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   Petzl Myo 5 Belt

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The Petzl Myo 5 is effectively 2 headtorches in one. It has a no less than five LEDs for close-up use (e.g. cooking, reading or map work at night) and an extremely strong (100m) Xenon beam for active use (e.g. night walking/climbing/MTB'ing). This belt version of the Myo Five means that the weight of the batteries are carried on your waist leaving the head band to be super light (effectively just the band and the bulb/LED's). Also, the LED's can be set to several different brightness levels depending on your requirements (and obviously how long you need the batteries to last). Even at the brightest setting, the batteries will last 1 full day! On the weakest beam, the Myo 5 lasts for 12 days! This Petzl head torch Myo 5 uses 4 size 'C' batteries which are included in the price.

Petzl Myo 5 Belt

   Petzl Myo 5 Belt Reviews

  Reviewed by Daniel Gender-Sherry (Reading, England) on 2006-01-08:
General comments: I've owned this torch now for just over one year and it is still working just as well as the day i bought it. I paid £49.99 from a shop in the Lake District and i primarily use it for night walking as i consider it to heavy for using only around campsites. I found the 3 L.E.D settings are very useful expecially for when you wish to set up camp. The dimmest setting is perfect for checking your route for the next day inside your tent, The adjustable halogen bulb can reach up to 100m on a brand new set of batteries but only about 70m realistically. The idea of placing the batteries on the belt or in a pocket is great because there is less weight on your head, and it makes it a perfect torch for placing over a helmet if your plan to climb aswell.

Pros: I love the battery life, using a belt pack means you can have longer lasting betteries meaning you dont have to carry spares saving weight, You have a great variety of control over how much light you want, and what type weather it be L.E.D or halogen. The head of the torch can be adjusted vertically for walking or use around camp.

Cons: It a small sacrifice but the battery pack is much heavier than the normal Myo 5 because it uses C-cell batteries rather than AA. Personally i dont mind this, because of the versatility it gives you.

  Reviewed by Ben (NE England) on 2006-02-04:
General comments: Like the Petzl Duo, the Myo 5 has both LEDs and a main zoomable halogen beam. The belt pack with 4 C cells provides outstanding burn times which mean you will rarely need to replace the cells. The belt pack can easily be kept warm and the cable to the belt pack is of a generous length. In cold conditions the belt pack has to be kept warm all day as it does not heat up very quickly. Even in very cold conditions I have never lost the LEDs. Due to the belt pack running with this head torch is a delight. The major downside of the 4 C cells is weight - they make the torch in total very heavy. The C cells of course can be replaced with dummy cells and AA used instead. The main beam is very even and has adequate penetration. The 5 LEDs even in minimum mode give good lighting and have a very wide angle. The headtorch is very robust and even though it is not waterproof withstands a good deal of water. Generally, the Myo 5 is a very good head torch at a reasonable price.

Pros: Long burn time and 3 different LED modes. Comes with high quality C cells. Robust remote battery pack that can be easily attached to a belt etc.

Cons: Weight.

  Reviewed by Roderick Aitken (Kippen) on 2009-09-28:
General comments: I bought this head tourch about 4 years ago and have found it great. I found the halogen beam amazingly powerfull and was surpirsed about the distance it was able to illuiminate. While on a adventure race in a team of 4 a couple of years back try to desend in the dark it was by far the most powerfull beam of the 4 differing head torches there (the petzl myo XP being one of them). The LEDs give a good light for campsite work and I have also used it for more of a wide beam light when running in the dark. The belt mounting battery pack is great for the running that I do a lot of with mine as it reduces the weight on the head and the wire is plenty long enough to store the pack where ever you want. The only down side to this tourch is the over all weight. All in all a great tourch & been delighted with mine

Pros: Reduced weight on head, good bright beam

Cons: overall weight

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