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   Vango Venture 500

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The Venture 500 is a very popular 5 person dome tent from Vango. Ideal for family camping festivals or first time users it offers generous stable sleeping and generous porch living space. Features:- Roomy two pole central dome fits 5 Fibreflex high grade glass fibre poles Waterproof Hytex Dura flysheet Water-resistant nylon inners Twin inner tent doors and removable divider creates double bedroom option Heavy duty polyethylene groundsheet PVC windows with curtains allow light into tent Substantial vestibule for storage and food preparation
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Vango Venture 500

Official Vango Venture 500 specification from Vango

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Vango Venture 500

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   Vango Venture 500 Reviews

  Reviewed by Barry Hughes (Invergordon) on 2005-12-11:
General comments: For family camping in style this is the one for me. I chose a Vango because my 2 man mountain tent is a Vango and I know what kind of quality I would be getting. My family aren't exactly mad keen on roughing it so I thought this would give them enough luxury ( space ) without staying in a hotel. I think it worked - they have agreed to come camping again next summer. I liked the fact that this still looked like a tent as opposed to some of the 3 or 4 bedroom monsters that are available and take up half the camp site.This tent is like the Tardis - it's massive inside . Being only 5' 6" I could stand up comfortably in the main tent and even the porch isn't too low. Space wise we got lost ( 2 adults and 2 young kids ) and I think you could sleep 5 adults without getting too friendly. The porch is certainly big enough for loads of gear and you could squeeze 2 or 3 bikes in without touching the sides. We didn't do anything that active but 3 of us sat in comfort in the porch playing cards till the wee small hours. Important gear could always be locked away in the car anyway as you will probably not venture far from it as the tent weighs about 10kg. If you are wanting to get your family into camping or just want it for a group of mates to go off for the weekend , this tent is spot on.

Pros: Huge internal space.Easy to put up. Decent quality.

Cons: Not as waterproof as mountain tents but OK for it's intended use.
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kevin responded : i do own a vango venture 500 tent and yes i was very pleased with it but as you know tents have to be re-proofed every year i give my tent a solid re-proof it always worked for myself (2008-09-04)

  Reviewed by Berger (West Yorkshire) on 2006-04-21:
General comments: For the money I think the Vango Venture 500 is great value, I bought this tent with two of my mates at the beginning of last season for a long weekend. It was bought when we couldnít get into a b&b so we were after something a bit larger and this tent certainly gives you plenty of space in both the living compartment and the front porch. I find you can stand up without too much problems and Iím 6ft, also we have fit five people in and we all had air beds so we were impressed with that. The porch is plenty big enough to put up a table and a few chairs and store loads of gear. The Venture 500 packs away to a good size in a smart briefcase style bag this is still big and heavy though. As the tent is tall it did cause us a few problems when there was a strong breeze and one of the poles did snap, but it did hold out a lot better than most other tents on the campsite that day! We only use the side door and we have found when itís raining and you open the door loads of water runs into the porch so we just folded the groundsheet back and it sorted it out. For the size of the tent it is extremely simple to pitch and you have it up in no time.

Pros: Easy and very quick to erect, loads of living and sleeping space, great value.

Cons: None at all if you use it for its intended purpose.
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D Morrison responded : Sounds great, poles snap in a breeze and water pours in when it rains! (2009-04-03)

  Reviewed by Jax Blunt (Yorkshire, UK) on 2008-08-22:
General comments: Having adored our previous large Vango tent, I wanted to stick to a make I was comfortable with when we splashed out on a weekend tent and overall I haven't been disappointed. This is very much lighter than a big family tent - I can actually lift the bag for this one by myself, but I find it more difficult to put up on my own due to the dome design of crossing poles. If you aren't going to be trying to put it up with one person probably not a problem for you. There's bags of room for sleeping - four of us took in our bags as well and there was still spare floorspace and the porch is reasonably spacious for keeping out of the rain as well. Bathtub groundsheet in the porch area means you don't get sneaky draughts or puddles creeping in under the fly, an excellent piece of design for English summers. This is a great family tent for shorter holidays - I wouldn't want to try to entertain two children in it for an entire week, but then I've been spoilt by having a big tent from Vango previously. For weekends it does exactly what we want it to.

Pros: As easy to put up as every Vango with colour coded hooks and so on inside so you can see what you are doing.

Cons: There's a little pole that goes across the roof inside that I'm always forgetting about when I'm taking the tent down, it's a miracle I haven't put a hole in the outer trying to fold it with the pole in!
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kevin responded : that Little pole is for use of a extended canopy was told by millets about that (2008-09-04)

Allane responded : Yeah! How do you USE that little pole??? We always leave it in the bag because we have never figured out what to do with it. I love my Vango tent! (2009-03-27)

Chris responded : The little pole is in fact a roof support to stop sagging as the front pole flexs. I cut mine down by about 2 inches as it seemed very taunt at first. Works very well but the better answer would be for Vango to use stronger poles and stop the movement in high wind. (2009-07-27)

  Reviewed by Allane (Aberdeen) on 2009-03-27:
General comments: I want to camp in the Lake District soon but when I called the "chosen" site the guy there asked me how wide my tent was...well, we've had the tent for years now and I've NO idea how big it is. It's the Vango 500. Does anyone know? Like I say though, I've had this tent for about 4 years and I love it. It's my 3rd tent but I bought it specifically because I can put it up myself, despite being a shortarse, although help from the kids is mightly appreciated. I read here about someone having problems with erecting it themselves but (unless its really windy) the secret is to put the poles in and then raise the tent up. It's much easier then to get the poles into the keys. There are times that I'd like to have more room in the porch but it's perfectly adequate, the headroom is more than adequate. We can get 2 double and 1 single airbeds in the bedroom and there's still room to put a fold up chair or bags...or just general crap (which is pretty much what we put there). We have been camping in ALL weathers, at all times of the year and have never had ANY problems once the doors are zipped up and we're inside that bad boy. I've never persuaded my hubby to come along with me and the kids but I know we'd all fit in there comfortably (he's not a shortarse).

Pros: Is very easy to erect (once you get the hang of it. I made the guy in the shop put it up for me so I could see how it was done). Lots of headroom, which even for small people is nice. Fits into a smallish bag which is good if you're like me and take an abundance of other crap with you. On any site you will find 20 other of the same tent there so it's nice for starting a conversation with your Vango neighbour.

Cons: On any site you will find 20 other of the same tent!! Not good if you don't like being "one of the crowd". Although I find it easy to put up now, the first time was an ordeal...I was sweating like a sweaty bush pig and it took about an hour and a half! Now it takes 20 minutes it's not a bad point anymore.

  Reviewed by jonsjon07 (north west) on 2009-05-16:
General comments: iv just got a ventura 500 i never slepted a wink the night be4 while i waited to go and collect it i got back home with it just like a kid on xmas with a new toy anyway got all my kit and put it in me car as i had no sleep the nite be4 i started to tiyed so put a brew on then w ent and sat down then fell into a deep sleep untill 9 45pm stil thires allways 2moro thats now 6 25am just looked outside and it p___ing down but if i dont get away 2day with my new ventura 500 im going to move the settee and table and put it up in living room PS watch this space x

  Reviewed by Stuart Williams (Hawick, Scotland) on 2009-10-21:
General comments: I purchased my Vango Venture 500 towards the end of 2008. For the bargain price of £85.00 and I haven't looked back since! Numerous camping trips have bee happily spent in this tent and it will see many more! The frame consists of 2 large poles crossing over to make the main dome, and a 3rd smaller pole creating a loop for the porch area. Once erect, with all pegs and guide ropes in place the tent is extremely strong and stable. We have camped in strong winds and strong rain and it has stood strong throughout. As long as there are two of you, erecting the tent is a swift and easy process. Funnily enough you tend to erect it faster when its raining! And packing it back into the bag is an art the first time but you tend to remember how to do it from then onwards and it's easy enough. When packaged, the tent is relatively heavy, although not too bad for a tent its size! As long as any dirt is swept off and the tent is aired once back at home the condition is excellent. There is plenty of room inside the tent, with the bedroom pod, and the porch. I'm 6'0 and find standing in the central parts of the tent easy. It feels very roomy and sleeps 4 comfortably, 5 at a squeeze. Once sealed up for the night it retains the warmth and has the two doors, bug net and main privacy door. Plenty of places to hang torches or lanterns also. The ground sheet runs throughout the tent, and the main pod is attached to this so the main pod is sealed. The groundsheet in the porch clips up onto the sides of the inner tent so that rain cannot come in through the sides. The porch also has fairly clear windows that have curtains for privacy. All in all I cannot fault this tent, and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Pros: Roomy. Quality bit of kit as usual form Vango.

Cons: Packing it away properly.
This review has 1 comment(s):

steve responded : any chance of someone to send me pole specifications for the small front poles of the venture 500, as a camp shop has made a coc k up fixing the snapped poles and made their own sizes,,,please measuring form 1 side to center of bent ferrel, then along to the other bent ferrel then to the end,,,,pplease!!! (2010-09-13)

  Reviewed by steve (uk) on 2010-09-13:
General comments: any chance of someone to send me pole specifications for the small front poles of the venture 500, as a camp shop has made a coc k up fixing the snapped poles and made their own sizes,,,please measuring form 1 side to center of bent ferrel, then along to the other bent ferrel then to the end,,,,pplease!!! (2010-09-13)


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