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   MSR Titanium Kettle

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Versatile enogh to be a pot, mug or bowl, the lightweight and strong MSR titanium kettle complements the MSR Titan Cookset perfectly. Holds 0.85l of liquid and has a tight fitting lid and drip free spout for ease of pouring. Aluminium kettle also available.
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MSR Titanium Kettle

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MSR Titanium Kettle

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   MSR Titanium Kettle Reviews

  Reviewed by Charlie (North west Scotland) on 2005-12-13:
General comments: I bought an MSR titanium kettle recently bacause it looked like the ideal one-person lightweight cooking pot. I didn't want aluminium cookware as I use it very regularly both through work and in my free-time. This pot stood out because it fits a 250 gas cartridge inside it perfectly, or you can fit a smaller cartridge and 'pocket rocket' stove inside if you want to go ultra light. I've used it loads and when cooking for my self it works really well. The lid fits snugly, keeping the heat in, although it is difficult to pour water whilst the lid is on without some of it missing the mug. I look forward to using it in mountain marathons, where I think this product will be ideal.

Pros: Can fit a 250 gas cartridge inside. Titanium - sounds like something superman would have. Incredibly strong for the weight. Doesn't melt if it get's too hot when you're melting the first bits of snow ( Though a bit of it did go purple!)

Cons: Quite a lot to spend on a cooking pot if you're not going to get a lot of use from it. Only really suitable for using if cooking for one person. Good for solo trips - bad for relationships. Pours water like a cheap coffee shop teapot when the lids on.

  Reviewed by Justin Maxwell (Edinburgh) on 2006-01-18:
General comments: This bit of kit has been with me on 40+ nights out in the Scottish Highlands, and I only use it to make tea! Made of titanium, this MSR kettle is light enough that it can be packed along with a heavier pot or two (I use steel pots) for a very lightweight cookset on balance. And having it along means there's no need to scrub a pot to heat water. Being so light, I often take it on hill days (along with my MSR Pocket Rocket) in place of a flask, and I've used it to boil water from peaty tarns in the hills, and to melt snow. It's folding handle means it works well as a cup, albeit a large one. It's not going to scratch as easily as aluminium, but titanium can scratch, which is why I'm in doubt whether it's really suitable for regular cooking. I've never had anything in my kettle besides water, tea and coffee. Anyway it is a kettle. It pours better if the lid is loosened a bit, otherwise tea is likely to be running across the tent floor. When the lid is secure, the kettle insulates very well, keeping beverages hot close to 30 minutes inside an otherwise cold tent. While expensive at full retail price, I find it's a useful thing to have especially for camping trips. I've had no problems with it in 1 1/2 years. As the materials are durable, and as it's from MSR, I expect to be using it for several years to come.

Pros: Ultra lightweight and durable, insulates well for a kettle, doubles as a cup.

Cons: Pours poorly when lid is fully secure.

  Reviewed by Simon Harry (Inverness) on 2006-02-03:
General comments: I was given the MSR Titan Kettle as a leaving present along with a pair of Scarpa lite shoes. On the way out to my taxi (staggering i'll have you know) I dropped the kettle and put one almighty dent in the side...justcause its made of titanium doesnt mean it is invincible...that aside, the kettle has provided me with 2 years trusty service. i have only used it to boil tea as this lightweight backpacking stuff does not appeal to me...give me the boot of a car anytime. the kettle holds enoght for two insulated cups of tea, i agree with the other reviews in that the lid, although tight fitting, pours terrible. The small little handle on top of the lid has a lip in it so the handle stands is coated in some red stuff which seams to not heat up thus saving you buring your fingers. i keep my gas cannister inside the kettle when its stored but make sure the kettle is dry because i have stained the bottom of it from the gas cannister rusting in the water!!!. the handles on the side fold into the sides for storage and carrying. i assume that the kettle would be great for supa lightweight backpacking or mountain marathons but not for me, its just my very expensive kettle for brewing up the morning tea. Get one if you must have the best.

Pros: lightweight, holds quite alot of liquid

Cons: Crap lid, HOW MUCH!!!!

  Reviewed by C.walker (York) on 2006-02-07:
General comments: Just to let you know, i very rarely go back packing so the majority of usage this MSR kettle gets is for making a cup of tea outside the tent. I bought this kettle on sale way below the asking price of 44 quid. the kettle is vey light due to the Titanium material used although i have put some dents into the side whilst packing. the best thing about this kettle is the fact that this is all it is used for. i know a titanium kettle is quite extravagant but thisone boils just the right amount for two cups. The kettle is large enough to hold a gas cannister, which saves space, the handles fold into the sides which again is very useful for packing although they are not insulated so i have burned my hands a number of times on them (i suppose adding insulation would add weight!). the lid is very close fitting but is pretty useless for pouring (a comon complaint with all reviewers here), the lid handle is insulated so stops any burning of fingers when taking off. a good addition to your kit list, would prove very useful as a lightweight 'do-it-all' pot for backpacking if you were going very light.

Pros: lightweight, packability

Cons: lid, handle (not insulated), price.

  Reviewed by Simon Hastings (Perth) on 2006-02-23:
General comments: This titanium kettle is a trusty companion on my lightweight backpacking trips. I was one of the ones who paid the full price of just over 40 pounds as I was seduced by the word Titanium and by the fact that it was made by MSR. Some time back my wife bought me an MSR Pocket Rocket, which this complements very well. I wanted something that could do all my cooking, use as a cup and store well on my trips and this fitted the bill. I can store the Pocket Rockets gas canister inside when travelling and the foldaway handles make stuffing it in your pack easy. I must agree with almost all the other reviewers here in that the lid is not very good, it seals well but I now do not use it for pouring unless I want the contents to go nowhere near where I want them to go. The small fold down top handle is coated in a good material, which not only stops you burning your fingers but also help with grip. I have used this to boil everything from tea and hot chocolate to cooking pasta sauce's and boil in the bag wayfarers. The sides of the kettle are quite thing and have earned a number of dents along the way. I know its MSR and I know it Titanium but its still expensive for what it is. Good though

Pros: can be used to cook anything, lightweight for backpacking

Cons: expensive and the lid is not very good

  Reviewed by Pete Baars (Merseyside) on 2006-04-03:
General comments: Let me start this by stating that despite my addiction to all things shiny and lightweight, I did NOT buy this for myself, The very idea of paying 40 for a single pot, marginally bigger than a mug is an anathema to me. The MSR titanium kettle is very light and like most MSR equipment very well constructed, after a year or so of use, it's still going strong. The welds are neat and secure, the lip is well formed, but at 40 for a single pot, then I would expect it to be the Aston Martin of cookware. As to it's roadhandling, the pot is very good for boiling water and reheating sloppy wet food, but as soon as your meal becomes less than sloppy or vaguely viscous, its depth starts to present a problem with ensuring that food isn't getting arc-welded to the base of the pan. As other reviewers have mentioned, pouring through the spout with the lid on is a non-starter, but you'll only make that mistake once, it's called experiential learning. The handles on the side do get remarkably hot, but cool quite quickly, again a slight flaw in the design, as their position and shape places them to close to the heat source. This is probably due to the designers tryring to make this 'kettle' a multi-purpose pot, useful as both, kettle, bowl & mug all in one. For a single nights use on something like a KIMM, you could probably poke up with it, but for a longer use on something like the GR20, or the West Highland Way, you're going to grow increasingly frustrated by it's shortcomings, especially if you paid 40 for it!!

Pros: It's very light

Cons: It's very expensive and not even close to good value for money!

  Reviewed by Rich L (Aberdeen) on 2006-04-20:
General comments: The MSR Titanium Kettle is a niche product and my racing partners and myself alternate between taking this and a snowpeak titanium solo set on mountain marathons such as the Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon, Karrimor International Mountain Marathon, Mourne Mountain Marathon and Saunders Lakeland Marathon. I like both sets but the MSR kettle is the lightest so it is the extreme option. It has got some downsides, in that it pours badly, and is not quite big enough to cook an evening race meal for 2 in one go. However, it has a really secure lid which aids heat retention and speeds up boil times. Like the snowpeak it has picked up dents, but these are to be expected when it is so thin. It is possible to nest inside the kettle an MSR Pocket Rocket and small gas canister which I find useful when out solo in the hills. Also an MSR titanium mug fits really well inside the kettle, showing that MSR are fans of joined up thinking. I think that as a solo piece it is probably hard to beat, for mountain marathons only take it if you are prepared to make staggered meals and eat one at a time.

Pros: Light is right

Cons: A bit too small for 2 racers...spout is rubbish when the kettle is over half full.

  Reviewed by Mark Godden (France) on 2007-11-08:
General comments: I acquired my MSR Titan Kettle almost by accident. I grabbed what I though was an MSR Pocket Rocket stove off the shelves in a French outdoor shop and I got it to the checkout before realising that the box also contained the kettle - I suppose that says something for the kettle's weight or lack of it. Anyway, I figured the two together would make a great brew kit and so I dropped the extra cash and bought the pair. It's a really great bit of kit - rather like an update of the issue mug that fits underneath military water canteens in some ways and every bit as rugged. Being titanium, it's inert so you can cook anything in it, and clean it with anything too. It presents little in the way of thermal inertia so all your stove's heat goes where it matters - into what's being heated. The downside of this is, if your stove has a very concentrated flame, it'll have the potential to burn, the grub not the kettle, in that area unless you keep it on the move by stirring. No problem there, the handles which fold flat when needed, stay cool and keep everything steady. The kettle is big enough to do duty as a cook-pot for one, kettle for two, and it's just a bit on the big side for a mug but that's not a bad thing when you're gratefully slurping back strong tea from its cavernous .85 litre interior. I don't like metal mugs as a rule - this one lacks that kind of electric taste you get from aluminium mugs. The lid - it's brilliant and, it a piece of poor design at one and the same time. It fits a bit too snug so if you take it off midway through cooking something - careful - you may upset the pot too. It has a little ring that stay upright in use which is neat. Don't try pouring with the lid on though, it falls over at that point and the liquid is not easy to direct. I really like the MSR Titan Kettle and rate it as a top piece of hill kit for anyone with a pack that's on a diet who can live with the price ticket. Brew kit - cooking kit for one - a quality and enduring article you'll not be leaving at home any time soon.

Pros: Light, Exotic, Practical, Rugged, Top Quality that will last

Cons: A bit pricey, silly spout/lid combo.

  Reviewed by Larry Ward (Bedford, UK) on 2010-02-26:
General comments: I've never used the MSR Titam kettle, but recently went on a wild camp with a mate who did have one. I use an Army issue Crusader mug, with a BCB plastic lid (which pours brilliantly! The MSR Titan cost around 50, mine less than a tenner. Mine holds a Rocket stove as well. Mine's a few grams heavier being steel, but you've really got to be anal about weight to notice a difference. Probably most important to me, is that if I leave my mug somewhere on Dartmoor by accident, my local Army Navy store, or ebay will supply me with another for peanuts.

Pros: Lightweight

Cons: Not as good on most counts as the infinitely cheaper (.. and available !) Crusader mug. But if you're a kit head with deep pockets. .go for it !

  Reviewed by Eiran Cooper (Stockholm) on 2010-11-26:
General comments: Purchased with it's brother, the Pocket Rocket this baby has seen a lot of use, and apart from a slight discoloration on the bottom, it is no more worse for wear after 100 hours of use or more. It's incredibly lightweight, fits a medium gas cartridge inside snugly, or a small along with the pocket rocket for short/ultralight trip. The red plastic/resin material along the handle is incredibly insulating, thus you won't burn you fingers, that said it's notched so that you can keep it upright whilst cooking. I recommend you keep it up as I once melted it slightly whilst cooking a one-man stew (you don't always have to eat freeze-dried rubbish, especially if the stove saves you a load of excess weight)! I intend on retiring the Pocket Rocket for woodland trips, as I'm currently sourcing a Caldera Cone wood burning coke can stove. This must be sized to your pot perfectly as the pot fits snugly inside, and you can buy a version that is sized to fit the MSR Titan Kettle. Thus whilst the Pocket Rocket is seeing early retirement, the Titan Kettle will remain the workhorse of the fleet. This is why although expensive, it's really not, as on a year to year use ratio it works out cheap. I never use anything else, except on trips where the wife comes with me and we need the Trangia.

Pros: Light, durable, great design allows you to snugly pack relevant items inside, red handle stops you from burning you fingers

Cons: No use for a two person trip, (No! It's not expensive since it will last a lifetime).

  Reviewed by Wildrover (Scotland) on 2011-07-22:
General comments: Coupled with the Pocket Rocket it's an ideal brew kit. As others have said, you can get a small gas canister inside along with the stove - even a lightweight windshield. I've only used mine for brewing up & I can't fault it. I like Ti as it's light & conducts heat well. A good sharing cup with SWMBO - it's just about big enough!!

Pros: It's Ti & can fit a stove & gas cannister - cheap too when you consider it's a Ti cookset.

Cons: None IMO


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