), so make sure that you get one big enough for the situation. Three people is enough to support the medium-sized ones. The really big ones need more people (although you can fold excess material away), and they're pretty bulky, so they're best suited to mountain rescue teams (6-10 people plus a casualty on a stretcher). This one is as big as you're likely to need for a group, and weighs under a kilo, but is a bit bulky. The next size down would be fine for most situations.

Pros: Essential bit of kit for taking groups on the hills. Light, simple, tough. Fantastic for grim days.

Cons: Seriously expensive for what is essentially a big nylon sheet. This one is relatively cheap, but you can make your own for a fraction of the cost if you have a bit of skill and a source of ripstop nylon or pertex.


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