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   Berghaus C7 2 Series 70 + 10

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Boasting a waterproof 'Dry Fusion' lid to protect your map and diary, this Bioflex rucksack includes an extremely useful front compression panel for carrying oversized items on a romote trek in Peru. Designed for the toughest trails.
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Berghaus C7 2 Series 70 + 10

Official Berghaus C7 2 Series 70 + 10 specification from Berghaus

   Berghaus C7 2 Series 70 + 10 Reviews

  Reviewed by Stephen Barnes (UK) on 2005-09-30:
General comments: Provided sterling service on a month of travel and trekking in southern Peru.

  Reviewed by Andy Mogg (Yorkshire) on 2006-09-05:
General comments: I bought this rucsac to replace my old karrimor sack. I need a sack that I could carry more weight and more volume in. It needed to be comfy, hard wearing and a decent price. The berghaus c7 series certainly fit the bill. The first thing that I noticed was the bioflex back system, this is a system that berghaus have obviously spent a lot of time and money developing, culminating in an innovation award from the queen. My first impressions of the system were that it was extremely comfortable, it moved with flexing using the rods attached to the hip belt, this felt a little strange at first but definitely increases mobility and stability, I haven’t found a pack that feels as stable or comfortable. The pads that rest against your back are kept to a minimum allowing maximum air flow, helping keep sweating to a minimum, none the less they are well padded along with the fantastic v shaped hip belt. The padding is also quite soft so shouldn’t wear your jacket or top out like some lesser packs. There are plenty of pockets including a couple of water repellant ones for keeping your goodies in, one for your hydration pack and a couple of side pockets for storing other bits in that expand quite well, as well as this you get 2 wand/bottle pockets that ive used to keep tent poles, hiking poles, bottles and even my windproof smock in. You also get a handy little debatable pocket that can be used for food or clothes…I like using it for food best as it keeps it separate from the rest of your gear. The material used on the pack is hardwearing and extremely abrasion resistant which is a must when using the pack for long periods of time, the material is also pretty water repellant but I still like to use the optional rain cover. The only downsides to the pack is that very occasionally it squeaks when the rods move up and down but it sonly happened a couple of times and its not all that bad. Its also not the lightest pack in the world but i think this is only a small downside for something so well made and robust. If you are looking for a fantastic sac and want to save a bit of cash give the berghaus c7 series a try.

Pros: Price Bioflex system is a piece of genius Plenty of pockets and space. detatchable pocket

Cons: Squeaky now and then not light

  Reviewed by Keith (Liverpool) on 2007-04-09:
General comments: I have owned one of these rucksacks for a year now and so far it has performed admirably. This pack can adapt to however you want to use it. It can hold big, heavy loads and it can also hold smaller loads without the feeling that you’re carrying a bag which is too big i.e. the pack can be compressed to the load you are carrying The bioflex back system is unique and is very stable even when on steep, uneven terrain which is important when carrying a heavy load. The pack is versatile in that it can have one big compartment or it can be split, especially handy for storing dirty washing away from food or clean clothes. It is also compatible for hydration systems and can carry walking sticks or crampons or both with ease. What I like about this sack is the sheer choice of pockets it offers. Two big side pockets run down the outside of the pack which can be compressed if unused. The lid comprises of two more pockets with a further one on the front (which can be detached altogether). The zips are the non seep sort, which are handy in the rain. Additional features are the rain cover but I have yet to use this as I think it only needs to be used in the heaviest of rainfalls and so far my kit has been left dry without using it.

Pros: Durable, versatile and most importantly comfortable

Cons: Could be argued that it is a touch heavy but this is a minor niggle

  Reviewed by m kilshaw (liverpool) on 2008-07-04:
General comments: this was a excellent buy for me as when i started wild camping this was the first ruck sack i looked at, the idea of the bottom of the ruck sack would move and flex as you climb or even just walk. I seems to just move like it is part of the body. there are plenty of storage pockets on the bag. the back adjuster is absolutly brill it is just one tab you pull to adjust it. it has a very large waist strap witch gives good support does not stop the water well so you would be better to buy some roll sacks to keep clothes and food dry it also has the oppsition to open the ruck sack from the bottom for the plus 10 compartment but you can also unzip a flap and open the whole of the inside compartment in to one

Pros: fits everything but the kitchen sink and the bioflex system

Cons: shoulder straps can hurt your shoulders after a while if you over load the sack

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