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   VauDe Hogan

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The Hogan takes advantage of VauDe s unique Shock Cord Suspension system. Suspension system aids quick simultaneous pitching Anodised aluminium poles Polyurethane-coated polyester flysheet Breathable ripstop nylon inner Hydroseal coated nylon groundsheet Single entrance with polyester and mesh doors Small vestibule for storage/sheltered cooking

VauDe Hogan

   VauDe Hogan Reviews

  Reviewed by Sam Walker (Leeds or Birmingham) on 2005-12-28:
General comments: For most UK stuff, the Vaude Hogan tent is the business and it's pretty cheap too. It's near perfect size for 2 people to sleep in reasonable comfort with full backpacking gear, I used it on DofE a few years back. It's very easy to erect too, assembling the frame is a doddle, then the inner tent just sort of clips round with the elastic so can be put up in about 2 minutes flat. This design also has the advantage of being erected outerfirst or as one, something great in typical UK weather, I've had inner first tents many times before, but found I often get a soaking wet inner before I can manage to get the flysheet on. The tent is reasonably long, probably well over 2m, so for two shortish people there is space for bags at thr bottom, as the tent seems to have an almost triangular shape at the end. The walls are sloping, but seem to provide more space than a geodesmic or a standard tunnel design, but not as much as a dome tent.There's easily enough space to sit up straight and is more than comfortable for two people over a long period of time, spent 2 weeks in the alps last year no problems at all. The tent stood up well to the constant rain in Chamonix last year and I didnt get wet once no matter how bad the storms got. It seems pretty stable too, due to the curved pole design, but I have yet to test in any serious weather as haven't done much wildcamping. Only slight complaint is that the porch is pretty small,so not enough space for bags and cooking and is a weird triangle shape. Also, there are no flaps at bottom to keep rain out, but these are minor complaints. The pack size is good, not too heavy, about 3kg so all in all, a good tent for UK backpacking.

Pros: Not too heavy. Decent size for 2 grown men. Space at bottom for bags etc. Very waterproof! Seemed sturdy enough. Doddle to errect

Cons: Erm, porch could be a bit bigger, maybe a little higher too would be nice. Flap on outer tent to keep porch dry maybe? No real complaints,a solid tent and a good performer at a good price. Highly recommended.
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loup responded : i agree.had mine for about 15 years or so and never had a slight rip in pole but pole doctors have sorted that. (2010-07-10)

K Dobson responded : Had one for 22 years. GOOD Tent so getting another one :>) (2011-08-03)

  Reviewed by J R Taylor (Glenrothes) on 2006-03-22:
General comments: The Hogan is the only tent i have bought two flaws i found was the pegs and the shockcord system. Both these items were not up to the standard of the rest of the tent. Pitching the hogan is a dream. Space is at a premium for 2 but for 1 its excellent. V little trouble with condensation. Def buy Vaude again.

Pros: Fast pitch the look

Cons: cheap pegs and shock cord

  Reviewed by chris (glasgow) on 2006-05-25:
General comments: Although itís been around for years its still a really clever and good tent design. The outer pole system works really well and is so simple to use we use them with D of E students and if they can put them up any one can. If youíre looking for a tent for general use in the mountains of Britain this could be it. Because it all goes up in one go the inner does not end up soaked like many other tents. Because of this pole design it is not the strongest tent in the wind and does move a lot which is a bit disconcerting but stands up t the weather well. Also this design means it is not he lightest tent on the market for the size and but this is reflected in the price a bit. Nice green colour blends in with the hills well and is pleasant to be in side. Ground sheet is well water proofed and keeps most of the worst wet out with good bath tub sides. One porch at the front is just big enough for kit but only just if you on a long trip, good internal dimensions as well even for those of us over 6ft.

Pros: good pole system

Cons: weight

  Reviewed by Andrew (Glasgow) on 2007-03-12:
General comments: Have owned a VauDe Hogan for at least 15 years (the same one and still going strong). Have used it in all conditions from festivals through Scottish wild camping to pitching on a 20 degree slope with high winds at 1100m in an Icelandic snowfield. Not the most comfortable night of my life but the tent stood up to it and is still good for more. Pitching is an absolute doddle due to the shockcord system and with both inner and outer pitching as one, there is no problem with getting the inner wet. Good size for for two people although sometimes need to bring some of your kit into the tent as the porch could be bigger. With the inner clipped into the outer, you can't really split the load carrying weight between two and keep the pitching advantages it's designed to have. The two pieces do come apart but it's a nuisence trying to put back together when pitching the tent (although, no more of a nuisence than trying to pitch some other tents. You tend to forget how the other half live when your tent pitches from scratch in under 5 mins, even in high wind).

Pros: Easy to pitch, great build quality. When it finally falls a part, will probably buy another one.

Cons: Porch could be bigger.

  Reviewed by V Jassal (Newcastle upon Tyne) on 2009-05-16:
General comments: I have had the Hogan for a couple of years now and have found it to always be a great tent wherever I am. I have used it mostly in Scotland, where it has always exceeded expectations. The most memorable time I used it was at Glen Nevis when it rained for four days solid. The tent was fantastic. It did not wet through and due to its simple construction was up in minutes meaning that we could get inside and out of the elements. Another good thing is the fact that inner can be already attached to the outer and makes putting the tent up easier although means that the tent is more difficult to separate for carriage. The tent comes in a good green colour and blends it into the hills well. It also looks cool when the tent is up. A negative point is that the porch is a bit small and is of no real use apart from cooking. There is not a great amount of space to put kit and have often had to put kit outside.

Pros: Looks awesome. Easy and very quickly to set up.

Cons: Porch is too small. Not a great amount of space for kit.

  Reviewed by Jon Dodd (Dorset) on 2009-09-04:
General comments: I have owned a VauDe Hogan for exactly 20 years now and can not rate it highly enough. I first bought it in 1989 to go backpacking around the world for six months. I actually met my wife whilst out in Australia and we camped in it together for months; you could say it was our first home together! It has been used in all sorts of places and conditions since and it has never let us down. So 20 years later and this summer, whilst camping in France, one of our children managed to break the poles and severely rip the now frail flysheet. It was with much sadness that I had to finally put the poor thing out of its misery. So here I am looking for a replacement (for a hiking trip next month) and I am delighted to see that VauDe still make the Hogan and, apart from the pole enhancement at the rear (and no doubt more advanced materials/waterproofing etc) it looks identical to my trusty old friend. A new 2009 Hogan is now on order and I canít wait for its arrival. Will review again in 20-30 years time when looking for my next tent. Or maybe my kids will. Perhaps theyíll bury me in one?

Pros: Space, design, settting up, endurance. Wife likes it!

Cons: Pesky children.


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