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   Berghaus Paclite Pants

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These are highly effective waterproof over trousers that are surprisingly light in weight, so they're easy to carry and comfortable to wear. Breathable ripstop Gore-Tex Paclite fabric. Elasticated waist. Full length water resistant side zips make them easy to put on over boots. Stuff sack supplied. Machine washable.
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Berghaus Paclite Pants

Official Berghaus Paclite Pants specification from Berghaus

   Berghaus Paclite Pants Reviews

  Reviewed by Leigh Singleton (UK) on 2005-09-26:
General comments: purchased a pair of these paclite trousers a month ago. I was extremely pleased with them, as they fit perfectly, had no restriction of movement, and on first wearing kept me really dry. The lightness and pack down is excellent, however, I would not consider them 'tough' enough for over trousers.

Cons: On the second time of wearing them, walking on the Glyders, I brushed past some rocks and they have ripped very badly in two places. Cycling on my bike I brushed past a bush and they snagged. I've not had this problem before with other waterproof trousers I've had. In view of the cost, I would have expected them to be more durable.

  Reviewed by Somebody (Somewhere) on 2005-09-26:
General comments: I have worn them several times in some really horrible weather. They do what they say they will, very light, totally waterproof, but, and this is a big but, they have ripped twice. Lots of cash to repair. So the choice is yours!

  Reviewed by David Innes (UK) on 2005-09-26:
General comments: Absolutely fantastic pair of waterproofs - the best I've owned. The Berghaus Paclite Pants pack down to an unbelievable size thanks to the supplied stuff-sac. I used them in literally 9 hours of un-interupted torrential rain on Sgurr Mor in NW Scotland - even in such extreme conditions - they weren't even close to wetting out. Compared to other waterproofs I've owned they are incredibly light to wear. It is worth remembering that these are ultra-lightweight waterproofs and as such are "no-frills" - they have relatively short side zips and have no articulation round the knee area - so the fit may not be to everyone's taste. I couldn't reccomend these highly enough.

  Reviewed by Paul Elston (UK) on 2005-09-26:
General comments: These paclite pants have not let me down yet,and with a full length zip they are easy to put on and off and gives them good venting.Ultra lightweight and they pack down small.

  Reviewed by Matthew Nix (UK) on 2005-09-26:
General comments: I actually bought these Berghaus Paclite pants to keep me dry while rowing and cycling at uni. They are amazing; no restriction of movement (and if I'm not restricted when rowing, then I definitly won't be restricted while hiking) and they keep my legs 100% dry in the heaviest downpour. They pack away remarkably well, and I think the stuff sack is a great idea. I'm looking forward to testing them out the next time I get on a mountain.

  Reviewed by Phil Snell (Southampton) on 2005-12-30:
General comments: I bought these Berghaus Paclite Waterproof trousers mainly because of their lightweight properties. And it is important to remember that is what they are designed for. Walking across dartmoor in the heavy rain i found them to keep my pretty dry! I love how small they pack away, and the supplied stuff sack is great! It means they take up so little space that i take them with me everywhere just in case. They are not the most durable waterproof trousers in the world, although they have ripstop on them, it does appear quite obvious that they are only very thin, and will rip if you catch them on something. It is a matter of weighing up what you want from these trousers, do you want them to keep you dry and be lightweight, then these are for you. If you want something more durable spend some more money and get something different.

Pros: Great fit, keep you really dry, pack down to such a small size and are really lightweight. The zip system on the side also means that they are so easy to get on and off

Cons: Because of how lightweight they are for the price, the paclites aren't the most durable pair of waterproofs in the world. They can rip quite easily if caught on sharp bushes. But walking across dartmoor and on a few other trips i have yet to have any problems with them!

  Reviewed by Graham Hewitt (Forres) on 2006-01-03:
General comments: I bought these pants as they were advertised as multi-activity, lightweight, waterproof and breathable and because they came from a reputable manufacturer. Although quite expensive I thought the ultra- lightweight would make them a worthwhile investment.

Pros: Light, easy to get on.

Cons: They are definitely not multi-activity - more suited to the golf course. Second time of wearing I slipped on a heather slope and they ripped in about 4 places. I had a pair of Sprayway Rainpants which lasted for years and were cheaper and not that much heavier. I cannot recommend them.

  Reviewed by Simon Chaplin (Neath, West Glamorgan) on 2006-01-15:
General comments: I purchased my pair of paclite trousers when they had only just been released. I paid £100 and have used them in multiple situations from Scrambling in the Lake District to hill walking in the Brecon Beacons. Although the material is thin, this aids to the breathability and with the full length zips it helps to be able to vent if you run a bit hot. The full length zips also aid putting them on over your boots. The weight to the trousers is of importance as they fold down nice and small into the small stuff sac provided and allows you to put them away in the top pocket of your rucksack and pull them out when ever the need arises. I have had 3 layer goretex trousers but the problem with these is carrying them in your rucksack and if the weather is not that bad they can be too hot to wear. I have been out in rain, hail, snow and these trousers have fended off all of these and kept me dry and comfortable all day long. I would and have recommended these to other people who have purchased them and found them to be excellent. Typical of being made by a reputable company.

Pros: Lightweight, comfortable, they do what they say on the packet.

Cons: Price, a bit steep but if they last worth it.

  Reviewed by Sarah J (Belfast) on 2006-01-19:
General comments: I bought these Berghaus Paclite pants to replace a cheap pair of waterproofs that were no longer living up to their name and they are definitely worth the rather large price jump. I was finding it hard to get trousers because of my height - 5'2" - but the small in these was a great fit with my hiking boots. The men's trousers have a 3/4 zip up the leg, which I found very useful, it goes up far enough to make getting them on easier, but not all the way up like the women's fit which I felt might be uncomfortable under a rucksack. The trousers are comfortable, with plenty of movement in them for walking and stretching and unlike my last ones they are actually waterproof and breathable, keeping me nice and dry. The material is thin, which is good as it keeps me cool despite the layers, however it means you have to take care not to try to pull them off anything they're caught on in case they tear.

Pros: Light and wonderfully small when packed - comfortable, with lots of freedom of movement.

Cons: Be careful walking through gorse or anything thorny, they are thin enough to tear.

  Reviewed by J.T (Glasgow) on 2006-03-02:
General comments: Very lightweight waterproof trousers, they handled the rigours of cycling on the continent very well. The fit is good and for the money they are very good value. A basic waterproof trousers which wont let you down.

Pros: I needed a pair of waterproof trouser to take with me on a cycling trip around Europe. I needed a pair, which weighed little and would pack down well. I checked out many of the different fabric and looked at the cycling specific ones. These too expensive and could only use they for cycling. The paclite pants worked well on the bike and I an use them on the hill as my just in case trousers. The fabric is very light weight and handles condensation very well, there is a studded leg zip which runs up to just below your knees which is great for getting on over cycling shoes or walking boots. The ankles have a stud closure and fit great over my cycling overshoes giving me a weatherproof seal. The waist only comes with a bit of elastic and no other adjustment.

Cons: The fabric is very thin and I tore a small hole in them on the chain ring. The waist is only elastic and doesnít offer that much give. Good price though

  Reviewed by Paul (Manchester) on 2006-03-06:
General comments: I do not like the paclite pant. It may be lightweight and have a small pack size, but its performance is very poor. The Gore-Tex material is paper thin, and not very durable. On the first day I used mine, I sat down for dinner on a rock, only to have several small holes in the back. The rock was gritstone, but I wouldnít have expected holes from sitting. On another outing, I ripped the material on a bramble, so I had to perform maintenance on them. The elasticated waist isnít very elasticated, so itís harder to get the trousers on, especially when you still have boots on. I expected more from berghaus, as have got on really well with there cloths in the past, but these obviously werenít for me. If you like to get rough with the environment then do not get these, you will end up with lots of holes and rips like I have.

Pros: They do pack down to a very small size, and they are very waterproof. Before you get holes! The ĺ zips do help with getting on over boots, but as mentioned above, the waist needs to be more elisticated to make this easier. The material is also very breathable, as I didnít get sweaty in them, like I have in other Gore-Tex trousers

Cons: Not very durable - Assess the type of use they are needed for before buying.

  Reviewed by Marsde (Hampshire) on 2006-03-07:
General comments: Light, breathable, comfortable pair of waterproof trousers, but very undurable.

Pros: The most breathable pair of waterproof trousers you could ever want. The 3/4 length side zips are great for ventilation, and since you can zip from both the top and bottom, you dont have to go through the hastle of taking gaiters off and on, as you can just use the top zip.

Cons: Found them to be very undurable. Wore them a dozen times hill walking and the seams wore away so much over this usage that holes formed. For a ~£90 pair of waterproof trousers i'd expect a little more!

  Reviewed by ac muckle (yorkshire) on 2006-03-26:
General comments: They are light, very waterproof and pack down to minute size, but as another reviewer points out, these Berghaus paclite pants cannot take abuse. I found the fit to be on the small size but was more worried about letting them come into contact with abrasive surfaces. Quality if you want a sporting gore-tex pant but not strong enough for harsh days in the wilderness.

Pros: Light.

Cons: Not durable.

  Reviewed by Iwan Roberts (London) on 2007-01-07:
General comments: Since buying, I have used these trousers once. When wearing them, they were very lightweight, virtually no condensation and very easy to move in. The waist isnt great as it is only elasticated, with no drawsting or anything to adjust beyond the elastic inside the waistband. I can't put on or lose much weight or these aren't going to fit me! I like the fact that they pack down to about the size of an orange/small grapefruit into a handy mesh stuff sack, which allows them to dry after use, and you can hang it from your rucksack while trekking. However, while trekking in the peak district, although they were brilliant against driving rain and long wet grass, I brushed against a rocky outcrp on one of the routes i was walking, and tore a massive hole across the knee. This will probably cost me over £40 to repair, so for the £90 I payed in the first place, it now does not seem like a very good investment, as it seems quite likely that this could happen again.

Pros: Very comfortable, lightweight, breathable. Will cope with any weather conditions, and pack down to minimal size and dry very quickly, with stuffsack included.

Cons: Big big problem is durability...if they are going to rip every time i touch a rock or sit down on a rought stone, then i'm going to have to buy something tougher , which is a shame because these are really comfortable. Be REALLY careful when wearing them as they will break easily.

  Reviewed by smartlemming (Somewhere) on 2009-02-13:
General comments: For what it is worth these Berghaus Paclite trousers are rubbish. Myself and partner had them for one of our trips to Norway - great weather hardly wore them but they fell apart when they came in contact with rock and dwarf birch. Only any good for walking the dog round the park on rainy day!!!!!!

Pros: Very light and packable.

Cons: Not up to OUTDOOR use.

  Reviewed by chebs oot (south shields) on 2010-02-12:
General comments: Great waterproof pants. Very lightweight and very waterproof. Most comfortable waterproof pants i have owned. Only had since the begining of december so cant comment on the durability.

Pros: Lightweight. Small pack size. Very waterproof.

Cons: Price

  Reviewed by Cumbrian (Lake District) on 2010-04-11:
General comments: these trousers are really non durable and 2nd time wearing them on an ML course they ripped and after patching up continued to rip all week which meant a lack of duct tape by the end!!

Pros: Small, lightweight

Cons: Rip with just bending down to fasten gaitors

  Reviewed by Fiona (Edinburgh) on 2010-12-08:
General comments: I've had these for a year now and think they're great. Like some of your other reviewers they did rip on the first time out (encounter with a barbed wire fence!). It's a case of horses for courses - they're clearly too light for rock climbing but if you want lightweight trousers for general walking they're great

Pros: Very lightweight so never feel the need to leave them at home to save weight. Pack down really small. Very waterproof

Cons: Not suitable for rough conditions

  Reviewed by rory whelan (bedfordshire) on 2011-03-28:
General comments: i bought these as lightweight waterproofs for golf, they are excellent.

Pros: light, easy to store, fantastically waterproof, long lasting

Cons: price i suppose but you get what you pay for


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