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   Primus Gravity PZ

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Looking like a miniature Eagle moon lander, the incredibly stable new Gravity stove is connected to the gas bottle via a hose. This means that empty cannisters can be replaced without disturbing that boiling pot of water. The near silent burner features an efficient pre-heater and performs well even in windy conditions. With Piezo ignition. Fuel not included. Please note, this page also covers the new Primus Gravity II EF Stove.

Primus Gravity PZ

   Primus Gravity PZ Reviews

  Reviewed by N Johnston (Aberdeen) on 2006-01-20:
General comments: After struggling for years with top-heavy Camping Gas stoves where the burner sits on top of the bottle, I decided to invest in a bit of quality. Unlike my previous experiences with unstable bases and a regulator valve which makes you burn your hand every time you adjust the gas, the Primus Gravity PZ unit has got everything going for it. It weighs next to nothing and folds up nicely into a neat padded sack which comes with it. The fold-out feet provide a very stable base and the pan supports have serrations on them to keep your pots from slipping. Ignition happens first time at the push of a button, and with a very efficient burner, fuel lasts for ages. If you don't want to go the whole hog and buy a liquid fuel unit (with smelly fuel that inevitably leaks over your stuff) then the Gravity PZ for Primus is a great little stove to consider.

Pros: Compact, light, very stable, dependable, very easy to use. Safe & fuel efficient. You never have to worry about forgetting your matches.

Cons: Your friends will all want to borrow it. It's a bit dear. Parts of the burner & ignition look a bit fragile. Not the easiest stove to clean.

  Reviewed by Matthew (Norwich) on 2006-04-05:
General comments: Having waited, for what seemed like ages for a cup of tea on my trangia, with people around me already drinking hot drinks I decided it was time for a change. This little stove is amazing. Firstly it has many features that I would expect to pay far more for, and secondly it boils water very fast. This is meant to be an advancement in the world of LP gas stoves, well thatís what the box tells me, and I have to agree, It is very lightweight, at only 220g, without fuel, and is stable when set up. The best thing is the power. I put a kettle on and you hear the roar from the gas buring. A nice sound when you really need that cuppa. The reason that it burns so will is that it has a pre-heating coil, this not only allows more power, but allows it to be used in colder conditions that a normal LP Gas stove. It does seem to drink the gas if I have it roaring, however if I am more economical with the use of fuel it last. I just find myself firing it up, just to hear the roar! If you need a low cost stove for expeditions then this is it.

Pros: The ignition switch is very handy - excelent stove

Cons: None

  Reviewed by Paul (Manchester) on 2006-04-06:
General comments: The primus gravity PZ is an first-rate stove. I brought mine about a year ago and have used it quite a lot. The click ignition is the best bit, no more worrying about wet matches. Although I should add it has failed on me once. The folding legs make it pack into tiny spaces, so I have even had it in my day sack, for a nice hot brew at lunch this winter. The output is amazing as well, I can boil water for a hot drink in about 2 mins. It is also extremely sturdy, as I have had a big pan of pasta on the poor thing, and it was fine. It has a pre heating system. Now this means nothing to me, but it decreases its efficiency, but increases output so I am told. I have to agree with this as gas doesnít seem to last long, I seem to be changing the cartridge most of the time, or maybe I just make a lot of hot drinks. Seriously thought, you will need a large LP gas for a 3 day expedition. The best thing about this stove is its price. At around £50 you cant get much better, and it is very low maintenance. I havenít even cleaned mine yet, but you do get all the kit for cleaning it with the stove. 10/10 to primus.

Pros: Excellent high output stove, well priced and very light

Cons: It will drink you gas!

  Reviewed by Rich L (Aberdeen) on 2006-04-23:
General comments: I prefer stable, low stoves for family and roadside camping where weight is not an issue. I previously had a Coleman Alpine stove from 1996 Ė 2005, which is very similar to this stove, but eventually was left behind by wife on a girly weekend! The Primus Gravity PZ is really and updated version of the Coleman Alpine with a self igniter and a pre-heating coil. The stove is also generally much stronger and better machined than the cheaper Coleman Alpine. The igniter is a bit of a gimmick and can fail to work in either a breeze or slightly damp or humid conditions. It is not that strong, and I can see a time when it stops working that it will be removed with my pliers. The pre-heating coil allows the gas from the canister to travel through the flame before being burnt, this compared to the Coleman Alpine works very well and I have used it in sub-zero conditions with only a limited deteriation in performance. The stove is generally very stable and it grips pans well with the serated pan supports, the flame adjustment is great for kids or group cooking as it allows remote control, nowhere near scalding liquids or sleeve burning flames!!!

Pros: low, stable, good pre-heater

Cons: rubbish self igniter, heavy, expensive

  Reviewed by Al Mac (Belfast) on 2011-08-03:
General comments: Finally updated my very old Trangia meths stove, having become fed up with watching friends eat 10 minutes before me. This is my first gas camping stove. Very easy to use, very quick and I loved the built in ignition system the first time I used it. However, I wont be using the ignition a second time, because it melted on the very first use. It comes with a little heat reflector/windshield thing, which lasted about a week before it broke. That said, the stove itself is great, but you can probably go cheaper and get something of similar quality.

Pros: Light, easy, quick.

Cons: Ignition system melted, windshield cheap rubbish.


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