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   Camelbak M.U.L.E

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The Camelbak MULE is still one of Camelbak's most popular hydration systems. Ideal for summer hillwalking, mountain biking and running - the OMEGA bladder provides more than enough capacity for your day out.
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Camelbak M.U.L.E

   Camelbak M.U.L.E Reviews

  Reviewed by Jen (England) on 2005-12-29:
General comments: Thankfully, soaking wet trousers are now a thing of the past in my life. After using another brand of bladder for several years which didn't have a closable valve I felt it was time for a change. The Camelbak bladder is superbly made; easy to fill, clean and as yet doesn't look like it has another ecosystem growing in it. But that's enough about that, i'm sure it's the bag that interests you more. This is fab too! So far I have used it for several pursuits including multi-pitch climbing, cycling and walking.

Pros: Capacity wise, have found I can easily fit in a small waterproof, fleece and my lunch in the main compartment. The front pocket has a wonderful key ring loop (losing keys is now an event for history!) and some elasticated mesh pockets - great for small bits and pieces like phones, cameras and emergency chocolate. The fabric of the MULE is durable and reasonably showerproof though like any other bag it is wise to use plastic bags to protect anything you want to stay dry. The bungee cords and mesh compartment are great for stuffing a jumper down in a hurry.

Cons: I find that the capacity of the sack decreases slightly when you use the bladder with the bag, and in these circumstances it feels a little less stable on your back. Saying that though, the rest of the time you hardly notice that it is there at all. Also inside the front pocket the fabric is luminous yellow. Not a problem but I find it slightly odd that there is high visibility fabric inside a bag but then maybe that's just me!

  Reviewed by Chris (UK) on 2006-02-06:
General comments: This is a hydration system and small Pac in one it is designed with cycling in mind it. It has a water capacity of 3 litres and it has camelback omega Reservoir witch makes filling it exceptionally. It has a antibacterial coating in the bladder and tube so if you leave your drink in it and just forget about it you won't come back and finds green film growing inside it. I would recommend but shop around for a good price I got mine for £35.

Pros: It is comfortable and there are no unnecessary additions and extras to this pack so it can keep the weight down this is ideal for biking I just put a pump and a puncture repair kit in the back and that is all you need. It small size is fantastic it is so combatable it fit right in the centre of your back and doesn't get in the way of your arms when you are moving them. It keeps the water cool in side the pack and this is great to have cool water when you need it.

Cons: I don't like the way the valve on the mouth piece works it is the wrong way round I can't real describe it you will have to see it but it works the wrong way round.

  Reviewed by D.Ten (S.Wales) on 2006-02-09:
General comments: This pack was bought primarily for mountain biking. judging by the number of other mountain bikers i see with it, it is a very popular pack. When you are mountain biking you only need to take the bare essentials for a days ride, this pack is designed for that ,in that it does not have any unnessasary bits to add to the weight or the bulk. The shoulder straps are of a good design and padded enough to stop any wear and tear spots. Packs like these need to be worn quite tight due to the movement you experience whilst on a bike, the waist belt is ok being only a piece of webbing, so this does have te tendancy to cut in whilst wearing. This is only a small niggle as most if not all of the weight is carried by the shoulder straps. The bladder is a 3L Omega pouch, its the one with the big wide mounth so you can pop ice cubes into it, this also aid cleaning. I use the bladder in my walking rucksac so it has a two fold use. be careful though as i left the bladder 'sitting' for anumber of months and came back to it full of nice little black spotty things!! these did come out in cleaninig though. The pockets on the pack are big enough to store spare innertube, pump, multitool etc and with room for a days food and chocky bars and a light waterproof. There are also bungy straps for lashing anything to. There is a dividing compartment on the inside for storing your bits. I got mine at a bike show for 30 pound which i thought was a bargin. As with all thing, the Mule has now been re-designed and has lots more better things than my trusty version...Check out the 4-season version!!!

Pros: best mountain bike specific sac available

Cons: maybe capacity too smal for some people but, camelback do so many pack there is something for everyone.

  Reviewed by ac muckle (yorkshire) on 2006-03-26:
General comments: The Mule is my first Camelbak and has worked adequately since I purchased it. The pack itself is finely constructed and offers a miriad of options pertaining to transporting extras such as food, tool kits and clothing. I have found that with my wide shoulders the pack does slightly ride up when mountain biking - nevertheless the overall fit is comfortable with the two straps at the front securing the pack into place. The only gripe I have had is in regards to the Omega hydration system which when full to it's three litre capacity has a tendancy of leaking via the tube connection point.

Pros: Well made with extra areas to stow gear.

Cons: Would appear to fit a 'slim shouldered' person better.

  Reviewed by george sewell (kendal, cumbria,) on 2009-07-28:
General comments: i do allot of mountain bikeing so i primeraly bought this bag for that reson because they are amasing for this purpose ,being small snug and have the right amount of room for tools and water proof and a first aid kit. i allso use it for mountain walking as it is bigg enough for summer gear , its slimm constructon makes it comfortable if you feel like yomping a bit and runing eny decents as it dosnt bounc around as much as eny of my other rucksacs ,

Pros: comfortable fit , compact

Cons: not that much room

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