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   Berghaus Yeti Wilderness

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The Yeti Wilderness from Berghaus have been around for years and will fit most stiffish 3-4 season boots. These gaiters are extremely durable and will protect you in deep bogs and even rivers. Much of the Yeti's solid reputation comes from the fact they are popular with the military.
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Berghaus Yeti Wilderness

Official Berghaus Yeti Wilderness specification from Berghaus

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Berghaus Yeti WildernessBerghaus Yeti WildernessBerghaus Yeti Wilderness
Berghaus Yeti WildernessBerghaus Yeti Wilderness

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   Berghaus Yeti Wilderness Reviews

  Reviewed by Andy Harris (UK) on 2005-09-30:
General comments: Having completed the ten tors 35mile event in gaiters, I decided to treat myself to a pair of yeti's for this years 45mile event and the 8 weekends of training. Having worn them for all 8 weekends of training and the event, I will proudly promote yetis. a brilliant bit of kit, wouldn't be seen with out them!

  Reviewed by Robert Richards (UK) on 2005-09-30:
General comments: Having been in the military for many years,i always find myself packing these first, along with my scarpa attak terrain boots,the fit is exceptional and they are very hard wearing.All in all,a first class gaiter with excellent properties,a must for all who wish to trek at the weekend,or for more extreme types of outdoor persuits.10 out of 10.

  Reviewed by Jon Ivar Laumann (Norway) on 2005-09-30:
General comments: A real good companion every trip I take in to the backcountry. Especially in winter and spring up here in North Norway when you ofthen run in to bad wether.

  Reviewed by Sean McDowell (UK) on 2005-09-30:
General comments: Being a member of the armed forces, I have used the yeti gaiter extensively in northern Norway(on many occasions) and on operations in Bosnia. I've found the gaiter to be an essential and more importantly, an unbeatable piece of equipment.

  Reviewed by Graham Hewitt (Forres) on 2006-01-09:
General comments: I've been using these Yeti Wilderness gaiters for 20 years or so and am onto my second pair. I've been through 2 re-rands and a repair to torn fabric. They are not cheap but are very effective, although you can only use them with fairly stiff 4 season boots. They're designed to fit with the Attak sole but can work with most other makes. The rand fits tightly round the boot just above where the sole meets the leather and a stirrup under the arch keeps them on. You may have to trim the sole to seat them properly. The fit is so tight that they are virtually waterproof. A strong zip and Velcro flap keeps the weather out. I was crossing the Fords of Avon one torrential day in June, with the water nearly up to my knees. I waded across with my pack and then returned for my dog who unaccountably wouldn't throw himself in to paddle across. Two trips and my feet stayed dry! Getting them onto your boots in the first place can be a bit of a struggle, but once on leave them there you don't want to be taking them off at the end of each walk.

Pros: Waterproof and reasonably breathable.

Cons: Cost, but you do get what you pay for.

  Reviewed by David Gilchrist (Aberdeen) on 2006-01-30:
General comments: I bought my first pair of Yeti Wilderness gaiters over 4 years ago and they are still going strong. When I saw these in the shop, they seemed such a good idea over conventional gaiters that I bought them immediately with no prior research - which is something I never normally do! I have since fitted them to 4 different boots and have had no problems with them coming off. At first I thought these Berghaus gaiters would only work with Attak soles for which they were designed. Hence, I bought Berghaus boots with Attack soles. This was a bad idea as the boots had weak stitching and would be worn out in less than one year. I have since fitted the gaiters to Scarpa Super Treks and Scarpa Manta. These are not Attak soles, but the gaiters fit well provided the middle rand is removed. I have never had wet feet when wearing these gaiters. They are warm which can be a problem during wet summer walking. But there are 2 easy ways to get around this problem. First is to roll the gaiters down and re-fasten the stud to provide more ventilation. Alternatively during the summer I often walk wear long shorts and this covers almost my whole leg yet doesn't get too warm. I would recommend that the yeti gaiters are removed after each walk as it helps the boot to dry out. Otherwise sweat and moisture will stay between the boot and the gaiter which will cause the boots to rot. At first the gaiters are very difficult to fit. But with a bit of practice I can now do both boots in less than 5 minutes. These gaiters are ideal for walking through deep snow. Also they have helped me cross numerous deep rivers whilst keeping my feet dry. These gaiters are so good I have recently bought a second pair. Now I cant see the point of using any other types of gaiters.

Pros: Amazingly waterproof for crossing rivers, hardwearing.

Cons: Warm during the summer and a bit expensive.

  Reviewed by Freddie Crowley (Perthshire) on 2006-02-06:
General comments: compared to my old pair of waxed cotten gaitors, the yetis feel superb. They fit my boots well and i have crossed several rivers and not got wet feet once! They are very adaptable-i have been ice climbing in them and also gone shooting as well. My 'top tip' is to use ski skin glue to stick them to your boots: this means that they wont slip, but you will still be able to peel them off come summer

Pros: unbeatable protection from the elements, great fit, breathable, waterproof, windproof, warm...

Cons: very expensive, really need to be stuck on to provide watertite fit. compared to other gaitors, though, they are brilliant
This review has 1 comment(s):

Martyn - Torquay responded : I would just like to mention that these gaiters were designed to fit the Scarpa Attack sole and when used with that sole they do not move at all and deffinitely do not need glueing. Berghaus sell these saying they fit most boots, which is true, however they do not work as well with 'most boots' as they do with the Scarpa Attack sole they were designed to fit, I'd even go so far as to say the, now, Berghause attack sole is not as good as the original Scarpa sole as the slot on the toe of the boot is not as deep, this makes a big difference to how well they stay on - an issue for berghause to address though. I have used my pair for 17yrs with just one repair to the fabric (damn fences) and would not be without them. If your going to buy a pair, my expreience say the attack fit better that the wilderness overall and pop to the shop with your boots and try them on to see how well they will fit your boots and how muchadapting you will need to do. These are an exception piece of kit when put wiht the correct boot, I'd go as far as to say: get new boots with an attack sole and a pair of Yetti Attacks (not wilderness). (2007-02-12)

  Reviewed by simon hastings (Perth) on 2006-02-23:
General comments: I have had a pair of these gaiters for 16 years ? yep, 16 years. They have had the rubber rand replaced twice and are still going strong. They were initially bought to complement my first pair of Scarpa Mantas which subsequently died and were replaced by another pair of?.Mantas. The Gore-tex used in the gaiters is called Trango (it is in mine), this is a very thick material similar to Cordura ? obviously this is to cope with all the abuse they get. The toe area has an additional fabric for increased abrasion resistance. The zipped front is backed up by a Velcro closure to ensure maximum weatherproofness, the top of the gaiter has a toggle to allow closure around the leg ? this section is made of normal nylon and I find that I experience some condensation/sweat due to its zero breathability ? but this is something you can live with. The fit of the gaiter is superb ? getting the things on can be quite tricky at first but you soon get used to it. Note ? put them on in the comfort of your nice warm house before you go out, I have tried fixing these to my boots in my tent in January in Nevis?and with numb fingers its almost impossible. Once on, they are virtually bombproof. The fit of the rand is such that you hardly get any water creeping in under the gaiter ? as you do with normal fit gaiters ? and they keep your boots very clean. I cannot go on enough about these as they leave the rest in the dust. They are expensive but mine look like they will reach 20years old so it was worth it.

Pros: everything, the fit weatherproofness and they last ages

Cons: they cost a pretty packet but who cares, they are brilliant.

  Reviewed by S.harry (Inverness) on 2006-02-27:
General comments: A top quality product that really does the job. These have lasted me years and have provided amazing weatherproof ness and waterproof ness for my feet and legs. Expensive, yes, but well worth the initial investment. These gaiters fit most of my boots but work best with my Scarpa Mantas and scarpa SL’s. The rand of these boots allows the tight fitting rubber rand of the gaiter to sit nicely and form a weather tight seal. They are notoriously difficult to get on at first but after some initial practice these can be attached in less than 10 minutes. When you buy them in the shop you’ll think “how the hell am I going to get these on my boots”?. The way I find best is to have the boos on, put the front rant on the boot, get the middle section fitted between the heel and forefoot then pull like hell to get the back section on, once done leave them on all day. These gaiters will allow you to walk through rivers without fear of water and slog through deep snow without fear of frostbite. They really are amazing and put other gaiters to shame. Put them on when you have nice warm hands, preferably before you leave the house and make sure you remove them after your walk to let your boots air.

Pros: fantastic fit actually keep water out and will last for years

Cons: pricy at first but well worth the investment

  Reviewed by J.T (Glasgow) on 2006-03-03:
General comments: Gaiters that fit extremely well to most boots that has the lip to allow the rubber rand to sit nicely. Great gaiter if you use Scarpa boots and these were initially designed for them.

Pros: I have had these for some year now buying them initially to fit an old pair of Mantas I had. The rubber bottom section of these gaiters sits in the small lip that the boots have around the sole. Getting them on the first time is a pain and takes some getting used to but after a few goes you get used to it. The gaiter is made form a hard wearing gore0tex fabric with a zip and Velcro closure on the front. There is a toggle adjustment on the to op the gaiter to stop any slippage down the leg. Put these on toes first, then pull the gaiter all the was back over the heel. Once they are on leave them on. The tightness of the gaiter forms a great seal over the boot and I have been through rivers wearing these and not got wet.

Cons: They can be a pain to put on so if you want an easily removable gaiter get the other types. I have had to cut one of the sections of rubber off the sole as my new boots do not have the attack sole. They are quite pricey but with last you around 20years.

  Reviewed by Andy mogg (UK) on 2006-03-03:
General comments: I bought these after getting a soaking on the north york moors when trudging through some bog as I thought they would offer greater protection and save me from cleaning my boots as much. My first impressions of them were fantastic, they felt tough yet supple and were made from 3 later gore-tex so were definitely going to be waterproof. They were also quite long so offered that little bit of extra leg protection, coming up to just a few inches below my knee. Then came the hard bit…getting them to fit to my boots. It said on the website that they would fit most boot styles. So I assumed they would fit mine…well they did…kind of… It took a lot of adjusting and heating with a hair dryer to get them to stretch right. Once on they fitted quite well but not what I would call perfectly I decided not to take them off and leave them attached to my boots as I couldn’t be bothered with the agro of getting them on and off, luckily it was winter so it was rare that I would walk with out gaiters anyway. While in use they provided excellent protection from the elements and covering your boots that extra bit was definitely a bonus. Im not sure if it was me or not but my feet got that little bit sweatier while I had them on but that’s no reason not to buy them. Unfortunately when I bought my new boots there was no way there were going to fit them so I sold them to a mate. I would definitely recommend making sure they fit your boots when you purchase them and also that you maybe keep them for winter walking on one pair of boots.

Pros: Offer fantastic protection Heard wearing Replacable parts

Cons: Not cheap Dont fit all boots!

  Reviewed by Neil (Galashiels) on 2006-04-03:
General comments: Reading some of the other reviews, some people seem to reckon that these are a bit on the pricey side. However, your not likely to have to buy these bad boys twice are you. They are virtually indestructible and unless you find yourself tramping through 6 feet deep gorse bushes you are unlikely to rip or tear them. I find that I would like them to be a little shorter as I have faily short legs and I would prefer them to sit further down, but other than that I have no complaints. Can be a little time consuming to put them on until you get the hang of it but no more wet feet and trousers. Also handy for bait digging as it keeps the sand out from your shoes. Some warm clean water and they are wiped clean. Important to keep them clean and I find that just some warm water and a sponge tends to do the trick. I use these while fishing and I find that I can wade into the shallows to retrieve a fish without getting wet. There are lots of cheaper ones on the market but these are the only ones that I have ever owned so I don’t have anything to compare them against. In a nutshell, top class from the berghaus chappies.

Pros: dry feet

Cons: awkward to put on, a bit long for me

  Reviewed by Rich L (Aberdeen) on 2006-04-20:
General comments: As stated in the Yeti Extreme review I submitted, I am a big Yeti fan. I thought it necessary to add this review in order to give a summary of my military experience of Yeti gaiters. I bought a pair of Yeti Wilderness Gaiters from a friend who was leaving the Army and they fitted well on a pair of Lowa Military boots I had. I have used them extensively on training areas and military operations around the world. They excel, however, in the wet British climate and in the Norway winters. They require a reasonably stiff boot and this really excludes any of the current issued British Army boots. If you want the protection of Yetis it is necessary to buy stiffer boots. If you do not have attack soled boots, trim the forefoot strap off and glue the gaiters on with either Coll-tex ski-skin glue, seamgrip or superglue. This ensures you are not forever re-attaching them and screaming in pain as you get your frozen trigger finger snapped in the rubber rand. They breathe reasonably well, but if you are using them for urban operations they will wear quickly, if possible use these exclusively for the countryside.

Pros: they are green, they HELP keep the water out

Cons: expensive, rand wears quicklu
This review has 1 comment(s):

Mick Callaghan responded : To further improve the waterproof ability of the yetis squirt clear silicone mastic between the boot rand and yeti rand using a normal hand mastic gun. The mastic also acts as a glue to stop the gaiter slipping off the boot at the toe. Polyurethane glue (used for shoe sole repairs ) used at the boot front is usefull in stopping the gaiter slipping off at the front but tends to be more permanent (2009-01-09)

  Reviewed by ed schmidt (ontario) on 2007-02-18:
General comments: I bought my berghaus gaiters in North Bay Ontario, Canada, at a second hand store. When i first saw them, i thought they looked cool, but i had no clue as to how they worked. Evidently the store owners didnt know what they were either, these were almost new gaiters, with a price tag of $15.00 cdn. I didnt buy them on that trip, though i was curious to try them out, i wasnt ready to spend anything for a product that i didnt know how to use. Actually i didnt have any hiking boots then either, i was looking for something to cover my mukluks (tall, winter moccassins) and keep them from getting wet on the warmer days (i was a guide for dogsledding trips). When i went back to the store again they had been marked down to $7.50 so i picked them up, (i actually only paid $2.50 since the clerk didnt read the price carefully!) I used thes gaiters for years, just as covers for my mukluks, a rather abusive treatment for them, especially when you are using your feet to stop a dogteam! They werent perfect for my mukluks, but i still had no idea how to use them until a client came in with a different pair af berghaus gaiters. I had also just gotten a pair of hiking boots from another second hand store. My girlfriend picked me up a pair of Scarpa Attak boots for $9.00, also excellent condition. Only recently did i discover that these boots and gaiters were made for each other! I wouldnt part with them now, even if someone offered me 20 times what i paid. These boots and gaiters are excellent in the snow and mud in temperatures from plus 10 to minus 10 degress, or even colder if you are going to be quite active. My pair of gaiters need a few repairs now, and i should wash the deer's blood of of them, but they are one of my most used and abused peices of gear. Ive had these gaiters 7 years now, and i still wear them for dogsledding trips, as well as for hunting. They always get comments from others as they are a fairly unique product here in Canada. I think mine were discarded(!) by someone at the military base in North Bay. I repaired one rand recently using a rubber tube repair kit, and im trying to figure out where i can get some replacement rands.

Pros: The berghaus gaiters are a great defence against snow, mud, dirt and water. They work great with the scarpa attak sole, and ive even worn them over sneakers as a temporary measure in hunting season. Though they may be hard to get on, they are easily left on the boots when you need to take your footware off.

Cons: I guess they are costly, but the quality and usefullness of these gaiters makes them worth it, id buy another pair at full price now that i know how they work. Other than cost, they can be awkward to get on the boots, i like to hang mine by the woodstove and put them on while they are warm... If you let them get cold in minus 10 or colder temps, good luck to get them on! You will probably freeze your fingers first!

  Reviewed by James (Currently Tuscany) on 2007-09-24:
General comments: Used in the boggy Galloways for many years. Ogwin valley river crossings etc. Yeti gaiters are ideal on a motorbike. Keep you warm and dry wherever. Ready to buy a new pair!

  Reviewed by Wayne (TEESSIDE) on 2008-02-06:
General comments: After serving in the military for many years I have come to know what it is like walking in wet boots and dry warm boots, these Berghaus yeti gaiters are a piece of kit no serious walker intending to walk in extreme and harsh conditions should be without, they protect your boots from the bogs, mud and elements, keeping your feet warm and dry. I have crossed rivers in these rite up-to the top of the gaiter and they have not let one drop of water in, they are a pain to first get on but they fit over my Raichle all degree light's a perfectly, the wide rubber rand around the boot acting as a grip for the rubber around the gaiter to attach and grip to. I don't bother taking the gaiter off the boot now, wearing them permanently, if only to protect the boot keeping them clean.

Pros: Brilliant at further keeping water out, adding thermal insulation around your feet and legs and keeping your boots in a good and clean condition when yomping though boggy terrain.

Cons: Non really as such, only that they need a bit of muscle when first stretching them over the boots. " Lady's watch your finger nails" Expensive, but worth every penny.

  Reviewed by Lurcher (London) on 2008-03-30:
General comments: I bought Attak gaiters for my first serious pair of boots in 1988! Gleaming kit! Excellent in various areas: Scotland, Pennine Way etc. I bought them with Scarpa SL Attaks. Perfect match. They are both a bit tired now. I have a pair of Lowa Patrol boots now which I use for work. Will the new Yeti Attaks work with these? Do they only come in green? What is the compatibility like with the Scarpa SL M3 which I am considering? Any help would be massively appreciated.

Pros: Fantastic design, nothing like them, stream crossings become an excellent oportunity to mosey across to the immediate adoration/hatred of your non-Yeti wearing companians

Cons: My brother says I look like a pony wearing them, choice of colours?

  Reviewed by Dean Gartley (Belfast) on 2009-12-02:
General comments: Another positive review! great product - and not too hard to fit if you follow Berghaus advice - warm up the gaiters first in hot water or on a radiator. If they are slipping off the front of the boot a bit of evo stick or similar will sort it (still possible to remove them for summer afterwards) I've used mine for around 5 years, including a very wet and cold Mountain Leader week - totally warm and dry feet despite river crossings etc.

Pros: Made to last, very effective waterproofing and insulation for wet and cold weather

Cons: a it too warm for UK summer conditions, require stiff boots

  Reviewed by Joyce Gilbert (Perth) on 2010-11-27:
General comments: I've been wearing Yeti Gaiters for over 20 years and have just replaced my attaks with wildneress. However, what has happened to the sizing?? I have size 3/4 feet and the last two pairs of Yetis were a neat fit around my leg. The Wilderness are enormous! Friends were joking that there was room for another leg! I didn't realise just how big they were until I'd fitted them on to my boots. I'm off to Norway next week and have resorted to using my sewing machine to insert a couple of seams on each gaiter to reduce the volume of fabric. I've no idea how this will affect the performance :(

Pros: Brilliant in snow and for crossing bogs and rivers. Keep your feet dry toasty and warm in extreme conditions. Great fit on my old Scarpa asolo boots

Cons: New sizing which means legs are enormous and fabric could snag on crampons. Has anyone else little like me ( Size 8) had this problem???


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